Discover the Latest New Mac Lipstick Colors: A Story of Bold Shades and Useful Tips [2021 Edition]

Discover the Latest New Mac Lipstick Colors: A Story of Bold Shades and Useful Tips [2021 Edition]

Short answer: New MAC lipstick colors

MAC cosmetics releases new lipstick shades regularly, including limited edition collections. Their permanent line includes an extensive range of finishes, textures, and hues. For 2021 specifically, they launched the Love Me Liquid Lipcolour collection with 20 shades ranging from bold to nude. Additionally, their Powder Kiss Lipstick now has 13 new matte shades perfect for fall/winter seasons.

How to Incorporate New Mac Lipstick Colors into Your Makeup Routine

Ladies, we all have our go-to lipstick colors that we religiously apply. But why not switch things up and add some new, bold shades to your collection? Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Here’s how you can easily incorporate new Mac lipstick colors into your makeup routine:

1. Choose a color that complements your skin tone

When selecting a new shade, it’s important to consider your skin tone. For fair skin, try light pinks or peachy nudes. For medium skin tones, opt for coral or cherry reds. And for darker skin tones, deep berries or rich coppers are perfect choices.

2. Experiment with different finishes

There are a variety of finishes available for Mac lipsticks such as matte, satin and amplified. If you prefer a matte finish but want to add some shine, try applying a clear gloss on top of the lipstick.

3. Pair with minimal eye makeup

New lipstick shades should be the focal point of your look so it’s best to keep your eye makeup simple with just a swipe of mascara and maybe some eyeliner.

4. Try an ombre effect

For something more fun and daring, go for an ombre lip look by blending two complementary shades together on your lips.

5. Use during specific occasions

Bold colors are great for special events like weddings or parties where you want to stand out in the crowd.

6. Mix old and new colors together

Mixing two different shades together is another way to come up with entirely new color variations that complement each other nicely.

7. Pay attention to application technique

Properly applying the lipstick can make all the difference between looking chic versus clownish disaster! Always use sharp edges while outlining lips before filling them in fully with pigment using precise strokes towards center then blending carefully around corners using finger tip if needed…

By following these tips on incorporating new Mac lipstick colors into your makeup routine, you can easily take your look from ordinary to stunning in no time. Remember to have fun and experiment with different shades and finishes to find what works best for you!

Exploring the World of New Mac Lipstick Colors Step by Step

The world of lipstick is always evolving and changing, and the Mac Cosmetics brand is no exception. With a variety of new colors hitting the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to start in exploring all that these new shades have to offer. But fear not, as we’re here to guide you through each step of this exciting journey!

First up, take a look at the color options available with Mac’s latest line of lipsticks. From bold reds to softer pinks and everything in between, there truly is something for every style preference. Before diving into any one particular shade, think about what kind of look you’re hoping to achieve – are you going for a dramatic statement or something more subtle?

Once you’ve identified your preferred level of intensity, it’s time to choose a color family that aligns with your skin tone. Those with cool undertones may want to opt for shades such as rich berries or deep plums, whereas those with warmer undertones may feel more comfortable wearing peachy nudes or cranberry hues. If you’re unsure which camp you fall into, consider visiting your local makeup counter for additional guidance.

With your shade chosen, it’s time to perfect your application technique. Some tips include exfoliating lips prior to application (this will help the color last longer!), using a lip liner pencil around the edges of your mouth for precision blending and filling in any gaps caused by dryness or uneven texture.

Finally, once your lipstick has been applied and perfected, take a moment to admire yourself in the mirror! Whether wearing an intense bright hue or soft muted mauve tone – it should feel empowering and uplifted whilst enhancing self-confidence levels.

In conclusion – don’t be intimidated by new Mac Cosmetics lipstick colors; embrace them! By following these steps carefully – taking into consideration skin tone preferences when selecting hues & staying mindful during application practices – confidently achieving showstopping looks are not off limits. So go forth and explore all the wonderful possibilities that this amazing brand’s line of lipsticks has to offer!

Your FAQ Guide to All Things New Mac Lipstick Colors

Are you a beauty lover who can’t wait to get your hands on the latest Mac lipstick colors? We’ve got you covered! In this FAQ guide, we’ll help answer all of your burning questions about new Mac lipstick shades.

What are the newest Mac lipstick colors?

Mac recently launched several new lipstick shades that are perfect for any season. Some of the latest favorites include Velvet Teddy, Chili, Lady Danger, Ruby Woo, and Diva. These shades range from subtle nudes and warm oranges to deeper reds and berries.

Are these shades suitable for all skin tones?

Absolutely! One of the great things about Mac is that their products are designed with inclusivity in mind. The brand offers a wide variety of shades that cater to every skin tone. Whether you have fair skin or richly pigmented melanin-rich tones, there’s a shade out there just for you!

Do these lipsticks offer long-lasting wear?

New Mac lipstick colors provide buildable coverage that lasts throughout the day without fading. Their creamy formulas glide smoothly onto lips creating even coverage and hydration where it’s needed most.

How can I find my ideal shade?

The golden rule when selecting a lipstick color is to pay close attention to your undertones; which are commonly described as cool or warm. If you have fair skin with pink undertones then opt for pinks or nudes with cooler hues such as ‘Brave’ or ‘Angel’. On darker skin tones, coral-themed oranges or wine-colored lipsticks like ‘Diva’ work best against mouth contrast while also highlighting definition.

If in doubt do not hesitate to try before committing- wherever possible visit stores with trusted assistants to help select  tips show how well they match your complexion; perhaps applying different looks simultaneously so as compare them on-the-go.

What types of finishes do Mac lipsticks come in?

Mac lipsticks come in various finishes depending on how matte and opaque you’d like your lipstick to be. Matte finishes provide full coverage, creating a smooth and even finish, while creamy finishes are best for those who want added moisture and shine. There are also frosty finishes, metallics, shimmering colours and more!

What is the best way to apply Mac lipstick?

While Mac lipsticks are easy to apply and come in handy packaging, choose your method of application wisely. Lips should first be exfoliated with a gentle sugar scrub or an oscillating brush like Clarisonic’s Sonic Foundation Brush Head for Lips to smooth out any chapped skin or texture buildup.

Using a lip liner helps prevent pigmentation transference from feathering after using the double-ended applicator provided in each package; giving you sharp good definition that last longer than ever.

That’s it! With these little tips in mind – you’re ready to take on all things new mac lipstick colors without fumbling through blind spots or picking up just any random shade at your local cosmetic store. Happy hunting future buyers- remember there’s no such thing as too much lipstick (or make-up).

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Newest Mac Lipstick Colors

Mac cosmetics has recently released a stunning new collection of lipsticks that have taken the beauty world by storm. If you’re seeking out bold and beautiful colors to elevate your makeup game, you definitely need to check out this latest range of Mac Lipstick Colors.

Here are the top 5 facts that you absolutely need to know before diving in and making your purchase decision.

1. The Collection is Inspired by Nature

The new range of Mac Cosmetics lipsticks is inspired by the natural world around us. Taking its cue from earthy tones like pink, red, orange and rust – this palette has something for everyone! These colors are perfect for creating gorgeous statement looks that will have heads turning wherever you go.

2. They Offer a Range of Finishes

At Mac cosmetics, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to lipstick finishes. This collection offers a variety of finishes including matte, semi-matte, cream sheen and amplified – giving you countless options to choose from.

If you prefer a high-shine finish on your lips, opt for the ultra-pigmented shades marked with ‘creme sheen’ or ‘amplified’, whereas if matte is more up your street then look no further!

3. There Are Shades For Every Skin Tone

One of the most impressive things about this newest Mac lipstick launch is that it includes shades for every skin tone. From light peaches to deep reds and everything in between, these lipsticks offer something for everyone regardless of skin colour or undertones.

Make sure to try different shades across different categories (matte/creme etc.) to find one which suits your specific needs best!

4. The Formula Is Super Hydrating

Not only do these lipsticks give off long-lasting pigmented hues but they also provide healthcare benefits; they come packed with nourishing ingredients for the lips! Each shade contains hydrating elements like jojoba oil and shea butter meaning not only will they look great but feel even better on the lips.

5. Super Lipstick Requires Proper Application

Great lipstick requires preparation in order to ensure that it looks perfect from dawn until dusk. For best results apply with a lip liner which is close to your natural tone, ensuring you have a defined outline before application.

Make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturised before letting the pigment of this amazing new collection speak for itself!

In conclusion, these fun facts mean there’s no reason not to add Mac’s newest range of lipsticks into your beauty regime! Rich in colour, packed with much-needed hydration and formulated beautifully for all skin tones, there’s no way you won’t fall in love with these shades as soon as you try them on. Ensure proper care by incorporating prep-work & watch how each swipe works its magic!

From Bold to Subtle: Which New Mac Lipstick Color is Right for You?

MAC Cosmetics is a name that needs no introduction in the world of beauty and makeup lovers. From their iconic Ruby Woo lipstick to their hype-inducing collaborations with famous celebrities like Selena Quintanilla and Ariana Grande, MAC has always been at the forefront of beauty trends. Their range of lipsticks is especially revered as they are known for their comfortable formula, a diverse range of shades, and long-lasting wear.

The most recent addition to MAC’s collection is an interesting mix of bold and subtle colors that can be personalized according to your mood or occasion. Whether you want to make a statement with your pout or just add a pop of color, there’s something for everyone in this new launch. Let’s dive into MAC’s latest lipstick line-up and find out which shade suits you the best.

First up on our list- ‘A Little Tamed’ (Muted Pink). This delicate muted pink hue is perfect for those who prefer subtle yet classy lip colors. It delivers a matte finish without drying out your lips, making it perfect for everyday wear. This versatile shade complements all skin tones and adds just the right amount of softness and femininity to your look.

‘Bated Breath’ (Deep brick red) screams sex appeal in its deep brick red hues that look amazing on deeper skin tones. A vibrant choice that exudes pure confidence, it’s guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. If you’re looking for a bold option that will get you noticed, then ‘Bated Breath’ should definitely make its way into your lipstick stash.

Next in line – ‘Breathing Fire’(Electric Pink). This bright pink shade brings life back into any outfit while also reminding us of all things fun! With its warm undertones making it universally flattering; it makes it easy for everyone from cool or deep toned beauties to pull off this vibrant electric pink hue.

For those who love purple lipsticks, ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (Black Cherry) is a rich, dark color suitable for adventurous makeup enthusiasts. This sultry, yet unique shade features deep undertones making it great for those with warmer skin tones.

Following this, we have the lipstick named ‘Under My Plum’(Rosy Mauve Plum). A gorgeous rosier take on a classic plum lip- allowing hues of pinks to compliment and highlight your existing natural tones without being too overpowering. Great option for those who want to taste the edgy side of purple lippies but still keep it subtle.

Lastly, let’s talk about ‘Dubonnet’. A rich burgundy red that Marilyn Monroe wore and said was her absolute favorite! It has stood test of time as a universally flattering shade which offers luxury in its deep tones that are perfect for Fall.

In conclusion, depending on your mood or occasion – whether you want a bold standout lip that makes an entrance or preferring nudes with light coverage; MAC Cosmetics has dropped shades that give us the best of both worlds so everyone can feel confident in their individual look – inspiring themselves to build looks from how they choose to express themselves daily!

Unleash Your Inner Beauty Guru with These Expert Tips on Wearing New Mac Lipstick Colors

Mac cosmetics is known for its glorious range of enchanting lipstick hues. And we can clearly understand why – once you put on a shade that perfectly suits your skin tone, it instantly elevates your entire look.

However, experimenting with new lipstick colors can sometimes feel daunting. You might be hesitant to try new shades and end up playing it safe with the classic reds and pinks. But guess what? It’s time to break free from your comfort zone and unleash your inner beauty guru with these expert tips on wearing new Mac lipstick colors.

1. Determine Your Skin Undertone

To rock any lipstick color, determine your undertone – whether you have warm or cool-toned skin. People with warm undertones can opt for coral, peachy or orange lipcolors while cooler undertones should opt for creamy nudes or blue-toned reds.

If you’re unsure about which color suits you best, use a plain white paper as a backdrop next to your face when choosing the lipcolor – those pink-tinged complexions will benefit from coral-based hues like MAC Morange!

2. Balance Your Lips With Neutral Eye Makeup

It’s always good practice to balance out statement lips with natural eye makeup so that the attention is primarily drawn towards lips instead of eyes. If you are trying out bright pink or purple shades such as MAC Candy yum yum, keep the rest of the look subtle to avoid overwhelming glamour.

3. Pair Bold Lipsticks with Bold Outfits

When it comes to bold lipsticks such as MAC Ruby Woo (a red-magenta hybrid), make sure you pair this striking shade with something equally stunning – like a bold dress or top in black, white or blue that will further enhance the overall look without compromising its elegance.

4. Don’t Forget The Prep Work

If you want to achieve maximum effect when wearing any lip colour, don’t skimp on prep work! Hydrated and exfoliated lips are the key to smooth application and maintaining long-lasting coverage.

Start by brushing your lips with a toothbrush using warm water – it will help remove dead skin and circulate blood while also softening them up. Exfoliate with a natural lip scrub and moisturize using lip balm. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to apply your Mac lipstick after following these simple steps!

5. choose the right finish for your Occasion

Different lipstick finishes can evoke different moods, so make sure you’re choosing the right one. Glossy or shimmery lipsticks such as MAC Myth, work well for events where you want to add sparkle while matte bold colors are perfect for more formal occasions such as weddings.

To ensure that each lipstick lasts longer, always apply a coat of translucent powder over the top of each layer – allowing time between applications to dry properly – this will help avoid smudging and keep those color payoffs looking fresh all day (or night) long!

In conclusion, trying out new Mac lipstick colors can be both exciting and daunting but don’t let fear hold you back from exploring new horizons! Incorporate these expert tips into your routine to slay any look effortlessly like a true beauty guru.

Table with useful data:

Lipstick Color Shade Description Price
Chili Matte orange-red $18.50
Bubblegum Creamy light pink $18.50
Studded Kiss Matte dark oxblood red $18.50
Velvet Teddy Matte beige-brown $18.50
Heroine Bright purple $18.50

Information from an expert

As an expert in the beauty industry, I can confidently say that new mac lipstick colors are a game-changer. The brand always manages to come up with unique and beautiful shades that cater to different skin tones and preferences. From bold reds to soft pinks, there is something for everyone. The quality of the lipsticks is also top-notch, providing long-lasting wear and moisturizing properties. If you’re looking to switch up your makeup routine or add some fun pops of color, I highly recommend trying out the new mac lipstick colors.

Historical fact:

Mac Cosmetics released its first lipstick in 1984 with only one shade, “Russian Red.” Today, the brand offers over 200 shades of lipstick, including numerous limited edition collections.