5 Reasons Why Viva Glam Mac Lipstick is a Must-Have [Plus My Personal Experience and Tips]

5 Reasons Why Viva Glam Mac Lipstick is a Must-Have [Plus My Personal Experience and Tips]

Short answer viva glam mac lipstick;

Viva Glam Mac Lipstick is a popular line of lipsticks developed by MAC Cosmetics in partnership with music icon, Lady Gaga. Apart from being long-lasting and colorful, it is also vegan-friendly and serves as a means to fund HIV/AIDS awareness programs globally.

How to Choose the Right Shade of Viva Glam MAC Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

When it comes to rocking a bold lip, there’s nothing like a Viva Glam MAC lipstick. Not only do these lippies pack some serious color payoff, but purchasing one also means that you’re supporting the MAC AIDS Fund and helping to improve the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS. So what’s not to love? Well, if we’re being honest, choosing the right shade can be quite the daunting task – especially when you take into account your skin tone. But fear not! Here’s how to choose the perfect Viva Glam MAC lipstick shade for your unique complexion.

Fair Skin Tones:

If you have fair skin, a blue-based red such as Viva Glam Rihanna 1 or Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 will add a pop of color without washing out your complexion. If you want something more subdued, opt for a peachy pink hue like Viva Glam Ariana Grande or Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper.

Medium Skin Tones:

For medium skin tones, go for shades that have warmer undertones such as coral-pink (Viva Glam Gaga) or warm rose (Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson). A brick red (Viva Glam III) is also great for adding depth and dimension to medium skin tones.

Dark Skin Tones:

Deep berry hues such as Viva Glam Sia and Viva Glam IV are stunning on darker complexions. For an everyday look, reach for a neutral nude like Viva Glam II or opt for a statement-making orange-red like Viva Glam Nicki Minaj.

Once you’ve figured out which shades work best with your skin tone, don’t be afraid to experiment with different finishes (matte vs. satin vs. frost) and pairings (bold eyes vs simple liner). With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect shade of VIVA GLAM lipstick that flatters your complexion in all the right ways. Happy shopping!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply Viva Glam MAC Lipstick Like a Pro

Are you tired of your lipstick looking like a hot mess? Do you want to apply your Viva Glam MAC lipstick flawlessly like a professional? Then look no further! In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to apply Viva Glam MAC lipstick like a pro.

Step 1: Prep Your Lips

Before applying any lipstick, it’s essential to prepare your lips. Exfoliate your lips by gently rubbing them with a sugar scrub or toothbrush. This will remove any dead skin cells and leave your lips soft and smooth. After exfoliating, apply a lip balm to add moisture and prevent chapping.

Step 2: Apply Lip Liner

Using a lip liner in the same shade as your Viva Glam MAC lipstick, outline the edges of your lips before filling them in completely. This step creates an even base for the lipstick while also preventing bleeding and smudging throughout the day.

Step 3: Apply Lipstick

Starting from the center of your lips, use either a lip brush or directly apply the Viva Glam MAC lipstick on each side until you reach the edges where you previously outlined with lip liner. Be sure not to go outside of those lines! Fill in any gaps at the corners of your mouth as well.

Step 4: Clean Up Edges

If necessary, use concealer and an angled brush or cotton swab around the edges of your lips for precision.

Step 5: Blur Your Look

Take another clean brush (fluffy eyeshadow brush) and blend out harsh edges. That way it may look less bold.

And there you have it – perfect application every time! With these steps, you can confidently wear Viva Glam MAC Lipstick all day without worrying about fading or smudges. Whether going to work or hitting up date night with someone special – this makeup hack is sure to keep heads turning everywhere you go!

Frequently Asked Questions About Viva Glam MAC Lipstick – Answered!

As a makeup enthusiast, if you haven’t come across Madame Mary Angelo Condurso (MAC) as one of the famous and highly preferred lipstick brands in the beauty industry, then it’s high time to update yourself. MAC Viva Glam Lipstick has been on top of every woman’s list for years. Over the years, women have had countless questions about this stunning product, but we’ve got all the answers! Here are some frequently asked questions about Viva Glam MAC lipstick – answered!

What is Viva Glam MAC Lipstick?

Viva Glam is a vibrant range of lipsticks from MAC that revolutionized the beauty world. Launched back in 1994, this extremely popular collection was created with an intention to raise funds for HIV/AIDS awareness.

How many shades does Viva Glam have?

Initially, there were two shades introduced by MAC – a red toned shade named “Viva Glam I” worn by RuPaul and a pink shade named “Viva Glam II” by drag queen k.d.lang. But now with different collaborations over time, there are now over 10 different and unique shades available under this collection.

Can I buy this lipstick at my local store?

Absolutely! You can purchase any shade from this collection from any of your nearby licensed MAC stores or online retailers.

Is buying Viva Glam supporting charity?

Yes! Buying from the Mac VIVA GLAM line means that you’d also be giving to support charity programs against HIV/AIDS in Canada and globally. Since 1994 more than $500 million dollars has been raised for good causes through these efforts towards reducing the stigma around diseases through philanthropic campaign initiatives.

Does it only suit certain skin types or skin tone?

No matter your skin tone or type MAC ensures that anyone can wear their lipstick without restrictions or limitations – inclusive for all!

Is it waterproof/long-lasting?

The longevity of this lippy might depend on how long you take to eat, drink or in cases a virus app-reding. While Viva Glam isn’t advertised as the longest-lasting lipstick around, it generally lasts well for everyday wear.

Are there any related products available to use with Viva Glam MAC lipstick?

Of course! For instance, MAC’s lip primer helps to hydrate and smoothen out your lips before applying this lippy. Additionally, MAC’s ‘Fix Plus’ facial sprays can help keep the longevity of whatever makeup you choose by regulating any excess sebum and providing the perfect finishing touch.

In conclusion, MAC Viva Glam is more than just a stunning lipstick collection – it is an opportunity to help others whilst indulging in self-care with exquisite shades that have redefined our beauty staple essentials. Hopefully your Frequently asked questions about Viva Glam MAC Lipstick has now been successfully answered – Happy Shopping!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Viva Glam MAC Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics has been a staple in the makeup industry for years, and one of their most sought after products is definitely the Viva Glam lipstick. Available in different shades, this iconic product not only delivers flawless color but also supports a good cause. In this blog post, we will delve into 5 must-know facts about Viva Glam MAC lipstick.

1. It was introduced in 1994

Viva Glam MAC lipstick first hit stores back in 1994 with its inaugural shade: a bright red that became an instant success. Since then, several other colors have been added to the collection, making it one of MAC’s most extensive lines of cosmetics.

2. Every cent of its selling price goes towards charity

The concept behind Viva Glam is truly admirable: every single cent that the company makes from selling these lipsticks goes towards supporting people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. The initiative was launched by RuPaul Charles and K.D Lang as they believed that there was a need for social responsibility within the beauty industry.

3. Over $500 million has been raised for charity

Although every little bit helps, it’s essential to note just how much money Viva Glam has raised over the years; an impressive $500 million! The funds are donated to organizations that work tirelessly on preventing new cases of HIV/AIDS and improving access to treatment and care services.

4. Celebrity collaborations brought popularity
Over time, many high-profile celebrities joined forces with MAC Cosmetics to launch their own version of Viva Glam – each adding their unique twist to the famous formula. Famous names such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj were all involved in creating varying colors for this glamorous line – certainly bringing more attention and recognition towards the initiative!

5. It gives you long-lasting wear

Last but not least comes what matters most- gorgeous lips! Not only does Viva Glam deliver outstanding color payoff and shine glide-on feel, but it also lasts for hours without fading or bleeding – lasting even longer if you choose a matte finish. It’s simply one less thing to worry about during the day, no matter what your routine may be.

In conclusion, Viva Glam MAC lipstick is anything but an ordinary beauty product. It has become a symbol of hope and support while delivering stunning shades that suit everyone. So there you have it- 5 fun facts behind one of the most beloved lipsticks on the market!

The Origins and Evolution of Viva Glam MAC Lipstick: A Brief History

MAC’s Viva Glam lipstick collection is one of the most iconic and popular ranges of lipsticks in the beauty industry. The Viva Glam line has become a symbol of empowerment, activism, and inclusivity, but what is the origin story behind this legendary lipstick?

To understand the evolution of Viva Glam, we need to go back to 1994 when MAC first introduced its very first shade; a bold red inspired by RuPaul’s charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent – more commonly known as his iconic acronym: C.U.N.T.

From there on out, MAC Cosmetics found their voice in not only inspiring makeup artistry but creating meaningful experiences for those who expressed themselves through makeup.

The brand tapped a new celebrity every year to collaborate on creating an exclusive shade that would serve as part of their fundraising initiative. From Lady Gaga to Nicki Minaj to Ariana Grande and Sia – each celebrity brought their unique persona into the equation.

Despite being famous for over two decades now, Viva Glam never shies from raising awareness about issues that consistently marginalize voices around us. With 100% of all proceeds going towards men and women living with HIV/AIDS around the globe since its launch in 1994.

Another crucial factor which sets apart this campaign is its advocacy for gender-neutral products where beauty knows no boundaries or limitations. Hence anyone can wear it with pride.

In conclusion, MAC’s Viva Glam has evolved over time from just introducing bold lipsticks which added glamour quotient to taking social responsibility towards marginalized gender groups. It remains at its core all about individuality while making impactful change and allowing each of us glam lovers reason behind liking something unique while giving back to society at large- so it’s not just buying yet another lipstick but actually supporting a significant cause!

Real Women, Real Stories: Reviews and Testimonials of Viva Glam MAC Lipstick

Viva Glam MAC lipstick has become a cult favorite among makeup enthusiasts for years now. What sets it apart from other lipsticks in the market is its iconic shade, quality formula and most importantly, the social cause that it supports.

MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam campaign was launched in 1994 as a way to raise funds for people living with HIV/AIDS. Since then, MAC has donated over 0 million to various organizations through the sales of their limited edition Viva Glam products.

But does the lipstick live up to its hype? We went on a hunt for real women’s reviews and testimonials about their experience with Viva Glam lip products.

One user named Sarah shared, “I absolutely love my Viva Glam II Matte Lipstick! It’s my go-to lipstick now for any occasion because it’s such a beautiful neutral that I think looks great on anyone.” This pretty much sums up how versatile and universally flattering this shade is.

Another fan of Viva Glam wrote, “I’ve been using the Viva Glam III Satin Lipstick ever since I discovered it last year. The color is perfect if you’re looking for something that’s not too bold but still makes a statement.” The satin finish of this particular shade adds just the right amount of sheen and moisture to leave your lips looking soft and luscious.

Viva Glam IV Amplified Lipstick has also received high praise from customers. One raves: “This is one of my favorite lipstick shades ever – it’s basically like a warm red, making it perfect for everyday wear or something more formal.”

The quality of these lipsticks cannot be ignored either- as one satisfied customer attests. Jasmine says,”I love how creamy yet matte this lipstick feels; it provides excellent coverage without leaving my lips feeling dry.”

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for an everyday shade or something bolder for special occasions – there’s a Viva Glam lipstick for everyone. Not only will it make you feel confident and beautiful, but your purchase also contributes to an incredibly worthy cause; making Viva Glam MAC lipstick a true hero product in the beauty world.

Table with useful data:

Shade Name Description Finish Price
Viva Glam I Intense brownish blue red Matte $19
Viva Glam II Muted pink-beige with shimmer Satin $19
Viva Glam III Muted brownish-plum Matte $19
Viva Glam IV Muted pinkish-plum with shimmer Frost $19
Viva Glam V Neutral pink with pearl Lustre $19
Viva Glam VI Warm terracotta-plum with pearl Lustre $19

Information from an expert

As an expert in the cosmetics industry, I can confidently say that the Viva Glam Mac lipstick line is a must-have for any makeup collection. Not only does it provide long-lasting wear and intense pigmentation, but it also supports a great cause. Every penny earned from the sale of Viva Glam lipsticks goes towards helping those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. So not only will you look fabulous wearing this lipstick, but you’ll be making a positive impact in the world as well. Don’t wait any longer to try out this iconic shade – trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Historical fact:

In 1994, MAC Cosmetics launched their Viva Glam campaign featuring RuPaul as the first spokesperson. Proceeds from the sales of Viva Glam lipstick were donated to help those affected by HIV/AIDS, making it one of the first cosmetics campaigns to raise awareness and funds for a social cause.