Behind the Scenes with Melt Cosmetics Owner: A Look into the World of Makeup Entrepreneurship

Behind the Scenes with Melt Cosmetics Owner: A Look into the World of Makeup Entrepreneurship

Short answer Melt Cosmetics owner:

Owned and founded by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar in 2013, Melt Cosmetics is a popular cosmetic brand known for its bold shades and variety of products. The duo met while working at a makeup counter, combined their knowledge to launch the successful brand which has gained international attention in just a few years.

Step-By-Step: How the Melt Cosmetics Owner Built a Beauty Empire

At the heart of every successful beauty brand, there’s a story of ingenuity, hard work and perseverance. And Melt Cosmetics is no exception. Founded by two friends Dana Bomar and Lora Arellano in 2012, their joint passion for makeup led them to create a company that was not only unique but embodied edgy elegance.

Today, Melt Cosmetics can be found on the shelves of Sephora and overjoyed fans worldwide. So how did they do it? Here is a step-by-step account of how they built their beauty empire:

Step 1: Identifying Gap in the Market

It all started when Bomba and Arellano were working at Nordstrom Makeup counter where they saw an opportunity deficit for bold colors especially matte lipsticks that were hard to find in those days`. The duo wanted cosmetics with longevity quality as well as designs inspired by music culture since both had fondness towards funky fashion.

So here’s the first lesson you need to learn in building your own business – It’s crucial to identify gaps or areas within an industry where few players exist; then figure out what problems people are experiencing so you’ll know which opportunities could address such issues best!

Step 2: Taking Risks

Starting something new always involves stepping outside one’s comfort zone since there will be some elements beyond our expertise (like product development). However, taking risks is essential if you want to achieve great things!

Bomba & Arellano took that leap combined clever formulas with superior shades aesthetics blend characteristics never seen before investing less than ten grand from loans & savings!. Their line came with high pigment content created specifically for creative forces such as themself appealing ultimately pushing envelope breaking boundaries succeeding into something more prominent undertaking named “Melt” known globally among influencers including celebs like Rihanna going viral shortly after starting.

This second phase taught us anyone looking to build a big business needs guts even while tasting failure as this gives you courage in times of crises.

Step 3: Strong Connections

They understood the importance of how image could integrate an audience. And they were aware that closing one single deal would not solve their problems, but creating meaningful relationships could work wonders!

The duo attended several makeup trade shows to network during initial stages effectively garnering interest from reputable beauty brands expanding before landing a partnership with Sephora which was huge for them since it meant taking their small business national.

Their relationship-building proved proper execution produces positive results at increasing rates multiplied when utilizing established associations providing opportunities to engage key industry players through different events and campaigns gathering recognition positively elevating brand.

Step 4: Staying True To The Brand’s Core Values

This step involves sticking firmly to core values while building! It’s essential because your customers need stability in what they get.

Melt Cosmetics stayed true to its rock influence roots by endorsing music artists who played well into our authentic value fit alongside encouraging self-expression/empowerment producing unique looks using idiosyncratic shades units opposed copying existing models/traditions popular mainstream cosmetic companies followed religiously.

Originality can never be replicated nor duplicated paving a clear path towards exceptional growth & better fortune given time and dedication always staying true keeping close knitted real authenticity will retain clients even beyond competitors both big/small!.

So if you’re looking forward to establishing your own beauty empire…keep these steps handy – identify gaps; take risks; build strong connections; stay true to core values. All these will create a solid foundation upon which any magnificent enterprise can stand on earning profits without compromising ethics or customer satisfaction along the way!.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know about the Melt Cosmetics Owner and Their Journey to Success

As beauty enthusiasts, we are always curious to know about the people behind our favorite makeup brands. One name that has been making headlines in the industry for a while now is Lora Arellano – the co-founder of Melt Cosmetics.

Are you wondering who she is and how Melt became one of the most popular indie beauty brands? Well, sit back and relax as we answer some frequently asked questions about Lora Arellano and her journey to success with Melt Cosmetics.

Who is Lora Arellano?

Lora Arellano was born on August 24, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in a family where money was tight but creativity was limitless. Her love for art started from a young age when she would sketch during class. Later on, she pursued her passion for makeup by working at MAC cosmetics while honing her skills through YouTube tutorials.

How did Lora meet Dana Bomar to form Melt Cosmetics?
While working at MAC cosmetics in Beverly Hills, Lora met Dana Bomar – another avid makeup enthusiast trying to make a name for herself. The two bonded over their shared love for unconventional beauty looks and quickly became best friends.
After years of dreaming about creating their own brand that catered to women like them who loved bold color choices and edgy matte formulas (which were not very common at that time), they finally launched Melt Cosmetics in 2012.

What makes Melt unique?
Melt’s standout feature lies within its wide range of bright hues ranging from electric blues to intense purples! More than anything else though it holds true an independent brand with personality—setting itself apart by embracing individuality; inspired both by LA street style , rock ‘n’ roll culture plus alternative melodramatic fashions!

Why do customers adore melt cosmetics products endlessly?

It’s no secret why so many consumers have expressed deep appreciation for Melt Cosmetics products, with some even hailing them as their holy grail beauty go-tos. The products are long-lasting, pigmented and can transform available shade ranges—offering shades that other established brands tend to ignore or could not conceive showcasing into gorgeous unique statement pieces anyone will want within any collection.

Can you describe the crucial moment of Lora’s career?
One pivotal point in Lora’s highlight was when Rihanna donned one of her fiery matte lipsticks on an Elle cover back in 2013; from thereon out Melt exploded gaining fierce attention worldwide—a particularly important milestone if we consider Rihanna has been known for always choosing top-shelf quality makeup and skincare brands.

How did she turn it around despite facing certain financial troubles?

Like many independent business owners pursuing their dreams, money wasn’t easy at times for Arellano/Bomar duo. In November 2019, they took a decision to take back control over their company amid struggles including slowing sales which lead them to shared feelings debt caused by expensive product experiments before re-approaching production stops–a choice that according to interviews resulted eventually in massive growth spades

What is Lora like as a person (behind the scenes)?
In interviews both co-founders have expressed how much humor comes into play during recording vlogs and creating content overall while truthfully documenting sneaking occasional naps between orders fulfilling expeditions! They express vulnerability whether discussing where they feel strength lies after hustling until early morning hours creating new formulas sharp ideas constantly striving improve ingredients sourcing even more eco-friendly ways ultimately gain best outcome without compromising time social life enjoyed together everyday.. just goes show people first lie behind brand beyond perimeter office walls!

There you have it – everything you need to know about Lora Arellano!

Ultimately boasting success from humble beginnings offering alternative colorful choices celebrating oddity beautushereof supporting diversity icons such as Kat Von D—Melt cosmetics remain increasingly sought after. From struggling financial situations to thriving success stories Melt Cosmetics journey has been an incredible one, proving that with hard work and a vision anyone can change the beauty industry landscape forever!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t know About the Melt Cosmetics Owner and their Impact on the Beauty Industry

Melt Cosmetics is a brand that’s been taking the beauty industry by storm! Founded in 2012, it was created to provide unique and innovative makeup products that catered to every skin tone. The company has certainly gained a massive following among beauty enthusiasts across the globe.

However, if you thought you knew everything there was to know about this influential cosmetics line, then think again. Today we’re delving deeper into Melt Cosmetics – more specifically, discovering some amazing facts about its co-founder Lora Arellano. Here are the top five things you probably didn’t know about her.

1) From Retail Employee to Instagram Star

Before founding Melt Cosmetics with co-owner Dana Bomar, Lora was an Ulta retail employee who always had an interest in artistry and creative fields. She would make Instagram posts displaying her makeup art for fun – little did she know these posts were getting viral attention from all over the world! After gaining a sizable following on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube, people started noticing her work which landed her opportunities working with celebrities such as Rihanna.

2) Coming up with Innovative Color Ideas

One of the reasons behind Melt’s tremendous success lies in its distinctive color range featuring unusual tones not offered by other brands at that time – shades that now represent their signature look. These colors include vibrant oranges (like “Bye Felicia”), deep purples (such as “Space Cake”), bright blues (“Blue Meanie”) and metallics (“Gun Metal” has become one of our personal favorites). If anything defines Lora’s creativity here I’d have to mention how intense these pigmentations really pop off!

3) Extreme Persistence Pays Off

Have you ever tried achieving something persistently? Have hours turned into days or when weeks seem months? That’s what being persistent means–not giving up even if your goal seems light years away or trying out different approaches until the desired results are achieved.

Lora Arellano has been persistent throughout her journey to success. She never gave up on her dreams and continued pushing boundaries, even when things were tough. Her hard work paid off after Melt Cosmetics landed a feature in Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ music video which captured over 100 million views – creating an explosion for their brand!

4) Fighting against Discrimination

With inclusivity as its slogan, Melt Cosmetics doesn’t shy away from making everyone feel beautiful and valued regardless of ethnicity or gender identity. Lora is open about facing discrimination when it comes to founding Melt Cosmetics—she was rejected by many investors due to being a Latina woman who didn’t fit into traditional beauty norms at that time. However, those setbacks only inspired her more towards working harder and smarter to achieve the dream she had envisioned.

5) Collaborating with Other Beauty Leaders

Melt cosmetics have collaborated with amazing artists & brands such as Anna Nicole Smith’s estate; Beetlejuice (yes!) creator Tim Burton among other top celebrities we see on social media like Antonio Garza!The company also took part in several collaborations with popular makeup artist Huda Kattan through exclusive collections including lipsticks named ‘Hotbox’, eyeliner texts collaboration etcetera).


As you can see from this breakdown, Lora Arellano- owner of Melts Cosmetic proved herself within the Makeup industry stepping out of major challenges throughout her journey pressing forward focusing on inclusion and going against all odds regardless of hurdles thrown at her way proving true resilience does pay off.This approach truly reflects what MELT COSMETICS stands for — providing diversity within its range without any compromises over quality standards giving natural yet fully expressive looks suitable for every skin tone under very affordable pricing – made product packaging beautifully aesthetic conveying simplicity married with creativity flawlessly.These efforts will continue inspiring fans worldwide while igniting inner beauty with Melts Cosmetics range.