Mario Badescu: Online Skin Analysis & Free Samples

An online skin analysis by Mario Badescu and then free samples sent to your door? YES PLEASE!!!! I had no clue Mario Badescu offered this service and I am so happy I came across it. As you know I am going through a skincare journey and its a slow process. I have to give my skin time to breathe in between trying products (especially when I break out) and I need to give it time to see if the product actually works for me.  If you are interested in reading some of my previous skin care posts you can read them here & here. So while I was researching skin care I went to Mario Badescu direct website. Although Ulta Beauty offers the line there is still something exciting about going to the direct source and I am so glad I did.

Once I completed the skin analysis I had no idea I would get sent the samples until I received an email asking for my address. Once I saw that I decided I was going to put it to the test and do it two more times. I answered the questions a bit differently each time but still pertaining to my skin. I do get texture but not all the time so that is the subject area I answered differently. Mario Bedescu sent me out two packages with samples per my skin analysis results. One I had sent to my house, one to my parents house but the one I did for my work never arrived. Not sure if they caught on lol or it just didn’t make it to my office. Either way this is a service you MUST TRY!!!!!

Click here for the link to the skin analysis

Lets talk about the samples I was sent per my Skin Analysis. There were some hits and some misses. The first thing I noticed was the product guide I received. Mario Badescu makes finding skin care extremely simple. Everything is labeled by skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, all ect ) which I find so helpful. I looked through my samples and then referenced them in the guide to see what they they claim to do.

Mario Badescu Skin Care

The first thing on my list to try was the Seaweed Night Cream since when this arrived I was searching for the perfect night cream. As you can see on the packet its listed for Combo, Oily and Sensitive skin which is me ūüôā ¬†Per the Mario Badescu website: “Wake up with radiant‚ÄĒnever oily‚ÄĒskin. Mineral-rich Bladderwrack Extract softens and nourishes skin as powerful, moisture-binding ingredients effectively hydrate without the use of pore-clogging oils. Plumping Collagen and Elastin help further enhance skin’s tone and texture, revealing a silky-smooth complexion come morning”

I LOVED the way this cream made my skin feel but it made my skin itch near my jaw line. This is a sure sign for me the product is not going to work for me. I was so upset because it was not heavy but moisturizing and left my skin feeling sooooo smooth in the morning. This does contain parabens so that may be why as I am realizing parabens can be a trigger for me.

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream

The next product I tried was the Hyaluronic Eye Cream. WOW WOW WOW. I will be buying the full size. Even though it contains parabens as well it did not bother the skin around my eyes. This eye cream is incredibly moisturizing and allows concealer to go on like a dream and it most certainly made the area around my eyes smoother. A little goes a long way which is important to me and mainly my wallet.

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream

Another unfortunate miss was the face scrubs. Not only did they break me out, I just did not feel that they worked in terms of exfoliating.

Mario Badescu Kiwi Scrub / Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub

The hype is real about this drying lotion and this is another product I will be purchasing. Whether you have a random blemish or its that time of the month this lotion is a life saver! Since having my son blemishes occur at random for me now so it wasn’t long before I put this to the test. I put the drying lotion on my blemishes at night and by morning they were TINY and DRY!!!! It was enough proof to show me why people rave about this product and how its award winning.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I was so impressed with this service by Mario Badescu and I recommend it 100%. If you have tried this service I would love to hear your thoughts and experience in the comments.

What is your favorite MB product? The Rose Water spray is a must have!!!!!


Japonesque Velvet Touch Color Eye Shadow Palette

The Japonesque eye shadow palette is an all matte palette that will take you from day to night and allow for multiple looks. There are 8 natural shades from light to dark that will last all day and blend like a dream. Why? I repeat why are we not talking more about this perfect palette???  If you have been following me for a while you know I am not into palettes that much. I know, I know what kind of beauty lover am I? I get it, but seriously I love eye shadow but I never seem to get creative with it. I genuinely love a neutral look. I will wear it on the lighter side with a bolder lip or smoke it out with a nude lip but the color is ALWAYS neutral. I think that is why I love my custom MAC eye shadow palette (stay tuned for a detailed blog post about it) because every color is a color I picked out. Which means no color goes untouched. So when I find a palette where I will use every color that is when I make a palette purchase and this would have been no exception!


I didn’t expect anything less than amazing from this eye shadow palette. I have been using Japonesque’s blush in Shade 2 for years now and its one of my favorite blushes. I used this palette for a week and tried multiple colors. They blend like a dream and are buttery, pigmented and easy to use. The packaging is sleek and all black (right up my alley) and the pan sizes are very large as you can see in the picture. There is not a mirror and I know this is something alot of people prefer but its not a deal breaker for me.

Price and Availability:

Like all Japonesque products its priced very well. $38.00 (USD)  for 8 eye shadows and is sold at Ulta Beauty. Shop here

Shades and Swatches:

  • 01: French Vanilla
  • 02: Burnt Orange
  • 03: Dusty-Mauve (mid tone neutral)
  • 04: Smokey Plum (dark tone)
  • 05: Soft Warm Brown
  • 06: Soft Khaki Taupe
  • 07: Warm Chestnut (warm neutral)
  • 08: Deep Neutral Brown

Colors Top – Bottom:

02 Burnt Orange, 06, Soft Khaki Taupe, 01 French Vanilla, 05 Soft Warm Brown

Japonesque Eye Shadow Palette

Colors Top – Bottom:

04 Smokey Plum, 03 Dusty – Mauve, 07 Warm Chestnut, 08 Deep Neutral Brown

Japonesque Eye Shadow Palette

Gorgeous colors right??!! These colors are wearable all year round!  Shop here

Do you have this palette or do you plan to buy it? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!





**This palette was generously sent to me by Japonesque. As always my opinions are honest and 100% my own. Some links associated with BPAMC are affiliate links. 


How To Grow On Instagram: By A Beauty Blogger

I have been asked how to grow on Instagram¬†numerous times so I thought it would make for a fun and different blog post. Am I an expert? Not at all but I started Instagram 8 months ago and because I grew so fast I started an official beauty blog to be able to go into more in depth reviews, swatches ect for my followers. ¬†When I started I had no clue what was going to happen to Beauty Products Are My Cardio but I had a vision and what is happening for me now was apart of that vision. ¬†If you are new to my blog (Welcome!!!!) and want to know a bit more about me you can read my 20 Facts bout me tag here¬†(massive amounts of blush… you have been warned)¬†Starting this process can be scary and intimidating but you got to jump in and have fun!!! No matter what you are blogging about.


Do you have a mentor? Have you read about about how to grow a following on Instagram? If you are answering no to these questions you must start here first. I can not go any further without shouting out my mentor. The wonderful woman behind Engaged To The Details  Talking to someone who has done it or doing it is extremely helpful as it makes you feel less stressed (or maybe that is just me lol) Having support is key as this process has its ups and downs but you have to stay focused.

Have original clear photos:

Followers want to connect with YOU and your work! Show off your skills.  Create a theme, have fun whatever is YOUR style do it! Getting posted by a brand is great for exposure but that will only happen with original and clear pictures. I will let you in on a secret. I started off taking pictures in my sons room on Saturday mornings at 7am because it was the best natural light with a storage container lid. YES A STORAGE CONTAINER LID.

Here is my first picture I posted:

February 11th 2016 and it has 76 likes  and 4 comments How to grow on Instagram

Post 2-4 times a day:

Yes I said 2-4 times a day. That is a lot of content I know but if you are serious about growing on Instagram you have to put in the work and you must get your “brand” out there.

Be consistent:

When I started I tried different times of the day. I am in Chicago so Central Time Zone but my followers are from all over. I found 730am, 1130am, 445pm and 745/9pm were my best times to post and I did post 4 times a day up until 1-2 months ago.

Follow successful bloggers:

See what they do and mimic that. I remember when I started and I saw beauty bloggers with thousands of followers and was just in awwwww. You can do this!

What does your bio look like?:

That is one small space to work with but it should give people a quick glimpse into what they should expect from your page/blog. If they do not like what they see its okay but those that do will hit the follow button. IE: Beauty Obsessions and Fab Finds $10 Or Less …. This is my slogan for everything (Instagram, My Blog, My Facebook Page and My Pinterest Page) ¬†Its what BPAMC is about. I will invest in beauty products that are worth the splurge but I believe in affordable options and adore the drugstore!

Be active on others Instagram accounts:

Lets support each other. Since starting my official blog I am learning that there are blogger groups who will comment on Instagram and Blogs to support each other no matter what they are blogging about. I have been doing this since day one. Not only are you supporting your fellow bloggers but again it gets your “Brand” out there! Plus I love talking with all of you. I have made real friends though this process. Tom Ford is legit on my luxury brand wish list because of your photos!

Don’t feel pressure to participate in Follow For Follow for the reason above:

I personally can not keep up with my 400 plus accounts I follow some days so if there are thousands to be active on I just can’t do it. I told myself from day one I will not do F4F. This does not make me bad or rude. I am just sticking to my plan. This also means I do not follow a bunch of brands. I follow those I want to and sometimes head over to their page to see whats new ect. I have also unfollowed those who are ghost followers because if I am being supportive hey give it back.

This leads into the days you get a ton of unfollowers:

Its OKAY! I repeat its OKAY! Stay focused and do NOT compare yourself to others. This is your “Brand” keep your eye on your plan.

Be authentic:

Talk to your followers in your posts. Ask questions to get engagement on your page. People connect to people.  For my beauty bloggers: do not feel you need to have every single new release to gain followers. Can these products get attention? Of course but sometimes its not possible.  I am a mom of two and I have a budget just like you. I love buying new products but some products are not for me. Some palettes are not for me. Sometimes I have to spend that month on something non blog related. Just be you!!!!

Shout out for Shout out:

Oh the lovely double edge sword. Since starting 8 months ago I have only hosted 3 shout out for shout outs. When you host them its the only time you truly gain but you also will have people unfollow you because you are blowing up their feed with a bunch of accounts. Should you avoid them? No but proceed with caution. If you are just starting out 1K or under participate in 1 every 7-10 days so your “brand” gets out there. Doing them to reach a milestone number is also something that should be proceeded with caution. You want organic followers who love your page because they truly want to see what you are talking about and posting about daily.

Host a personal giveaway:

Another double edge sword. I have hosted a 10k giveaway and I lost a ton of followers after. Why? Its not an organic way to gain followers but I loved giving my loyal followers a chance to win some fabulous products. Side Note: I have found giveaways where you have your followers just comment on the giveaway picture and not make them repost the photo has been more successful all around!

Hashtags are your BFF:

Use the max of 30. I keep all the hashtags I love and those I find from other accounts in groups of 10 on my notes section in my phone to make it easy!!!

Create a hashtag:

#10orlesstuesday has been such a success and I LOVE IT! Not only do I get to see what fabulous finds you have that are $10 or less, share that with my followers but I get to feature you on my page and get you exposure. Dont think you need a big following for this because you don’t. #10orlesstuesday was started once I gained 500 followers. It was a goal I set for myself.

Stay positive and focused:

I can not stress enough to not focus on the numbers (I understand the struggle) and focus on your content and do not compare yourself to others. There will be days you gain a ton and days you lose a ton but you want true followers! You got this!!!!


Do you want to see other Blogging / Instagram tips? Did you enjoy this post? Leave in the comments below. This was very fun and different so I would love to hear your thoughts!


*I would just like to say a special THANK YOU to every follower I have. Your continued support means the world to me. It has opened doors and opportunities for me I never thought were possible. Without you Beauty Products Are My Cardio would not be where it is today. For those that have been with me since February I just have no words. This beauty community (you know who you are) is amazing and I am so thankful for you all! Love Always Vanessa

**Another special thank you to my husband. Jason if you are reading this your continued support means the world to me. Without it I would not be able to do what I am doing.



The Orly Fall 2016 Mulholland Collection is here and its PERFECT! Between some classic colors, bold colors and a bit of sparkle you are sure to find the perfect fall inspired look! I was immediately drawn to the mauve color (Hillside Out) which has a very small amount of shimmer to it but you would not think that looking at the bottle.  I wanted to add a bit more sparkle so I took the color (Meet Me At Mulholland) and used it on my ring finger to give that extra pop to my manicure. I normally do two coats of polish but with my ring finger I did one of Hillside Out so the sparkle was able to be seen and used two coats of Meet Me At Mulholland.

Here is a close up of the two colors I used to create my fall inspired manicure.

  • Meet Me At Mullholland
  • Hillside Out.


ORLY FALL 2016 As you can see Orly has given a wide variety finishes and colors with 6 new shades to choose from. So lets meet the line up!

Colors below from L- R:

  • Cahuenga Pass (Bright Orange)
  • Mansion Lane (Muted Grey)
  • Hillside Hideout (mauve with a small golden shimmer)


  • Party In The Hills (black and gold micro glitter)
  • Million Dollar Views (copper with golden shimmer)
  • Meet Me In Mulholland (copper and purple irregular glitter flecks)




Which shades are you interested in and what colors do you love for the fall? Would love to hear in the comments below!!

*The collection was generously sent to me for review. As always opinions are my own and honest. 



“This is one attraction that‚Äôs impossible to resist.¬†M‚ąôA‚ąôC Spellbinder Shadow creates mesmerizing eyes with the deepest, most mysterious shades, clinging to lids like pure velvet. Black, ionized pigments are magnetically charged, fusing the loose powder together so it magically maintains its form and dimension. Hexing hues pull you in, casting their spell in blackened emerald, cobalt and teal, as the metallic finish captivates all that crosses its path”

I had the pleasure of viewing and testing out the MAC Spellbinder Collection last week before there online release today and let me just say ……….. GORGEOUS! I am in love and yes you read the above correct. This is a loose eye shadow but it is magnetically charged from the packaging to keep its form!!! How fabulous is that?!!?

John from the MAC PRO Michigan Avenue location started out by showing me their pigment by swatching them on his hand. His trick for even more intense pigment? Use an Eye Kohl in black first and then place the eyeshadow over it. Pictured below you will see how the pigment intensifies. ¬†MAC’s Eye Kohl in smolder is a Holy Grail product of mine FYI. Its a must have product for your collection.


The color John used on me was High Power which is what I would have picked for myself. He started off with priming my lids with Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly and then as an all over color used wedge before applying High Power.  I think this is perfect for an everyday look but can be created to be bolder for more intense color payoff. A product that can do more than just one thing is always a win in my book. The rest of the colors in the collection are equally stunning!!!

John Daniel Naughton applying MAC Spellbinder in High Power


Online now and will be available in-stores October 20th – December 1st.


$22.00  USD

There are 8 shades in the collection:

  • BLUE KARMA – Soft Grey Teal
  • MYSTERIOUS INFLUENCE – Rich Olive Golden Green
  • DYNAMICALLY CHARGED – Taupy Cool Bronze
  • GRAVITY’S PULL – Dark Purple
  • COSMIC CLASH – Deep Green
  • APHRODISIATIC – Rich Colbot Blue (shown above on the hand swatch)
  • RETROGRADE – Grayed Black
As you can see from the picture above we started to play with other products and I would not have had it any other way! If you are new to my blog let me just say MAC has been my first love since I was 16 so this was an extra bonus for me!!! John was extremely helpful because my skin has changed tremendously since having kids. I use to be a NC 25 however he felt it was best for me to try C3.5. There are new numbers for some face products offered that incorporate both cool and warm tones which now I understand I have. ¬†The Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 went on smooth and the color match was perfect. ¬†Even though I wanted to buy the foundation right then and there I asked for a sample to be made for me to make sure I don’t break out. This is an amazing service offered that many people don’t realize you can ask for. You can try out the formula and a couple different color options before fully committing!


The next two products I tried were the New Studio Fix Perfecting Stick and the New Studio Fix Perfecting Powder. I was very excited to try these because Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is my all time favorite everyday foundation. Its a powder for easy and fast application but settles in like a liquid and the Studio Stick reminded me of a discontinued MAC product I owned from 10 years ago. I adore makeup that makes everyday application easy for me. Not only because I am a mom but because sometimes I do my makeup on the train on my way to work.
The New Studio Fix Perfecting Stick is “A chubby twist-up concealer pencil with a precise rounded tip” With just a few swipes you get medium buildable coverage but it can also be used to hide those imperfections, that unwanted blemish and really the list can go on and on. ¬†The¬†Studio Fix Perfecting Powder is a “A one-step powder and foundation that provides a matte texture with medium coverage” John used this to set my concealer and wow. My eyes looks so bright. I truly wanted to buy the powder on spot but I have been using the Mineralize Skin Finish and felt it was responsible of me to at least hit pan on that first lol but I grabbed the Concealer without any hesitation. This powder is loose but its created with packaging that allows for no mess! You just dip your brush in the powder on top and there you go! Mess free loose powder.
Here is what I left the store with and happy so far with all three products. Thank you again to John and the whole MAC Team for being such fabulous hosts! Are you in the Chicago are? If you are make sure to go for your next MAC Purchase at the MAC PRO Michigan Avenue location located at The Shops at North Bridge, 540 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 595-0952
Do you think you will try Spellbinder Eye Shadows? Which colors are grabbing your attention? Also do you use anything from the Studio Fix line and if so what are you loving? I would love to hear in the comments below!
Shop products I mentioned in post here:


Pop The Champagne because the Japonesque holiday collection is worth celebrating! Both sets are limited edition with luxurious matte gold packing and priced to perfection! Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for someone or for yourself they are guaranteed to keep you glowing and looking flawless throughout the Holiday season! Both sets are available now at Ulta Beauty.

Highlighting Trio Set:

Includes three highlighters with silky micro-fine pearl powder in matte gold packaging. Shades РChampagne Gold, Rose Gold and Bronze Gold.

Shop Here: Price: $34.00 ($66.00 Value)

Japonesque Holiday Collection
Japonesque Highlighting Trio in shades: Champagne Gold – Rose Gold – Bronze Gold
Japonesque Holiday Collection
Highlighter Champagne Gold
Japonesque Holiday Collection
Highlighter Rose Gold
Japonesque Holiday Collection
Highlighter Bronze Gold
Japonesque Highlighting Trio
Japonesque Highlighting Trio

Velvet Touch Finishing Powder & Exclusive Brush:

Includes their top selling finishing powder in gold matte packaging with matching silky soft powder brush. “The micro-fine powder is a universal shade that will blur the look of imperfections while leaving a velvety soft matte finish to every complexion”

Shop Here: Price: $34.00

Japonesque Holiday Collection
Velvet Touch Finishing Powder & Exclusive Brush


Japonesque Holiday Collection
Velvet Touch Finishing Powder & Exclusive Brush

Will you be picking up anything from this collection? I would love to hear below or just tell me what you think of this Holiday release?

*This was sent to me by Japonesque, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own


MAC: NEW Studio QuikTrik Stick

“Transformation is only a swipe away with the new M‚ąôA‚ąôC Studio QuikTrik Stick. Offering endless options for highlighting, contouring, bronzing or just adding the perfect pop of colour, these double-ended multi-use chubby sticks debut in smart shades to enhance your look anywhere, any way you choose ‚Äď and so portable too! Who doesn’t love a little face time? Any way you swipe is just right!”
Online: October 13th
In-store: October 20th – December 15th 2016
$32.00 US/$37.00 CAD
SOFTLY DOES IT / TIGHT AND TAWNY: very light pink shimmer / light taupe
BARE END / EARTHNUT: light golden champagne shimmer / muted medium beige
A LATTE SHEEN / SEMI-SWEET: light copper with gold and silver shimmer / muted golden bronze
GINGER SPIKED / COUNTERPOINT: soft pink with fine-spun gold shimmer / mid-tone bluish pink
MISS CUPCAKE / TOMATO: soft pinky peach with fine-spun golden shimmer / vivid bright coral

ALL AFLUSH / HERE YOU GO: rose with copper sparkle / deep reddish burgundy



Target Exclusive: DESSANGE PARIS

“Jacques Dessange established the house of DESSANGE 60 years ago, in 1954 in the heart of Paris on the prestigious Champs-Elys√©es, instantly becoming a symbol of French luxury…Today, DESSANGE remains the number one luxury hair care brand in the world with a unique network of 400-plus salons in over 40 coun¬≠tries, and seven training centers. DESSANGE is the long-standing Hair partner of the Cannes Film Festival and a salon choice for a wide array of glamorous A-list celebrities. In late 2014, DESSANGE entered new territory with the launch of its premium mass brand, DESSANGE Paris, in the US, bringing the luxury salon techniques to the homes of wo¬≠men everywhere”

Product Information:

Five Collections: Purifying Clay, Oleo Miracle, Solar Blonde Naturale, California Blonde and Salon Color Restore.

Price: $9.99 ‚Äď $11.99, and are available exclusively at Target.


I had the pleasure to review the Oleo Miracle line and let me just say my hair has its shine back and feels incredibly soft and smooth.  All the products in the line have three oils: argan, camellia and pracaxi which bring out your hairs natural beauty along with protecting it. The Oleo Miracle line was created to bring over-processed and damaged hair back to life! Sounds amazing right?!!??

Let me start with the replenishing oil because its my favorite from the three products. I have been using it a few times a week for 3 weeks and I saw results immediately. I apply one pump to my wet/damp hair more towards the middle to the ends of my hair because my roots tend to get oily if I use too much product. On days I just dry my hair and do not style it, my hair still has that softness and shine to it. When I style my hair whether it be with a curling or flat iron the over all appearance looks more polished and healthy. I adore hair oils and serums for that exact reason and this one does not disappoint.  The smell can be strong.  Its not bad but it has a perfume type of odor to it. So this may not be the ideal for some.

Oleo Miracle Replenishing Oil

The Shampoo and Conditioner have the same perfume smell but because I saw such fabulous results it was something I was able to look past. The shampoo lathers well allowing you to feel like your hair is actually getting very clean.  The conditioner does not leave film or a heavy feeling to your hair at all. So not only are you getting the repairs your hair needs, it feels clean (even with three oils). The packaging gives off a luxury feel with the gold design and writing while the product bottles are very sturdy. Overall I have been enjoying all three products but the oil stood out for me as the winner.

Would you like to win this line to try these fabulous products for yourself?  See below for rules.

Oleo Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner

Giveaway Rules:

  • Must be following me on Instagram
  • Must tag a friend on my Instagram picture announcing this giveaway
  • Write in the comments below on this blog post why you would like to try this product line out
  • Giveaway will run 10/7 -10/9 and winner will be notified by 10/10

That’s it! Good Luck everyone!!!

*This is a sponsored post however BPAMC opinions and review are my own and 100% honest. 


Eye Shadow that jiggles? Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss

“A new trick in your beauty arsenal, Butter London’s Glazen Eye Gloss is a breakthrough eye shadow that delivers a wet look shine, without being wet. This playful, pudding-like texture applies like a gel, but dries like a powder and lasts all day”

Product Information

  • Price: $24.00 and Available at Ulta
  • 4 Shades Available:¬†Bronzed (rich sparkling deep bronze) pictured /¬†Frosted (warm sparkling rose gold) /Oil Slick (sparkling chameleon) /¬†Spark (warm sparkling champagne) pictured¬†


I am not going to lie these were very strange to me when I first opened them. I thought “an eye shadow that jiggles? Whatttt?” But the moment I swatched them I gasped! I absolutely love metallic shades for the eyes. I prefer just one swipe of a pretty shimmer that is going to give me a glamorous look without the hassle of spending a ton of time on my eyes.

When you dip your finger in (I just felt more comfortable using my fingers) its a strange consistency but its fun! I just started to pat on my eye and watched this Glazen Eye Gloss work its magic. It applies like a gel and dries like a powder so it takes a bit to get use to. I have tried this without a eye shadow primer since it states its crease resistant but like all eye shadows it creased on me and works best in my opinion with an eye shadow primer. They were a bit hard to blend with my finger but again it takes a bit to get use to working with this texture.

Would I recommend these? Absolutely! If you are into shimmer and or metallic eye looks you need at lease one.

Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss
Colors Top to Bottom: Spark and Bronze



*These were generously sent to me by Butter London. Opinions are honest and my own. 


20 Facts About Me Tag

After watching a ton of YouTube videos and reading Blog/Instagram posts, I decided I should do the 20 facts about me tag. I absolutely loved learning about all of you so I hope you enjoy this! Lets just jump right in……

  1. My name is Vanessa not beautyproductsaremycardio – lol!
  2. I grew up in Elmwood Park a suburb right outside of Chicago and the home of the best Italian Beef  the Chicago area has to offer but if you ask my Husband he will tell you I am bias. Whatever!
  3. My Husband and I met in Children’s Theater class at Northeastern Illinois University 12 years ago.
  4. I am mostly Italian and my husband is Palestinian. We have two kids. Our daughter is 3 and our son is 10 months
  5. My Bachelors and Masters Degree are both in Communications and I studied Flamenco Dance as my minor.
  6. My passion for dance started at the age of 9. I have studied Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Belly Dancing and Flamenco
  7.  I was allowed to wear makeup off the stage at the age of 12. My mom took me to the drugstore the summer going into Jr. High. We bought mainly Cover Girl. To this day if I open a Cover Girl blush the smell instantly brings me back to that moment.
  8. For my 16th Birthday I was introduced to MAC by receiving a black MAC makeup bag filled with blush, eyeliner, lipliner and lipglass.  Our relationship is now almost 20 years strong!
  9. Blush is my ultimate beauty weakness. I believe this obsession started because as a dancer my mom would tell me I need more blush for the stage….like ALL THE TIME. So I started to experiment with blush and the rest is history (picture evidence below HA)
  10. I worked in Disney World for a college internship and it changed me forever. If you are in college you MUST look into this program. I worked Retail in Magic Kingdom.
  11. Family is EVERYTHING!!!!
  12. Audrey Hepburn is my style icon.
  13. I started my blog 7 months ago, 2 days after returning to my full time job from being on Maternity Leave. It was something I had been thinking about for over a year and all of a sudden it all came together and Beauty Products Are My Cardio was born.
  14. I am an Academic Advisor by day and taught Public Speaking for 5 years at a Community College here in Chicago.
  15. I drink coffee…however 95% of the time its decaf. I just truly love the taste. Tall Decaf Non Fat No Whip Mocha.
  16. Next to blush chocolate is my other weakness.
  17. I HEART Pasta. Nothing beats my dads cooking … well except my grandparents ūüôā
  18. I am trying to get better at eating cleaner and working out #momlife
  19. Black and Purple are my favorite colors
  20. I absolutely love interacting with each of you everyday!

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! I tag all of you ūüôā


20 facts about me tag
Can we discuss this blush? But I will say I was always seen on stage (Thanks MOM!)


20 facts about me tag
Senior Picture: I was always into nude tones lol


20 facts about me tag
My Wedding Day: MAC everything


20 facts about me tag
My Ride or Die