False Eyelashes with Battington Lashes

False Eyelashes / Battington Lashes / Cruelty Free

Who doesn’t love a fabulous pair of false eyelashes?!!? Well if you are looking for quality and affordability these Battington lashes are for you! Each pair costs $24.00/$26.00 but can be used up to 25 times. Yes 25 times!!! They are 100% silk lashes, cruelty free, handmade and for all US orders they offer Free Shipping!

Battington Lashes offer 6 styles to meet all of your needs, including 3D Lashes. From everyday, glam to full on drama Battington Lashes has you covered.  So lets jump right in with the styles they offer, the packaging and my review with demo pictures.


They offer options from everyday to dramatic.  The first three styles are their Silk Lashes that I believe are best for everyday depending on your personal style.  The last three styles are their 3D Silk Lashes line that offers all the drama you want for your lashes!

Silk Lashes: Earhart

Everyday False Eyelashes - Battington Lashes


Silk Lashes: Hepburn

Everyday False Eyelashes - Battington Lashes


Silk Lashes: Kennedy

Everyday False Eyelashes - Battington Lashes


3D Silk Lashes: Monroe

Dramatic False Eyelashes - Battington Lashes


3D Silk Lashes: Harlow

Dramatic False Eyelashes - Battington Lashes


3D Silk Lashes: Bardot

Dramatic False Eyelashes - Battington Lashes



With all white and shiny gold packing you feel like you have a bit of luxury in your hands. Each pair of lashes comes in a beautiful yet very sturdy box to store your lashes with a perfect quote on each box “If All Else Fails Bat Your Lashes” How cute is that? I love it!!!

Everyday False Eyelashes / Dramatic False Lashes

Everyday False Eyelashes / Dramatic False Eyelashes



These False Eyelashes are very comfortable to wear, easy to work with and have amazing quality. The lashes I have been trying are Earhart. They are perfect for everyday so it’s the first pair I gravitated towards. I had to cut them down a bit as they were too long for my eyes. I used lash glue I already own and used a pair of tweezers to assist in applying them.

Everyday False Eyelashes, Dramatic False Eyelashes, Battington Lashes

Everyday False Eyelashes

I applied a little mascara to my real lashes first but I always go back and forth with this process. To add more drama I applied mascara once I applied the false eyelashes. (Side note: when I removed them they were not full of mascara where I could not use them again.)

I love the style Earhart as they add just enough drama for everyday without feeling overdone. I personally think this style would be great for an event or wedding as well. If you are looking purchase a style that you can use for everyday but events as well I would go with Earhart and or Kennedy.

If you are looking for drama the 3D lashes are going to be your best option!

False Eyelashes, Everyday False Eyelashes, Dramatic False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes, Everyday False Eyelashes

Have you tried Battington Lashes? What are your favorite tips and tricks to applying false eyelashes? Let me know in the comments below!

*This post is sponsored by Battington Lashes. As always my opinions are 100% my own and honest.

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11 comments on “False Eyelashes with Battington Lashes

  1. I can’t apply lashes 😂😂😂 I am so bad at it ! I will give it a try again soon but I am really not very good at it. I get frustrated and then I just don’t wear them

    1. Kristen, I saw your comment so I had to chime in. I swear, mine used to fall off and I’d find them in my hair at work! That’s how bad I was. But practicing really helps. If you look done like 2 comments, I posted a few tips that might help you as well. Oh, and don’t think when you are missing a lash and it’s in your hair that anyone would be kind enough to point that out. LOL

  2. OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE (ok, let me just try and get this point across) LOVE… lashes! I really like all the styles pictured above. There is just one that is a bit delicate for me. With my dark eyes and liner, I usually like a pretty full lash. I was wearing them every single day for a good year and finally realized that was over doing it as my natural lashes were damaged. So, I just grew them back and now I’m wearing my falsies every couple of days! This looks like a beautiful line! Thanks for sharing! XOX

    Oh some tips! I have some to share! Always have an emergency fix it kit in your bag (tweezers, glue, liner). The Duo glue is great but the one in the tube with the little brush applicator is from heaven. It doesn’t create as much build up, dries faster, and helps beginners get the right amount of glue on the band. Curl lashes before and they will blend without having to add mascara which ruins the falsie. Practice makes perfect!


    1. You are so funny!!!!! I love them for events. I work in a very causal environment and mascara does wonders for me LOL

      I have always added mascara to my falsies but I loveeeeee your tip! Thank you I will def be trying that out!!!!

  3. Great review and AWESOME photos! I’m so bad at falsies but this post makes me want to try again! You look GORG btw ❤️

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