No Chip Manicure … Is It Worth It? Featuring Groupon Beauty Now

Groupon Beauty Now

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A few weeks ago I wrote all about my experience using the new feature on Groupon called BeautyNow.  See the full post HERE.  To get you up to speed a bit the Groupon BeautyNow feature you can book your beauty services, get discounted appointments (YES PLEASE!!!) during select times at top salons and spas along with a cashless payment feature.  As you all know I am a mom of two and anything that makes life easier is a win in my book. Insert No Chip Manicure …. I knew I wanted to get one because a regular manicure literally lasts two days on my nails. Want $10 off your next spa service? When you use my code CARDIO10  it will grant you $10.00 off your first service booked. To start booking, open the Groupon app and select Salon & Spa Booking.  If you have the Groupon app on your phone, click here to see it!  

Groupon Beauty Now

In the past I have had numerous No Chip Manicures but after this appointment it got me thinking, are they really worth it? I wanted to choose a salon that is close to my job, offered no chip and had a time slot available during my work hours. LD Nails & Spa Chicago is right down the street so by using the BeautyNow feature I was able to set my appointment for my lunch hour that day and head on over.

LD Nails & Spa Chicago Experience:

No Chip Manicure

When you walk in you are greeted with a gorgeous chandelier, a wall filled with nail polish colors, and tons of space to get your nails and toes done. The employees gave me a warm welcome and offered me something to drink while I picked out my color. I always appreciate those little gestures when getting my nails done. Makes you feel so welcomed. Anyone else feel the same way? They not only had an array of shades for regular manicures but the No Chip Manicure options were endless as well. I chose a shade called Dark Scarlet because red is classic and I love how it goes with so much.


The gentleman that did my nails was extremely nice and took his time to make sure all my nails were even and all of my cuticles were clean and pretty! Side note, I have very dry cuticles since having my son so if anyone has any tips please let me know in the comments below. If you have never had a No Chip Manicure before, it involves UV lights to lock in the coats. For example when you are done with a No Chip you never have to worry about your nails not being dry before you leave. They are dry and ready to go! This is one of the reasons why I love them.

The full process involves a base coat, 2-3 coats of polish and a sealer.  Different nail technicians will have their own ways of making sure your manicure will last the longest possible. Most should last up to 2 weeks but I have had them last 3 weeks.  One tip my technician said was not to use soap when I washed my hands after he was done trimming my cuticles ect. Which I thought was so interesting because I have never been told that before.

As you can see in the main picture my manicure turned out beautiful. The whole appointment was pleasant, the salon was clean, the staff was friendly and most importantly they had me in and out within an hour just in time to get back to work. After a few days I did have two nails chip so I went back and they fixed me right up!

No Chip Manicure
Few days into No Chip Manicure
No Chip Manicure fixed

I showed them where I had chips and they sat me down right away and fixed them for me free of charge. They even added a new coat to seal as I told them some areas of my nails felt like they were getting ready to peel. As you can see after they fixed the chips my manicure looked fresh and new again.  I can say that No Chip manicures have lasted me 2-3 weeks before so they are 100% worth the investment.

Let me know what you think and do not forget that with my code CARDIO10 you can get $10 off your first service you book though BeautyNow on Groupon. If you have the Groupon app on your phone, click here to see it!  


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