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MAC Concealer

Is anyone else obsessed with concealer like me? Even when you find one you love it seems you still want to keep buying and trying more? If you are like me you want to also buy every MAC concealer they have lol As I was organizing my beauty products I realized I own all the MAC Concealers except for one (except for palette and corrector) They had a sale and well here I am. A BPAMC MAC Concealer guide so you can find your perfect match or two or three! With so many different finishes and coverage abilities it can be overwhelming. I get tons of questions on my Instagram what my favorite concealer is (Hint one of MACs is in my top 2 of all time lol) However have a handful that I use all the time for different things.

I understand my role as a beauty blogger I have a concealer stash that most women may not have. So I wanted to break it down so you know what MAC Concealer may work best for you. I also encourage you to head to your local MAC and play! The artists are always so wonderful and helpful! Go with no makeup on and start trying the different concealers to see what may fit your daily needs. You will want to think about these questions…

  • What do you want concealer for?
  • Is it just under your eyes? For your face to spot conceal (break outs, redness, sun spots ect)
  • Do you like a matte finish?
  • Do you want a more natural finish?
  • Do you want a natural coverage?
  • A full coverage Concealer?
  • Are your under eyes more dry or more mature?

Needless to say there are a ton of things to think about when buying concealer. The same goes for foundation! There is no right or wrong!! It is strictly a preference as to what you want. Makeup is personal.

MAC Concealer Guide: (click on concealer name to shop)

Studio Fix 24 Hour Smooth Wear:
“This lightweight fluid concealer provides seamless coverage, blurs imperfections and offers all- day comfortable wear”

I am going to start with my #1 choice. Not only is this my number 1 within the 7 MAC Concealers I am going to talk about today, it is in my top two concealers from my entire collection. I use this one and NARS Radiant Creamy the most. I love Studio Fix because its a natural matte finish so its perfect for everyday! Its not too matte that my undereyes look dry! Yet matte enough o coverage imperfections on my face. It’s not too thin and its not too thick. So the coverage is very natural. However I absolutely have worn it for events or days I go for more coverage because it is buildable. Also this concealer comes in 33 shades!!! Some MAC Concealers do not offer this shade range so I will always circle back to this one for others to try if they can not find their shade in other options. Especially if you do not like a super matte finish and looking for everyday wear.

I find that NW 25 is my perfect shade because it blends seamlessly into my skin tone. I use to wear NC 20 but now I find that is too light for my under eyes and if I want to spot conceal its too light for my face too! I have my full review and swatches of the entire line 33 shades HERE. When they announced this launch I could not wait and it exceeded my expectations.

  • Price: $22.00
  • 33 Shade
  • Light Weight
  • Full Buildable Coverage (I would say this is more medium coverage but it can be built up)
  • Natural Matte Finish

Mineralize Concealer:
“Enriched with minerals and nourishing botanicals, this creamy, easy-to-blend concealer covers and perfects while nourishing and moisturizing the skin”

After my son was born my under eyes took a hit lol My whole body did lets be honest! My skin was so dry and my under eyes were a mess. I was at Nordstrom with my sister in law and went to MAC. I was explaining to the artist my skin changes and how Pro Longwear Concealer was too dry for me. She suggested I try Mineralize Concealer. I played with the formula at the store and I loved it! If you are dry and don’t need a ton of coverage and you want something simple for everyday this is the one for you! One downside is the number of shades.

  • Price: $24.00
  • 11 shades (If you do not find your shade Studio Fix or Water Weight is your next best option)
  • Instant and long term hydration
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Sheer Coverage
  • Satin Finish

Select MoistureCover:
“A luxuriously hydrating and creamy liquid concealer that delivers a natural finish”

After I used the Mineralize Concealer I wanted to try Select Moisturecover for the same hydration but with a bit more coverage. That is exactly what this does! Offers medium coverage with hydration. This also is good for redness or blemishs because the coverage can be built up without caking.

  • Price: $22.00
  • 7 Shades (another downside again if you do not find your shade here next best thing is Water Weight or Studio Fix
  • Instant and long term hydration
  • Medium Coverage
  • Ultra Fluid
  • Natural Finish

Studio Water Weight:
“An ultra-fluid formula with medium-full buildable coverage and a natural finish. While it hydrates and gently diffuses the appearance of imperfections – eye circles, dark spots and discolouration” –

This stuff is magic! It is witch craft lol I have a full review here. This is so thin it is legit like water yet it has crazy coverage. I do not know how they did this! The application can be tricky bc its a dropper which is different for a concealer. I do not wear this as much because I was sent three shades and I have to mix ect. But I will be purchasing this in NW 25 at the next MAC sale! This offers 16 shades and hydration as well so this is a great one to try if the others don’t have your MAC shade and you are looking for more natural finish.

  • Price: $23.00
  • 16 Shades
  • Hydration
  • Reduces appearance of undereye circles, dark spots and discolouration
  • Medium Coverage
  • Natural Finish
  • Ultra Fluid
MAC Concealer

MAC Concealer Guide:

Studio Fix Perfecting Stick:
“A chubby twist-up concealer pencil that hides dark circles, blemishes and other skin imperfections thanks to its precise rounded tip and propel/repel abilities” –

Years back when I was just starting with makeup a MAC artist suggested I try these concealer sticks they had. To use on my redness, a little under my eyes ect. I did not need anything full coverage ect because I was a lot younger. I loved them and still have my stubs lol I do not use them but have them because they were discontinued and I was not throwing them out HA!! Now they are in my Makeup Museum. HAHA!!!

Here is where the Perfecting Stick comes in! Its a newer version of what I was using years back and immediately purchased it! Its perfect for touch ups, fast makeup days and its easy since its a stick! I work full time and have two kids. Some days in the morning I just draw on where I need coverage use my fingers to blend it in add some mascara and call it a day! However this is a great concealer to have in your makeup bag for easy touch ups.

  • $22.00
  • 16 shades
  • Hydration
  • Water Resistant
  • Medium Coverage
  • Natural Matte Finish

Studio Finish SPF 35:
“An emollient-based lightweight and creamy concealer that provides discreetly opaque coverage” –

My newest MAC Concealer purchase. This top selling concealer is a highly concentrated coverage concealer. I have friends that use this under their eyes and love it! It serves as a full coverage under eye concealer with a natural finish. However its perfect for the face as well because the coverage is full. It also controls oils so if you need to use it on your face and you are oily this is a great option! I found this as a fabulous concealer for my redness on my face (around my nose, I get some on my cheeks and have some sun spots too I cover) I tried this under my eyes and it works well for me too! My eyes are no longer as dry as they once use to be. I also prep them well with eye cream ect to have the concealer go on seamlessly.

  • Price $22.00
  • 23 shades
  • A little goes a long way
  • Controls Oils
  • Long Wearing
  • Full Coverage
  • Natural Finish

Pro Longwear:
“A lightweight, fluid concealer that provides full coverage with a comfortable matte finish ” –

Last but certainly not least! The ICONIC Pro Longwear MAC Concealer. This is an oldie but oh such a goodie and a top seller for a reason. This is full full full coverage lol! I use to love this but again after my son I could not use it anymore. I can now but just love studio fix so much I don’t reach for this like I use to. However I can start with a thin layer of this to really conceal and then layer a more hydrating concealer on top. This is very easy to work with because its not a thick full coverage concealer. I know everyone loves Tarte Shape Tape but it was so thick and was not flattering under my eyes. I also prefer for makeup to look natural on my skin and pro longwear does that even with it being full coverage. Most MAC products just work for me tbh!

  • Price $24.00
  • 16 shades
  • Reduces appearance of undereye circles, dark spots and discolouration
  • Lightweight
  • Full Coverage
  • Matte Finish
MAC Concealer
MAC Concealer

That conclude the BPAMC MAC Concealer guide! I hope you all find this helpful if you are looking to buy a MAC Concealer. Again Studio Fix has the most shades and offers so much that I do think a lot of people will find it to be fabulous! Especially if you are looking for that perfect everyday concealer!

I would love to hear the MAC Concealers you love as well as your top concealers from other brands! Always on the hunt to try more! lol

DISCLAIMER: Some MAC products were sent for editorial purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Links associated with BPAMC are affliate links. Thank You for your constant love and support to Beauty Products Are My Cardio


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