10 Surprising Facts About Rihanna’s MAC Lipstick Collection [Plus Tips for Finding Your Perfect Shade]

10 Surprising Facts About Rihanna’s MAC Lipstick Collection [Plus Tips for Finding Your Perfect Shade]

Short answer: Rihanna has a successful collaboration with MAC Cosmetics and her signature lipstick, RiRi Woo, is a popular red shade that belongs to the Retro Matte line.

How to Achieve Rihanna’s Signature Looks with MAC Lipstick: Step-By-Step Guide

Rihanna is undoubtedly one of the most iconic pop stars of our time. In addition to her musical accomplishments, Rihanna’s distinct fashion style has made her a true icon in the industry. One aspect of her look that stands out are her bold and bright lips – often achieved with MAC lipstick. While many may think achieving such a look is difficult or unattainable, it’s actually quite easy! With this step-by-step guide, you can achieve Rihanna’s signature looks with MAC lipstick too.

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips

Before you start applying any makeup, it’s important to make sure your lips are prepped for the perfect pout. Use a gentle lip scrub or soft toothbrush and gently exfoliate to remove any dead skin. This will help create a smooth surface for your lipstick application.

Step 2: Prime your Lips

Apply a lip primer or balm to moisturize your lips and help prevent any feathering or bleeding from the lipstick – this also helps the color last longer!

Step 3: Choose Your Shade

Rihanna’s signature shades are all about being bold, so choose colors that truly make you stand out! Some great options that she loves include “Ruby Woo” (a classic red shade) or “Candy Yum Yum” (a bright fuchsia).

Step 4: Perfect Your Outline

Using an ultra-sharp lip liner in the same hue as your chosen shade, trace around your natural lip line. You can slightly exaggerate it if desired giving yourself bigger looking lips–just make sure not to go overboard!

Step 5: Fill In Your Lips with Lipstick

Now comes the fun part- grab your chosen MAC lipstick, carefully apply onto both upper and lower parts of the inside of natural lip border created by liner, taking care not to draw outside of lines you have crafted in Step Four — stay within boundaries set forth here!

Step 6: Finishing Touches

To really create Rihanna’s signature bold lip look, lightly blot your lips to reduce any excess color but maintain the intensity of it–and go rock that look!

So there you have it – achieving Rihanna’s signature looks with MAC lipstick is truly just a few easy steps. Just remember to exfoliate, prime, choose your perfect shade, perfect your outline and fill in with lipstick–using an ultra-sharp lip liner to help keep things clean and polished. With these tricks of the trade, you too can be a “bad gal” like Riri in no time!

FAQs About Rihanna x MAC Lipstick Collection: Everything You Need to Know

Rihanna’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics has been making waves in the beauty industry since its launch in 2013. Her collection of lipsticks, dubbed “RiRi Hearts MAC”, features a range of shades that are inspired by the singer’s iconic fashion and music style. From bold reds to playful pinks, there is something for everyone in this collection.

But what exactly makes Rihanna’s lipstick line so special? Here are some frequently asked questions about the RiRi Hearts MAC lipstick collection that will give you all the answers you need:

1. How many shades are there in the RiRi Hearts MAC Lipstick Collection?
There were three separate launches of the RiRi Hearts MAC lipsticks, with a total of twelve shades released. Each launch included four new limited edition shades.

2. What are some must-have shades from this collection?
One of the standout shades from this collection is “RiRi Woo”, a matte cool-toned red that was inspired by Rihanna’s love for classic retro glamour. “Talk That Talk” is another popular shade, featuring a deep plum hue perfect for fall and winter.

3. Are these lipsticks long-lasting?
Yes! The formula used in these lipsticks ensures not only vibrant color payoff but also lasting power throughout wear.

4. Can these lipsticks be worn on all skin tones?
Absolutely! One thing great about this collection is it features a wide range of colors suited for every skin tone under heaven whether fair or dark-skinned beauties.

5. Are these lipsticks affordable?
Individual lipstick purchase price varies by location and region covered directly by MAC stores – however fast selling limited edition collabs tend to cost higher than regular releases

6.Any alternatives?
Apart from this specific collections other reputable lipstick collections like Tom Ford, Huda Beauty can offer similar results when it comes to quality texture and longevity if you either run out or can’t find some of your favorites shades.

In conclusion, the RiRi Hearts MAC lipstick collection is definitely one for the books! With its range of colors that cater to all skin tones and long-lasting formula, it’s no wonder why beauty enthusiasts still rave about these lippies years later. So why not give them a try? You might just find your new favorite lip shade in this iconic collaboration!

Top 5 Facts about Rihanna and MAC Lipstick Collaboration that You Didn’t Know About

If you’re a fan of Rihanna and MAC cosmetics, then this collaboration was definitely on your radar. It’s been four years since the singer and makeup brand linked up for a capsule lipstick collection that sold out faster than you could say RiRi Woo. While most people know about the iconic red shade, there are still some facts that you might not be aware of when it comes to the partnership. Here are five things you didn’t know about Rihanna and MAC Lipstick Collaboration.

1. The Collaboration Made History:

Collaborations between celebrities and mainstream cosmetics have become increasingly popular in recent years, but when Rihanna teamed up with MAC in 2013 to launch her line of bold lipsticks, it was one of the first-ever celebrity collections to hit mainstream shelves. It wasn’t just any old collab either; we’re talking seven limited-edition lipstick shades that sold out within hours.

2. RiRi Woo is More Popular than MAC’s Iconic Ruby Woo:

MAC has made a name for itself by creating some of the best-selling lipsticks in history (Ruby Woo being its most famous). But according to reports, RiRi Woo blew Ruby Woo out of the water – at least from a sales perspective! After launching in May 2013 as part of Rihanna’s Collection, RiRi Woo became an instant classic and generated $3 million in sales within days.

3. Rihanna Played A Huge Part In The Creation Of The Shades:

Unlike other celebrity collaborations we’ve seen before, reports claim that Rihanna was very hands-on with this project – she wanted every single shade to be perfect before they went into production! In fact, she even came up with several hues herself! Some of her personal favorites include Nude Matte; Talk That Talk; Heaux (pronounced “ho”); Riri Boy; and Who’s That Chick ($16 each).

4. One Shade Was Named After Her Mother

As mentioned earlier, Rihanna played a significant role in the creation and development of each shade. But one color holds a particularly special significance: The bad gal named one of the lipsticks Riri’s Mommy (a soft lavender hue) after her beloved mother Monica Braithwaite Fenty.

5. RiRi Hearts MAC Didn’t Just Stop At Lipstick:

The collection wasn’t just about lipstick – it included other makeup items too! From eyeshadow palettes to brushes with pink bristles, there was something for everyone in this range. But what made the collection extra special was Rihanna’s message behind it all; she wanted everyone (regardless of skin tone) to feel beautiful and confident when wearing these products.

In conclusion, the Rihanna/MAC lipstick collaboration was definitely iconic; creating buzz around not only her personal brand but also generating huge profits for both parties involved. Even if you didn’t purchase the lipsticks, you can’t deny that this collab had an impact on beauty culture as we know it today.

From Classic Reds to Unique Hues: Review of All Rihanna’s Limited Edition Mac Lipsticks

Rihanna has once again outdone herself with her latest collection of limited edition MAC lipsticks. From classic reds to unique and bold hues, Rihanna’s collection is not only fashionable but also versatile in its range of colors.

First up, the “RiRi Woo” lipstick, which is a shade that Rihanna originally created for her collaboration with MAC in 2013. This classic blue-toned red color is perfect for any occasion and complements a wide range of skin tones. Its retro matte finish provides an intense color payoff that stays on all day without budging.

Next on the list is the “Heaux” lipstick that features a stunning maroon shades with berry undertones that will leave you feeling glamorous and sophisticated. The creamy matte texture allows for easy application and comfortable wear throughout the day.

For those who want a more unique color, “Pleasure Bomb” delivers just that with its bright fuchsia shade that adds an instant pop of color to any makeup look. Its amplified finish ensures a rich pigmentation while keeping dryness at bay.

Another daring hue from this collection is “Matte Riri Boy,” which features a bright lavender shade accentuated by blue undertones. This muted yet statement-making hue commands attention and always stands out among other lip shades.

One of Rihanna’s most impressive offerings in this collection is undoubtedly “Who’s That Chick,” which boasts a radiant orange-pink neon hue infused with shimmering particles for extra radiance. This particular shade screams summertime vibes as it captures just the right balance between subtle warmth and attention-grabbing vibrancy.

Last but certainly not least is “Talk That Talk,” one of the deeper shades from this line. A deep plum brown boasting both creaminess and longevity ensures your lips stay luscious looking throughout your workday or night out on-the-town,.

In conclusion, Rihanna’s limited-edition MAC lipsticks offer something for everyone — from classic reds to bold purples and bright neons. The options are endless giving you the freedom to express yourself through your lip color choices. As always, Rihanna has managed to create a stunning collection that is as practical as it is fashionable. Don’t miss these unique shades that will elevate any look for any occasion by giving you the perfect pop of color!

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Beauty Bag of Rihanna and Her Favorite MAC Lipsticks

When it comes to style, few do it better than Rihanna. The singer-songwriter-turned-entrepreneur is known for her bold fashion choices and head-turning beauty looks. And when it comes to her makeup routine, she’s not shy about sharing her favorites with the world.

One item that has become a staple in Rihanna’s makeup bag is MAC lipstick. In fact, she’s been known to wear the brand on red carpets and in music videos for years. But just which shades are her favorites? Let’s take a closer look.

First up is “Ruby Woo,” a classic shade that seems to be a favorite among many celebrities. This blue-red matte lipstick is perfect for making a statement on any occasion, whether it’s paired with a glamorous evening gown or dressed-down denim.

Another go-to for Rihanna is “Whirl,” a dusky rose hue with a matte finish. This neutral shade is great for everyday wear and pairs well with just about any outfit.

For those looking to add some sparkle to their lip look, Rihanna also loves “RiRi Woo,” which was created in collaboration with MAC specifically for her fans. It has the same bold red color as Ruby Woo but includes an added glossy finish thanks to its Retro Matte formula.

If you’re more of a pink person, never fear: Rihanna has you covered there too. Her all-time favorite shade from MAC is “Please Me,” a muted rosy-tinted pink that works for both day and night looks alike.

And finally, another standout shade in Rihanna’s collection is “Lady Danger” – again another bright and bold hue that screams confidence and celebration.

Each of these shades can give you an idea of why they made it into Rihanna’s list of ultimate favourite products; must-have lipsticks that easily elevate your look from simple monochromatic styles to luxurious yet understated glamour all at once!

So next time you’re looking to switch up your lip color, consider taking a page from Rihanna’s beauty book and reaching for one of her favorite MAC shades. These lipstick choices will not disappoint and are guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you go!

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Application of Your Fave Riri x Mac Lips Color

Let’s face it; Rihanna x Mac Lips collaboration has undoubtedly taken the beauty world by storm since its launch. The stunning range of lip colors is bound to make anyone feel like a superstar. The vivid hues and shimmering finishes are precisely what one needs to elevate their look from mundane to legendary. With the right tips and tricks, you can ensure that your application of the Riri x Mac lips color is flawless every time.

Here are some of our favorite tips that will help you master your application technique:

1. Prep Your Lips

Before applying any lipstick, it’s best to prep your lips effectively. First things first, use a good-quality lip scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and any flakiness. Afterward, apply an ample amount of lip balm or moisturizer to hydrate your lips and keep them smooth.

2. Use Lip Liner

Lip liner is an absolute must-have when trying out the Riri x Mac lipstick shades as it helps define your lips, prevent feathering or bleeding outside the lines, and prolongs wear time. Choose a liner shade that matches with the lipstick or go for something nude if you want to create fuller looking lips.

3. Apply with Care

When applying creamy shades such as RiRi Woo or Pleasure Bomb from Riri x Mac collection, it can be challenging to apply straight from the tube without messing up the edges. A great tip here is using a fine lip brush instead.

4. Layer Up

To achieve a more intense color payoff for deeper hued Riri x Mac shades try layering up for maximum impact whilst staying gloss free.

5. Use A Tissue Trick

A simple tissue trick can do wonders in ensuring long-lasting wear without leaving residue on glasses! After applying your preferred lip shade blot gently with some tissue paper then place another 2-ply sheet over your mouth then dust through lightly with translucent powder over that whole area with a powder brush.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Last but surely not least, don’t be shy about trying out different Riri x Mac lip colors as they are all so striking and impressive for any occasion.

In conclusion, mastering the application of your favorite Riri x Mac lips color is all about the prep work and working with precision. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to make an entrancing impression whenever you rock your chosen lipstick finish. Happy swatchin’!

Table with useful data:

Product Name Color Finish Price
Rihanna Viva Glam Lipstick Red with Frost Finish Frost $20.00
Rihanna Retro Matte Lipstick Bright Vivid Pink Matte $19.00
Rihanna Lustre Lipstick Soft Muted Pink Lustrous $19.00
Rihanna Amplified Lipstick Bright Coral Cream $19.00

Information from an expert

As an expert in the beauty industry, I can confidently say that Rihanna’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics for her signature lipstick line is a makeup lover‘s dream come true. The collection features a range of bold and versatile shades that cater to every skin tone and occasion. The lipsticks are highly pigmented, long-lasting, and offer superior hydration for radiant lips. Additionally, with their sleek packaging and affordable pricing, Rihanna’s MAC lipsticks have become an instant hit among fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Overall, I highly recommend trying out this iconic range of lipsticks by one of the biggest names in music and fashion.
Historical fact: Rihanna’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics in 2013 resulted in the release of a bright red lipstick called “RiRi Woo” that sold out within hours of its release.