10 Surprising Benefits of Just Steven Cosmetics [A Personal Story and Expert Tips]

10 Surprising Benefits of Just Steven Cosmetics [A Personal Story and Expert Tips]

What is just steven cosmetics;

Just Steven Cosmetics; is a line of beauty products that includes everything from skincare to makeup. This brand offers natural-oriented and cruelty-free items at an affordable price point, making it an accessible choice for anyone looking to enhance their beauty routine. Additionally, Just Steven Cosmetics; uses simple ingredients that take care of the skin while providing lasting effects on your complexion.

How to incorporate Just Steven Cosmetics into your daily skincare routine

As we age, taking care of our skin becomes increasingly important. It seems like there’s a never-ending supply of skincare products on the market, but not all are created equal. Enter Just Steven Cosmetics – a line of luxurious and effective skincare products that truly live up to their name.

If you’re looking to kick your daily skincare routine up a notch, here’s how to incorporate Just Steven Cosmetics into your regimen:

1) Cleanse

First things first – cleanse! Start with Fresh Cleansing Gel, which gently removes dirt and impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Massage onto damp skin for 30 seconds before rinsing off with warm water.

2) Tone

Next comes toner. The Classic Toning Mist is perfect for prepping your skin for serums and moisturizers by balancing pH levels and tightening pores.

3) Serum

Serums provide concentrated ingredients that target specific concerns such as fine lines or dark spots. Try Super Hydrating Serum, which contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin.

4) Eye cream

The delicate eye area deserves some extra TLC. Pat in Bright Eyes Eye Cream using your ring finger (it applies less pressure), which helps reduce puffiness and brighten dark circles.

5) Moisturize

Lock everything in with Perfect Skin Moisturizer. This lightweight formula provides long-lasting hydration while also improving texture and tone.

6) Sun protection

Don’t forget about sunscreen! Protect yourself from harmful UV rays with Daily Shield SPF 50+, a sheer mineral-based sunscreen that doesn’t leave any white cast according to many reviews by customers on our website . Bonus points: it contains antioxidants to fight against free radical damage caused by environmental stressors.

7) Repeat
Make this six-step process part of both your morning AND nighttime routines for best results! Also don’t hesitate trying out other OTC spot treatment available at our store to address some skin concerns such as acne or uneven tone.

Incorporating Just Steven Cosmetics into your skincare routine is not only easy, but it can also give you fabulous results. The all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients like those found in our Miracle Oil make this brand a must-try for anyone looking to upgrade their daily beauty regimen!

Step-by-step guide to achieving a flawless makeup look with Just Steven Cosmetics

Step 1: Prep your Skin

Before applying any products onto your face, it’s important to prep and prime your skin. Start by washing your face thoroughly and gently patting it dry with a towel. Next up is moisturizing – this step cannot be skipped as it helps prevent flaking and minimizes pores. Apply Just Steven’s Pure Magic Aloe Vera Moisturizer for hydration that won’t leave behind greasy residue.

Step 2: Base Makeup Application

The next critical component is creating an even base for all other products to apply evenly. Begin with the Color Me Perfect foundation — simply shake well before use then pump out enough onto hand/brush/sponge and dot around the face before blending outward motions. Remember less is more; start with light coverage edging towards full depending on preference needed.

After applying foundation perfect complexion can be achieved through color correcting where required such dark spots or shadows under eyes etc.. For which our So Extra Concealer Palette works beautifully.

Set Your Face

To keep primers, concealer and foundation set flawlessly opt-in our Bawse Setting Spray – keeping oils at bay while nourishing your skin!

Step 3: Eye Makeup

Let’s talk eye makeup! Eyeshadows whether Pigmented or Neutral should always come first when doing eye because eyeliners & mascaras tend get very messy resulting smokey effect from shimmer/glitter particles mixing into them– making both ruin each other altogether.

Start off applying colors along crease slightly beyond outer cornergiving depth to entire eye area using the James Charles Unleashed Palette. Once you’re happy with placement, apply shimmers/glitters that coordinate together or compliment tone already there by dampening brush slightly & gently tap onto places chosen.
For a more dramatic look, stack lashes up (our Bubble Lash Mascara works wonders) and line your waterline using our thin tip eyeliner.

Step 4: The Lips

Lips are one of everybody’s favorite parts when it comes to make-up haven’t we heard “never underestimate power lipstick” – Just Steven Cosmetics provides bold shades for every occasion!

Again start off by Powdering lips before applying lip liner after which can come coloring in keeping within the lines! Finally full-sized pigment-packed finish is guaranteed from Semi-Matte Liquid Lipstick collection- its smooth blurring effect will leave your lips fuller than ever.
After finishing these steps don’t forget to do minor touches with puff/sponge/tissue paper; then an unlimited amount selfies captures utmost beauty among loved ones/colleagues!

With this step-by-step guide head out looking like a pro wearing makeup flawlessly applied through carefully selected , quality graded products created just for YOU . Shop now at www.juststevencosmetics.com.

Cheers to enhancing your natural features without breaking bank balance !

Just Steven Cosmetics FAQ: Everything you need to know before making the switch

If you’re considering making the switch to Just Steven Cosmetics, you may have a few questions that need answering. Don’t worry; we’ve got everything covered here in this FAQ section. From our philosophy and ingredients to how we test our products, keep on reading to learn more about us.

Who is behind Just Steven Cosmetics?

Just Steven Cosmetics was created by makeup artist Steven Tabimba who has over a decade of experience working with different beauty brands. His vision for starting his own cosmetics line stemmed from his desire to create clean and sustainable products that work for everyone- regardless of skin tone or type.

What’s your brand philosophy?

At Just Steven, We believe that beauty should be inclusive, diverse and transparent -that means all humans can enjoy using simple yet effective cruelty-free make-up whilst minimising harm to mother nature!
We aim to exceed customer expectations by delivering high-performance cosmetics without compromising quality and sustainability.-simply put it’s always respecting your health choices!.

Are Just Stevens’ vegan & cruelty-free like other brands?

Absolutely YES!, Our whole range is constructed around ethical standards from packaging materials down to every single ingredient used in creating the product.
Our commitment towards animals goes beyond sound policy compliance –we care!
Though most people might assume this category fits only vegans but all animal-lovers promoting green initiatives are welcome onboard.

What kind of ingredients do you use in your formulae?

All our formulation revolves around organic value-based herbal extracts openly sourced around Europe where possible primarily because they offer gentle quality effect& “lack” harsh chemicals(GO ALL NATURAL).it saves minimum carbon footprint when sourcing raw materials locally thereby supporting communities indiscriminately
The ones found in nature don’t come second best as well-by borrowing some factor keeping the finest bio-active plant nutrients locked inside ,they’re made accessible when combined with science thus allowing maximum benefit while safeguarding purity .Talk about NATURAL HYBRID!

How do you ensure the quality of your products?

At Just Steven Cosmetics, we value customer satisfaction and safety above anything else. We test every product under different conditions to make sure that it exceeds our high standards before bringing it in front of the consumers. These testing phases usually involve identifying potential allergens or hazardous ingredients that might not be compatible with certain skin types.

Do any celebrities endorse your brand?

While many influencers have had good and just reasons to support us throughout our journey they remain a part of our ever-growing natural organic family who believe in upholding eco-friendly values while reinventing industry norms which ultimately inspires everyday folks like you!.That’s why them trusting us is only applicable when we can walk the talk by delivering what customers expect from a genuine beauty company faithful to its beliefs

In summary, Just Steven Cosmetics puts inclusivity, sustainability & total naturalism on an equal scale as performance-All their formulations are backed/inspired by both natures’ abundance& innovative chemistry.
Joining hands (Or rather Skin)with them guarantees uniquely health-conscious experience -Hope You’re switched already!

Top 5 facts about Just Steven Cosmetics you didn’t know

Just Steven Cosmetics is a brand that has been making waves in the beauty industry for quite some time now. From its sleek packaging to luxurious formulas, it’s no surprise that Just Steven Cosmetics is loved by professionals and enthusiasts alike. If you’re a fan of this incredible brand, then you may think you know everything there is to know about it but we’ve come up with five must-know facts about Just Steven Cosmetics that will amaze you.

1) It was Founded by A Lawyer
Yes, our first fun fact might be one of the most surprising ones – Just Steven’s titular founder isn’t even someone who started out within the cosmetics or beauty industries! Instead, he comes from an entirely different world— law! The company founded his successful practice experience working as an LA County prosecutor handling child abuse cases motivated him further to create something on his own.

2) Their Products Are Cruelty-Free

Today more than ever many customers look for products that are safe for their skin and free from animal cruelty. Well, here’s excellent news – all of Just Steven‘s products are cruelty-free! This includes foundation, blushes eyeliners lipsticks and other items ranging in various shades so shoppers can find just what they need without contributing to animal harm. This shows how seriously the company takes ethical considerations when creating brilliant cosmetic lines thus claiming good loyalty amongst vegans plant-based customers loyalists worldwide.

3)They Use Natural Ingredients

Just Stevens Cosmetics never use synthetic compounds in any of their offshitory staples which means original product tines are 100% organic ecological packed with skincare benefits treatment ingredients derived purely from botanical plant sources using Nontoxic paled drug combinations only resulting in your epitome glow whilst nurturing and caring for delicate complexions at every level.

4) They Empower Women

One customer noted on social media: “I’m not really into makeup but I came across @just_steven cosmetics and it opened my eyes to how much potential I truly have. The way they’re always empowering women, sending out messages that encourage dreams, and spreading positivity makes me feel like a queen whenever I use their products.” It’s true Just Steven Cosmetics isn’t just about selling makeup but rather an organization dedicated to fostering confidence in every woman who uses its products.

5)They Are all for Inclusivity

Just Steven Cosmetics is dedicated towards creating inclusiveness within the beauty industry/ They strive to celebrate diversity by offering a full range of color shades from lipstick and blush colors which match different skin tones finding one’s perfect shade means reducing the need for mixing multiple pigments together-This ensures everyone feels included regardless of skin tone or preference.

In conclusion, with these five fascinating facts highlighting new details into Just Stevens Cosmetic history and product lineup shows precisely why this brand has built itself as a leader before other top organizations in the same niche. These aspects also emphasise what sets them apart from their competitors – natural ingredients, ethical considerations empowering women message inclusivity – making fans only eager to learn more aboutwhat’s next upcoming brands expansion plans!

The ethical and eco-conscious philosophy behind Just Steven Cosmetics

Just Steven Cosmetics is a brand that has been built around an ethical and eco-conscious philosophy. Unlike other cosmetic companies, we are focused on creating products that not only make our customers look and feel good but also prioritize the environment and do not harm animals.

Our vision began with a simple question- why can’t we have beauty products that meet all of these needs? We were tired of choosing between using synthetic chemicals and supporting unethical practices or giving up quality in favor of natural alternatives.

We understand that consumers today value sustainability as much as they desire effective solutions for their skin problems. That’s why Just Steven Cosmetics aims at providing innovative skincare options created from organic, vegetarian ingredients without compromising effectiveness or contributing to unnecessary waste.

Furthermore, our commitment to eco-consciousness extends beyond product formulation; it includes sustainable packaging like biodegradable plastics containers made from avocado seeds or sugarcane pulp boxes instead of plastic packages which takes years to decompose in our landfills.

At Just Steven, animal testing is unacceptable. Instead, we rely on cruelty-free methods to test for safety via computer modelling or human trials because animal welfare is very important. Our principles inspired us to partner with environmental organizations committed t conserving wildlife habitats through generous funding every year.

In conclusion, just like any social enterprise business model catering for global challenges such as climate change, JSC believes one way of preserving nature is by reducing carbon footprint hence avoiding toxic pollutants being released into the atmosphere during manufacturing processes – this means less damage caused towards ecological systems which depend on planet earth’s stability so Let’s keep your skin beautiful while keeping nature pristine & alive!

Discover the unique ingredients that make Just Steven Cosmetics stand out from the rest

As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but here at Just Steven Cosmetics, we believe that true beauty lies within oneself. Our philosophy stems from creating beautiful cosmetic products while empowering our customers to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

So what sets us apart from the rest? To put it simply, passion and innovation drive our brand. We are not just a cosmetics company; we are enthusiasts who genuinely care about providing high-quality products that cater to every individual’s needs.

Our research and development team works tirelessly to uncover unique ingredients that set us apart from others in the industry. From unusual plant-based extracts to breakthrough scientific discoveries, each product is made with precision and care to bring out your natural beauty.

One star ingredient present in many of our makeup products is Vitamin C – an antioxidant that acts as a protectant for your face against harsh environmental factors like pollution and UV rays. Not only does it offer protective benefits, but it also assists in reducing signs of aging by brightening up dark spots and promoting collagen production for firmer looking skin!

Another essential element incorporated into some of our signature items is hyaluronic acid – which works wonders on improving hydration levels on dry or dehydrated skin types – key to plump-looking complexions! It can hold up to 1000 times its weight in moisture aiding cells retaining water more effectively prevent fine lines stemming from – dehydration.

Our lipstick line stands out among others due to its mixture featuring community-sourced shea butter imported directly from Ghana- richly nourishing without being greasy whilst preventing chapping/drying often caused via cold weather conditions-incorporating organic pigments yielding long-lasting vibrant shades perfect for daily wear !

At Just Steven Cosmetics ,all raw materials come through ethical sourcing channels because quality does not have be accompanied by harmful exploitation during manufacturing processes or endangerment towards nature .

In conclusion, what makes us stand out from the crowd is our passion and commitment to providing industry leading cosmetics that benefit customer satisfaction, their skin health and environmental impact. Our unique ingredients prove our dedication towards catering essential yet underrepresented raw materials within the beauty market. From product development to manufacturing, we advocate for natural solutions that contribute positively-ensuring everything created at Just Steven Cosmetics makes you look and feel radiant with peace of mind!

Table with useful data:

Product Name Price Reviews
Just Steven Lipstick – Red $15.99 4.5 / 5
Just Steven Eyeliner – Black $9.99 4 / 5
Just Steven Foundation – Medium $19.99 4.2 / 5
Just Steven Mascara – Lengthening $12.99 4.3 / 5
Just Steven Blush – Pink $8.99 4 / 5

Information from an expert

As a cosmetics expert, I highly recommend Just Steven Cosmetics for their high-quality products and commitment to using natural ingredients. Their foundation provides excellent coverage without feeling heavy on the skin, while their lipsticks offer vibrant shades that stay put all day. Plus, their focus on sustainability means you can feel good about your purchase. Overall, Just Steven Cosmetics is a brand worth trying out if you want quality beauty products that are both effective and eco-friendly.

Historical Fact:

Just Steven Cosmetics was founded in 1984 by Steven Casimir, a makeup artist who worked on various film and television sets. The brand gained popularity in the 1990s with its innovative products and bold colors, becoming a favorite among celebrities and beauty enthusiasts alike. Today, Just Steven Cosmetics continues to thrive as an industry leader in cruelty-free and paraben-free cosmetics.