How to Blog on a Budget: By a Beauty Blogger

If you are already a beauty blogger or aspiring to become one but not sure how to stay current with all the beauty trends on a budget look no further. I am going to give you some tips and tricks you need to know how to blog on a budget and keep your Instagram up to date! Beauty Blogging is already filled with a ton of pressure but this should not be one of them nor does it have to be.

Having two kids at home under the age of 3, my husband and I are always on a budget and looking for ways to save and or stretch our dollar. I just don’t always have the funds to buy the most up to date beauty products to review for my readers. Now I know you may be thinking “but you are getting current PR Samples sent to you ect” and although this is true, I started out just like you! I always considered my makeup collection to be on the larger side but when I started to blog I realized my collection was small in comparison to others.

I had to remind myself some bloggers are:

  • Getting PR Samples / Sponsored work
  • Been collecting beauty products longer than me
  • Have different budgets than me
  • Have larger incomes than me
  • Have different interests in products than me

I did not let the differences I saw put pressure on my blog style, instead I got creative and stayed true to me. Which in turn allows me to be active multiple times a day on Instagram and to be able to write a new blog post at least once a week.

1.Work with what you have already:  If blogging is on your mind you must be into beauty products which means you have a collection to work with (regardless of the size!) and have tons of knowledge on them to review for your blog!!! You just need to be creative with what you already own

  • To start take single shots of all your products. This will give you more content to post on Instagram.  I know you will see pictures with multiple products but maybe you have one blush that is your favorite. Just show case that one with a pretty necklace, silk scarf or a creative close up shot and tell us why you love it!!!
  • Take group shots of specific products (blush, mascara, lipsticks, bronzers, palettes, your brushes)
  • Use colors!!! Get creative here… look at all the packaging in your collection. Do you see a ton of black? Maybe Gold? Put those together and take a picture!
  • Do you have a must have combo of blush and bronzer? Or a favorite Lipstick and gloss you always wear? Think about these combos and write them down. Then take pictures and talk about them to your readers for a fun blog post!
  • Do you tend to buy pink lippies? Get them in one shot and take a picture and then review each one.
  • I did not buy a camera. I used my I phone 6plus and still do
  • I did not buy lights to start out. I used natural lighting with a white lid from a storage container. (Read my first blogging tip post on how to grow a following here)
  • Set a budget for a monthly beauty purchase.
  • Don’t forget about your skincare / hair routines

How to blog on a budget

How to blog on a budget

How to blog on a budget


2. Monthly Subscriptions: There are tons out there to choose from as low as $10 a month to give you products/content to work with each month. This will give you new products each month to review, get fab product shots,  as well as reviewing the subscription service each month on your blog!

How to blog on a budget

How to blog on a budget

3. Free Samples:  Yes brands give out samples!!

  • If you are in the market for a new foundation you can always request samples at your favorite brands counter. I recently did this with MAC and testing out the Studio Fix Fluid.
  • Do your research: I discovered Mario Badescu gives out free skin analysis and samples which allowed me to write this blog post for free!
  • Head over to Sephora and Nordstrom and just ask 🙂

How to blog on a budget

How to blog on a budget

4. Contact brands for PR: You may be thinking “I don’t have a large following!”  That does not matter.  I received my first PR at 1K followers. How? I reached out directly to them.

  • Brands love bloggers bc we are free marketing
  • Sell yourself
  • Be professional
  • Remember the worst case scenario is they say no. That’s it. Nothing else bad will happen! lol
  • (**Please let me know if you would like to see a more detailed blog post about PR outreach**)

5. Repost old photos:  GASP OMG I KNOW!!!! Pictures posted just once are a waste to me. We work so hard to get these beautiful shots for them to just be used once? Nope not me! Dont let your instagram suffer with limited posts because of these things. Take a picture that you posted 6-8 weeks back and poof you have a post for the day! All of these things below get in the way and its okay! Plus sometimes your followers didn’t even see the first post

  • Life happens (busy week, personal issues ect)
  • Bad weather if using natural lighting
  • feeling not motivated that day

I truly hope reading this helps get your creative juices flowing on how to blog on a budget. Since I started I have only bought new makeup I truly wanted and have consistently talked about “non trending” products.  Remember this is suppose to be fun!

What are your tips for blogging on a budget? Let me know in the comments below!


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