How To Grow On Instagram: By A Beauty Blogger

I have been asked how to grow on Instagram numerous times so I thought it would make for a fun and different blog post. Am I an expert? Not at all but I started Instagram 8 months ago and because I grew so fast I started an official beauty blog to be able to go into more in depth reviews, swatches ect for my followers.  When I started I had no clue what was going to happen to Beauty Products Are My Cardio but I had a vision and what is happening for me now was apart of that vision.  If you are new to my blog (Welcome!!!!) and want to know a bit more about me you can read my 20 Facts bout me tag here (massive amounts of blush… you have been warned) Starting this process can be scary and intimidating but you got to jump in and have fun!!! No matter what you are blogging about.


Do you have a mentor? Have you read about about how to grow a following on Instagram? If you are answering no to these questions you must start here first. I can not go any further without shouting out my mentor. The wonderful woman behind Engaged To The Details  Talking to someone who has done it or doing it is extremely helpful as it makes you feel less stressed (or maybe that is just me lol) Having support is key as this process has its ups and downs but you have to stay focused.

Have original clear photos:

Followers want to connect with YOU and your work! Show off your skills.  Create a theme, have fun whatever is YOUR style do it! Getting posted by a brand is great for exposure but that will only happen with original and clear pictures. I will let you in on a secret. I started off taking pictures in my sons room on Saturday mornings at 7am because it was the best natural light with a storage container lid. YES A STORAGE CONTAINER LID.

Here is my first picture I posted:

February 11th 2016 and it has 76 likes  and 4 comments How to grow on Instagram

Post 2-4 times a day:

Yes I said 2-4 times a day. That is a lot of content I know but if you are serious about growing on Instagram you have to put in the work and you must get your “brand” out there.

Be consistent:

When I started I tried different times of the day. I am in Chicago so Central Time Zone but my followers are from all over. I found 730am, 1130am, 445pm and 745/9pm were my best times to post and I did post 4 times a day up until 1-2 months ago.

Follow successful bloggers:

See what they do and mimic that. I remember when I started and I saw beauty bloggers with thousands of followers and was just in awwwww. You can do this!

What does your bio look like?:

That is one small space to work with but it should give people a quick glimpse into what they should expect from your page/blog. If they do not like what they see its okay but those that do will hit the follow button. IE: Beauty Obsessions and Fab Finds $10 Or Less …. This is my slogan for everything (Instagram, My Blog, My Facebook Page and My Pinterest Page)  Its what BPAMC is about. I will invest in beauty products that are worth the splurge but I believe in affordable options and adore the drugstore!

Be active on others Instagram accounts:

Lets support each other. Since starting my official blog I am learning that there are blogger groups who will comment on Instagram and Blogs to support each other no matter what they are blogging about. I have been doing this since day one. Not only are you supporting your fellow bloggers but again it gets your “Brand” out there! Plus I love talking with all of you. I have made real friends though this process. Tom Ford is legit on my luxury brand wish list because of your photos!

Don’t feel pressure to participate in Follow For Follow for the reason above:

I personally can not keep up with my 400 plus accounts I follow some days so if there are thousands to be active on I just can’t do it. I told myself from day one I will not do F4F. This does not make me bad or rude. I am just sticking to my plan. This also means I do not follow a bunch of brands. I follow those I want to and sometimes head over to their page to see whats new ect. I have also unfollowed those who are ghost followers because if I am being supportive hey give it back.

This leads into the days you get a ton of unfollowers:

Its OKAY! I repeat its OKAY! Stay focused and do NOT compare yourself to others. This is your “Brand” keep your eye on your plan.

Be authentic:

Talk to your followers in your posts. Ask questions to get engagement on your page. People connect to people.  For my beauty bloggers: do not feel you need to have every single new release to gain followers. Can these products get attention? Of course but sometimes its not possible.  I am a mom of two and I have a budget just like you. I love buying new products but some products are not for me. Some palettes are not for me. Sometimes I have to spend that month on something non blog related. Just be you!!!!

Shout out for Shout out:

Oh the lovely double edge sword. Since starting 8 months ago I have only hosted 3 shout out for shout outs. When you host them its the only time you truly gain but you also will have people unfollow you because you are blowing up their feed with a bunch of accounts. Should you avoid them? No but proceed with caution. If you are just starting out 1K or under participate in 1 every 7-10 days so your “brand” gets out there. Doing them to reach a milestone number is also something that should be proceeded with caution. You want organic followers who love your page because they truly want to see what you are talking about and posting about daily.

Host a personal giveaway:

Another double edge sword. I have hosted a 10k giveaway and I lost a ton of followers after. Why? Its not an organic way to gain followers but I loved giving my loyal followers a chance to win some fabulous products. Side Note: I have found giveaways where you have your followers just comment on the giveaway picture and not make them repost the photo has been more successful all around!

Hashtags are your BFF:

Use the max of 30. I keep all the hashtags I love and those I find from other accounts in groups of 10 on my notes section in my phone to make it easy!!!

Create a hashtag:

#10orlesstuesday has been such a success and I LOVE IT! Not only do I get to see what fabulous finds you have that are $10 or less, share that with my followers but I get to feature you on my page and get you exposure. Dont think you need a big following for this because you don’t. #10orlesstuesday was started once I gained 500 followers. It was a goal I set for myself.

Stay positive and focused:

I can not stress enough to not focus on the numbers (I understand the struggle) and focus on your content and do not compare yourself to others. There will be days you gain a ton and days you lose a ton but you want true followers! You got this!!!!


Do you want to see other Blogging / Instagram tips? Did you enjoy this post? Leave in the comments below. This was very fun and different so I would love to hear your thoughts!


*I would just like to say a special THANK YOU to every follower I have. Your continued support means the world to me. It has opened doors and opportunities for me I never thought were possible. Without you Beauty Products Are My Cardio would not be where it is today. For those that have been with me since February I just have no words. This beauty community (you know who you are) is amazing and I am so thankful for you all! Love Always Vanessa

**Another special thank you to my husband. Jason if you are reading this your continued support means the world to me. Without it I would not be able to do what I am doing.


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  1. Vanessa, you’re a doll for sharing all the above info. I thank you for all you said, but above all, reminding us to stay positive!! Cheers to kindness & success!! Xx

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