Beauty Beyond the Stage: Exploring Whitney Houston’s Iconic Cosmetics Line

Beauty Beyond the Stage: Exploring Whitney Houston’s Iconic Cosmetics Line

Short answer: Whitney Houston created her own cosmetics line called “Whitney” in the mid-90s, which included lipsticks and fragrances.

Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Whitney Houston’s Signature Look with Her Cosmetics Line

Whitney Houston was a legendary singer, actress and fashion icon who set the standard for beauty trends in the 80s and 90s. From her timeless music to her iconic looks, Whitney had it all – including her own cosmetics brand that aimed to capture her signature style. If you’re looking to achieve Whitney’s signature look using her makeup line, then this step-by-step guide is just what you need!

Step One: Smooth Base

To begin with achieving Whitney’s signature look, start off by prepping your skin well with a moisturizer. Apply a primer across your face followed by concealer for dark circles or blemishes over noticeable areas of concern using the Whitné K.C. Perfect Coverage Concealer.

Step Two: Bold Brows

A bold brow enhances any facial feature adds ample depth into an individual’s appearance. Use brush strokes along its natural shape with an eyebrow pencil from Silk Premium Angled Brow Pencil to highlight and darken them up accordingly based on preference.

Step Three: Sultry Eyes

Whitney’s eyes were always sultry yet subtle at the same time as they spoke volumes up upon first sight. To get those dreamy eyes use Shadowstick Matte Eyeshadow Stick-Golden Girl either alone or layering products such as eyeshadow palettes like The PAWPAW Collection s’Paw paw Palette – Cranberries & Cream or Hint of Lavender palette depending on mood/thematic occasions.

Step Four: Radiant Cheeks

Creating warmth on cheeks allows every individual complexion stand out loud just like how Whitney radiated vibrance through hers.Backstage Glow Highlighting Face Powder aids in not enhancing the cheekbones only but also highlighting other high points especially nose bridge down towards cupid bow above lips; giving more glow throughout whole face altogether brilliantly improved finish.

Step Five: Luscious Lips

Finally top off full look applying lipstick colors of choice from the Whitné K.C. collection like Peach Fuzz Matte Lipstick, a peachy shade for days when you want to keep low-key or Diva Red Matte Lipstick, adds an explosive vibe everytime onlookers will glance your way.

To wrap it up, follow these step-by-step instructions and achieve Whitney’s signature look using her cosmetics line that embodies gracefulness and confidence which are significant traits of every woman all whilst giving yourself little extra boost mentally towards radiating light in whichever avenue built on feminine greatness lies ahead!

Whitney Houston Cosmetics: Your FAQs Answered

Welcome to the world of Whitney Houston Cosmetics – a brand that is taking the beauty industry by storm with its high-quality, innovative products. With so much buzz surrounding this exciting new venture, it’s no surprise that you may have some questions about what sets it apart from other beauty brands on the market today. In this blog post, we’ll be answering all your most pressing questions about Whitney Houston Cosmetics including product offerings and company ethos.

1) What inspired the creation of the Whitney Houston Cosmetics brand?

As an iconic singer and actress in her lifetime, Whitney Houston always had an interest in fashion and style – especially when it came to her makeup looks on stage and screen. It was important for us as a team behind the cosmetics line to honor her legacy through creating something truly special – a beauty range that is authentic to who she was while ensuring that every woman can enjoy these exceptional products.

2) What types of products does Whitney Houston Cosmetics offer?

Our brand offers a wide selection of premium quality cosmetic items designed for women who want their skin looking flawless everyday. Some popular examples include our Peach Wet & Dry Liquid Foundation which provides buildable coverage without caking or settling into fine lines; our luxurious Creamy Matte Lipsticks available in several gorgeous shades created specifically for various skin tones; And lastly, our ultra-rich Vitamin E infused Eyeshadow Palette featuring top-selling colours ranging from natural nudes , smoky browns , trendy metallics perfect for any occasion!

3) What makes Whitney Houston Cosmetics different from other makeup brands?

What really sets us apart at WHC are not only our beautiful formulas but also deliberate shade pairing across our local line up! We understand every skin tone should feel acknowledged in terms of colour choice aspirations.We apply expert knowledge too in order showcase how each item works together (e.g eye shadow transitioning). Furthermore another aspect unique about us- our core beliefs lie firmly within educating women on the importance of their overall wellbeing and self-care habits. We provide resources such as mini wellness guides to help our customers learn about taking care of themselves through balanced nutrition, mindfulness exercises, and other daily routines.

4) Does Whitney Houston Cosmetics cater for vegan or cruelty-free skincares?

Yes – we take pride in offering a range of skincare options that are not only 100% vegan but also free from animal testing.Thankfully with new technology advancements over recent years it’s completely possible to develop outstanding product formulas within those guidelines which deliver stunning results.The fact remains – nothing should be done at the expense of any living creatures’ health and livelihoods.

5) Is Whitney Houston Cosmetics affordable?

Our line does indeed come under “luxury price points” in terms of what consumers may have seen before however you get what you pay for! Our products are indeed high quality and carefully formulated by some awesome chemists, but what really sets us apart is multiple shade offerings across skin tones meaning none feel left out. Hence being an investment-our collection lasts longer than much cheaper drugstore options because they’re made to layer beautifully-meaning less product unnecessary waste (and more money saved).

In conclusion, the Whitney Houston Cosmetic brand has quickly become one that people all around the world can’t stop talking about. With its unique blend of luxury ingredients , mind-bodywork guidance promoting general wellbeing, paired expertly with inspirational messaging surrounding inclusivity-whencosmetic choices must be individualized-for flawless empowerment . Here’s hoping this blog post clears up any questions you may have had about this exciting company so that you can confidently try every item without hesitation xoxo

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Whitney Houston’s Beloved Cosmetics Line

Whitney Houston was a global icon, from her chart-topping music to her powerhouse performances on the big screen. But did you know that she also had her own line of cosmetics? Yes, Whitney Houston’s cosmetics line is still beloved and cherished by many fans worldwide.

Here are some fascinating facts about this iconic brand that you may not have known:

1. The Line Was Mostly Lipsticks
While most celebrity beauty brands focus on creating an entire range of makeup products for their customers, Whitney’s brand mainly focused on lipsticks. That’s right! The brand only released four lipsticks in various shades but managed to make thousands of women around the world happy and stylish with them.

2. Her Cosmetics Brand Was One Of The First Celebrity Beauty Brands
Today it seems like almost every celebrity has their own line of cosmetics or skincare products. However, back when Whitney’s cosmetic line first launched in 1984, it was considered one of the earliest examples of a “celebrity-branded” product.

3. It Incorporates Some Trademark Symbols From Her Music Career
One thing that sets Whitney Houston’s packaging apart from other cosmetic products is its logo design: A musical notation enclosed in a square which signifies that they were created by someone very musically inclined!

4. Men Loved Using Them Too!
When thinking about who might be interested in buying lipstick made by Whitney Houston or any female icons could easily lead us to conclude mostly toward women being attracted towards such products; however surprisingly men didn’t shy away either – with some proudly confirming their favorite shade TLM (Too Many Lovers)!

5.Its popularity lasted decades after its launch In 1984.
Houston‘s cosmetic merchandise remained highly sought-after years even after sales ended–becoming something nostalgic for die-hard admirers throughout time—undoubtedly indicating how deep our connection can go with things related to those we love

In conclusion, as far as beauty products go, Whitney Houston’s line was relatively modest – but its impact on the world of celebrity branded product lines certainly can’t be underestimated. So there you have it! A few little-known facts about one of the most iconic cosmetics brands in history created by a true legend in her field (pun intended).