Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2: Lipsticks with a cause!

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Collection is not just another lipstick launch. This collection is inspired by “strong icons, rule-breakers, record-makers, and history-shakers” – In addition to this Charlotte Tilbury is pledging 1 million from this collection to Women FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL. Talk about Lipstick with a cause! If you are not familiar with Charlotte Tilbury, she is a celebrity Makeup Artist that has created her own makeup line that gives us all her MUA tips, tricks and secrets! Her products are absolutely stunning and I use them in my everyday makeup routine. So lets get to these new lippies!

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2
Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2
Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Collection:

Price: $37.00

Shades: 11 Shades Total

Finish: Matte and Satin

Available: (Click Store To Shop) Sephora, CT Website and Nordstrom

Details: moisturizing, hydrating, tree and orchid extracts to soothe

Swatches Top To Bottom:

JK MAGIC: Peachy Nude Rose – Satin



ANGEL ALESANDRA: Peachy Nude – Satin

GLOWING JEN: Tawny Rose – Satin

CARINA’S STAR: Modern Peach Soft Coral – Matte

AMAZING AMAL: Berry Pink – Matte

VIVALA VERGARA: Soft Wine – Matte

RED HOT SUSAN: Tawny Orange Red – Matte

PATSY RED: Statement Red – Matte

ENIGMATIC EDWARD: (So sorry guys I forgot to add this shade in. Its a clear lipstick conditioning lippie) See It HERE – Satin

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2
Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2

Not only are the shades absolutely gorgeous but this packaging is stunning! What is so fun is you can mix and match your favorite packaging design with any Hot Lips 2 Shades exclusively on and Charlotte’s standalone stores. This leopard is speaking to me! My personal fav shades from this collection are Red Hot Susan, Patsy Red, JK Princess, Dance Floor Princess and Angel Alesandra. I would love to hear if you have grabbed any shades or what your favorite CT Products are!

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Nude Lipstick: BPAMC Approved from $7.50 – $34.00

Who doesn’t love a good Nude Lipstick? We seem to be constantly looking for our perfect match. Sometimes they are too pink, too brown, don’t look right for our skin tone ect but when you find the one or few you love it is worth celebrating lol! I wear nude lipstick a lot and own a ton from multiple brands that I use and do adore. However these 6 are the ones that are the most loved and the most reached for.

For reference I am light / medium in skin tone and my skin runs a bit neutral. I prefer a more brown tone nude lipstick with a bit a of pink at times. That is my personal preference. Like I have said on my Instagram many times, nudes are very personal. Us Makeup lovers take them very seriously lol I also think it also depends on what shade of lipliner you use with it. You can always change the shade up too with adding in a darker/lighter liner. Just play around and have fun with what you have! But if you are looking to buy a new nude or add to your collection you can not go wrong with these 6 below. Especially if you are close to my skin tone and have similar preferences!

Nude Lipstick
Nude Lipstick

Nude Lipstick Favs:

Swatches Top to BottomClick on the name to shop!

BLANKETY: Soft Pink Beige (amplified) – $18.50 MAC COSMETICS This is the nude I consider my perfect nude. Its not too pink and not too brown. I do prefer a bit more brown these days but I still reach for this over and over. Sometimes pairing it with MAC Stripdown gives it that push of brown I may be looking for depending on my makeup that day.

NUDE KATE: Light Pink Tone Nude (satin) – $34.00 Charlotte Tilbury I know her products can be pricey but almost everything I have tried and used is beautiful. I wanted to try her lippies and saw this shade on a wedding tutorial for a perfect nude lip and knew I had to have it. Its perfect!

GOOD TIMES: Warm Beige Nude (velvet matte) – $27.00 NARS Cosmetics This came in PR and I was instantly drawn to this shade. Its my most recent nude find and to be honest I have not stopped using it since it arrived. This formula is amazing! Matte yet creamy and lasts!

TIP TOE: Cool Toned Nude (Cream ) – $7.50 Colourpop Cosmetics My affordable wonder!!! This nude is a perfect blend of pink and brown and this formula is to die for. Soooo buttery and creamy. Do not sleep on Colourpop they not only offer so many products at an affordable price but they have tons of NUDES!!!!

STARK NAKED: Light Nude – (comfort matte) – $19.00 Urban Decay I received this in PR as well and I knew I wanted to wear it immediately because Melissa Alatorre loves it and her makeup style is so similar to mine. Been using this since I got it over a year ago!

CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE: Dusty Nude Pink (comfortable matte) – $22.00 MAC Cosmetics ON SALE FOR $13.20 (see more Liptensity swatches HERE) Another one Melissa Alatorre made me fall in love with! Kept watching her use it so I bought it! The liptensity line is perfection! The formula is extremely pigmented and so creamy!!! For the first release I received the shades and love sooo many nudes and reds from this line. The 2nd release of shade extensions I did not receive in PR but I knew I needed Clouds In My Coffee and I am as happy as can be with this purchase!

Nude Lipstick
Nude Lipstick

Are any of these nudes in your collection? Any that you want to add in after this post? I truly hope this helps if you are looking for some new nudes. Each and every one of these are loved deeply! Like I said I use tons of different nudes from multiple brands but these 6 are in constant rotation and reliable for many looks. What are some of your top nudes you wear daily? I would love to hear what you are loving so I can try them myself!

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