Unlock the Secrets of DBD All Year of Tiger Cosmetics: A Personal Story and Data-Driven Guide [2021]

Unlock the Secrets of DBD All Year of Tiger Cosmetics: A Personal Story and Data-Driven Guide [2021]

What is dbd all year of tiger cosmetics

dbd all year of tiger cosmetics is a collection of cosmetic items for the popular multiplayer game Dead by Daylight. This set features various themed elements inspired by tigers and includes exclusive outfits, charms, weapon skins, and more.

  • The All Year of Tiger Cosmetics bundle was introduced on November 19th, 2019.
  • This collection includes unique offerings such as the “Siberian Huntress” outfit for The Huntress killer and “King Of Predators” charm for survivors.

How to Unlock and Use DBD All Year of Tiger Cosmetics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dead by Daylight (DBD), the popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, is known for its plethora of cosmetics that allow players to customize their favorite characters. Among these cosmetics are limited edition sets themed after various zodiac signs. The Year of the Tiger set was recently released in celebration of Chinese New Year and features exclusive items for Meg Thomas, namely her hair, a jacket, and pants.

However, what some players may not know is that it’s possible to unlock this cosmetic set all year round! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

Step 1: Purchase Auric Cells

Auric Cells are one of DBD’s two currencies; they’re used to purchase premium shop items like skins and outfits. To buy the tiger-themed Meg outfit outside of Chinese New Year celebrations – which only occur during January or February- you’ll need to disburse some Auric cells.

To get hold of them there are three ways:
• Buy them from the console store.
• Pass multiple tiers in Dead by Daylight’s Battle Pass system.
• Complete challenges through Twitch drops hosted via official broadcasters.

Whichever method you choose will yield a specific number consistent with their monetary value when converted into real money ($0.01 Auri Cell = $0.01 USD).

Step 2: Navigate Shop Interface

The next stage is accessing Meg’s customized appearance menu screen where the YOT (Year Of The Tiger) bundle can be purchased using your auric cells!

Go over to “Character” -> “Meg Thomas.” From here go down until reaching “Outfits.” This page lists every single Meg outfit available for purchase – including special licensed ones if any have been made available at time-of-searching TO NOTE DOWN TOO

Step 3: Select ‘YOT’ Outfit Bundle

Once having found yourself looking at every skin/dress/outfit there is nothing left but browsing back up towards the “Outfits” menu by clicking on it again.

Now select the Year of The Tiger cosmetic bundle amidst all the other choices available!

Step 4: Dress Meg up!

Having processed your Auric Cell payment, you will receive a notification followed by Meg being kitted out in tiger-themed clothes ready for use when Playing as her!

Enjoy sporting yout new awesome outfit from January through to December and enjoy getting envied by others players whilst enjoying playing DBD!

DBD All Year of Tiger Cosmetics: Your FAQs Answered

Dead by Daylight has always been known for its iconic killers and survivors, but what really sets the game apart is its cosmetic options. With the recent release of the All Year of Tiger Cosmetics, players are excited to spice up their gameplay with some new looks. However, before you dive into purchasing these cosmetics, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

What are the All Year of Tiger Cosmetics?

The All Year of Tiger Cosmetics pack includes exclusive cosmetic items such as outfits, weapon skins and charms for several characters in Dead by Daylight. These cosmetics were released as part of the game‘s Lunar New Year event in 2021 and have since become popular among players seeking unique designs.

Who can use them?

Any player who owns Dead by Daylight can purchase and utilize these cosmetics regardless if they are a killer or survivor main. Just be sure that your character has already been unlocked!

Do they offer any benefits besides aesthetics?

Nope! The All Year of Tigers exclusively serve fashion purposes only – which is great news if you’re all about showing off your hard work without compromising on performance.

How do I get my hands on them?

You’ll find numerous ways to obtain these stunning designs – either purchase them through Steam store or try participating in occasional giveaways hosted by Dead By Daylight official accounts

Can I mix-and-match different pieces from this collection with other previously-released outfits/items?

Absolutely! This is often one of the best ways to get creative when using multiple skin elements available within DBD’s extensive customization system offers endless opportunities to combine clothing articles however you see fit; giving more individuality within competitive play whilst adding personality beyond just selecting stock-standard outfits every round.

Are there any limited-time availability limitations whatsoever regarding these items – Do not hesitate: snap ’em up today!”

While we cannot say for certain whether or not additional supplies will be added beyond initial stock run out date yet given popularity towards YOT cosmetics, we suggest acting fast and purchasing your goodies today!

In any case, All Year of Tiger cosmetics are an excellent addition to Dead by Daylight – not only for their individuality and tremendous creativity but also because they showcase intentional inclusivity. Additionally it is worth noting that these skins allow players from all walks, ethnicities & cultures alike celebrate Lunar New Year festivities in game – which goes beyond the general notion of what games can provide as a form of fun entertainment.

Dead by Daylight’s focus on inclusion plays a massive role in helping break down toxic perceptions within gaming culture and reinforces the idea that people should be valued regardless of background or appearance. Showcase your support towards DBD’s ethos while boasting unique style with the All Year of Tiger Collection!

Top 5 Facts About DBD All Year of Tiger Cosmetics You Need to Know

Dead by Daylight is a thrilling game that puts players in the middle of survival-horror gameplay. From its inception, Dead by Daylight has been one of the most played games all over the world thanks to its captivating storyline that blends horror with action. One of the standout elements about this thrilling game is their wide range of cosmetics! Cosmetics are so important because they give your player character unique and personalized features such as outfits, accessories, patterns among many others.

Today we’re going to discuss the top 5 facts you need to know about DBD All Year Of Tiger Cosmetics offers!

Fact 1: Available Only for a Limited Time

The first fact that you should know about DBD All Year Of Tiger cosmetics is that they are only available for a limited time. If being distinctive or different from other players interests you don’t hesitate longer – grab them before it’s too late!

These items were released on February 12th (the Lunar New year) and will be available until March 4th at 11AM EST. That means if you haven’t already grabbed these items then don’t wait another second more – rush into-game now before it’s too late!

Fact 2: Comprises Four Items

DBD All Year Of Tiger collection comprises two new killer skins and two survivor outfits which gives an amazing look to your characters! The killer skins include The Oni outfit called “Roaring blood thirst” And Nightmare named “Raging Bull Call”. Meanwhile survivors can enjoy Imperial Dragon outfit called “Golden Symbolic Pearl” & Zodiac Dog called “Mountain Life”.

Each item includes various customizations piece included with animations featured along crazy music score per exclusive costume respectively designed according to each ones concept.

Fact 3: Inspired By Chinese Culture

In case wondering why tigers seem like perfect subject matter choose, well there’s reason behind it…

Chinese culture associates Tigers with bravery and strength; traits highly praised in everyday life and games alike. The entire collection of All Year Of Tiger centered around this idea which not only look incredible but also honours Chinese festivities during the Lunar New year season.

Fact 4: Butchers Hook Returns + Claw Marks Cosmetics

Dead by Daylight arrives on PC with an ultimate new downloadable content pack that includes Butcher’s hook; a must-have for dbd players! As well as “Claw Marks” cosmetics, you’ll be able to grab exclusive skins inspired from various creatures throughout history such as Dragon, Werewolf & Pterodactyl!

While these are common themes found elsewhere across popular culture nowadays – bringing fresh takes onto classic horror tropes is something that Dead By Daylight has always excelled at.

Fact 5: Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Finally, it’s important to note that DBD All Year Of Tiger cosmetics coincide with one of the biggest festivity all over Asia –Lunar New Year. In keeping with good traditions like family reunions, grand feasts full of traditional dishes among other customs; we’re absolutely thrilled to celebrate this festival (for those unfamiliar) along with our Chinese gamers!

In conclusion…

DBD became famous thanks to its thrilling gameplay mechanics and immersive storyline which all lead into creating great gaming experience for fans worldwide. These cosmetic items serve as wonderful additions enabling players further personalization options when it comes down altering features of their character models…and what better way than acknowledging perhaps one of most anticipated events celebrated globally? Celebrate Lunar New year withing the realm of DBD and showcase your fighting spirit by creating killer combos using coolest tiger-centric costumes!

From T-Shirts to Tattoos: Exploring the Range of DBD All Year of Tiger Cosmetics

For all the makeup and tattoo enthusiasts out there, have you heard of DBD All Year of Tiger cosmetics? If not, then get ready to dive into a range of products that will pique your interest!

DBD All Year of Tiger is an Australian-based cosmetic brand that specializes in bringing exceptional quality makeup, skincare, and other beauty essentials. Their mission is to celebrate diversity through mastering individual identities.

One thing that sets this brand apart from others in the ever-growing industry is its ability to think outside of the box by offering more than just traditional makeup products. From colorful t-shirts with striking designs to temporary tattoos meant to adorn your skin – this company offers versatile options for anyone looking to experiment with their style or add a unique touch to their look.

The T-Shirts:

If bold graphic tees are what you’re after, look no further! The T-shirt collection presented by DBD offers different eye-catching designs created by artistic minds. When it comes down to material choice; you won’t be disappointed as they carefully select 100% soft cotton blends which leaves customers feeling comfortable while making fashion statements at gatherings or social events.

The Tattoos:

For those who adore adding temporary art on their bodies but dislike needing ink needles for permanent fixtures – DBD has gotcha covered! You can choose between mesmerizing metallic shades accompanied by stunning animal prints like dragonflies and butterflies or amazing vibrant colors influenced by floral themes — They’ve crafted these stunning designs so people can flaunt them anywhere anytime without worrying about permanent commitments. Almost everyone considers becoming edgy once in a while though hesitant due extreme costs associated with permanent engraving procedures also some folks worry if they’ll still love a design years within opting for one- We understand these challenges altogether well and our creative personnel work relentlessly towards meeting varied needs in every possible way.


In conclusion: Whether you’re seeking something bold yet fashionable such as stylish graphic Tees inspiring diverse features or temporary tattoos with intricate designs appealing, DBD All Year of Tiger has something for everyone! So don’t wait around any longer – check out their unique collection today and start enjoying the transforming effects of these products. It’s time to make bold statements, embrace personal style and unleash your inner creativity with DBD.

Getting Creative with DBD All Year of Tiger Cosmetics: Tips and Tricks

Dead by Daylight (DBD) is a game that requires strategy, patience, and creativity to survive. As you progress through the game, you may find yourself wanting to switch up your survivor’s look with some new cosmetics. The Year of Tiger collection offers unique options for players looking to stand out from the crowd.

But why settle for just changing your outfit when you can also get creative with how you play? Here are some tips and tricks on how to style your DBD gameplay using the Year of Tiger cosmetics:

1. Use Feng Min’s “Tiger Claw” Fingerless Gloves

Feng Min’s “Tiger Claw” fingerless gloves not only add a cool edge to her look but also give her an advantage in chases. These gloves reduce Jin Jingling’s exhaustion rate while sprinting by 5%. This means she can run longer and faster during those crucial moments where she needs to escape a killer’s grasp.

2. Experiment With Yui Kimura’s “Lionheart Racing Suit”

Yui Kimura’s “Lionheart Racing Suit” not only looks great but provides some practical benefits too! When equipped with this outfit, survivors will receive a speed burst after repairing a generator completion once per match – giving them an immediate way out if they’re caught off guard!

3. Pair Meg Thomas’ “Gilded Jungle” Outfit With DJ Boots

Looking for that extra edge in stealthy situations? Meg Thomas’ “Gilded Jungle” outfit paired with Dj boots could be just what you need! These boots add the ability to move almost silently when crouch-walking around the map – making it easy to sneak up behind killers or evade their line of sight entirely!

4. Be Bold With Kate Denson’s Entire ‘Year Of The Tiger’ Collection’

Kate Denson has one of the most impressive collections in Dead by Daylight so far; combining boldly designed outfits like her ‘Tigeress’ outfit with a wide assortment of accessories and hairstyles. Choose from options like her tiger print hat, bright pink hair ties, or edgy piercings – you’re bound to find something to suit your style!

In conclusion, there’s much more to DBD than simply surviving the Entity’s wrath! By getting creative with Year of Tiger cosmetics and experimenting with new strategies in every game mode available, you can enhance your gameplay experience and have fun doing it! So embrace these tips and tricks when playing Dead by Daylight- who knows where they may lead?

Embracing the Jungle with DBD All Year of Tiger Cosmetics: Tips for Your Next Game

Dead By Daylight (DBD) has gained a massive following of dedicated players from all around the globe. Players have become infatuated with this brutal, intense horror game that demands strategic thinking and quick reflexes – hence why tips for the game are always immensely sought-after.

But what if there were more to the game than just its chilling horrors? You heard it right; we’re talking about cosmetics! Become an apex predator in your next match by flaunting some killer style thanks to DBD’s All Year Of The Tiger Cosmetics line.

Embracing the jungle is now possible thanks to these stunning cosmetics inspired by tigers – their bold black stripes contrasting against striking golds make for fierce additions to any player’s collection. Proclaim your mastery over the survivors with Tip-toe Tabby, while Nian Spring provides you with an auspicious start towards victory!

For those already enjoying frequent successes within Dead By Daylight but would like to add a new dimension of impressiveness onto it, consider trying out one of this year’s hottest trends: novelty makeup looks matched up specifically according to each character’s unique design. Get into character as Feng Min with sparkling snowflakes on snow-white skin or capture David King’s gruff identity using charcoal grey shadows for smoky eyes.

It cannot be overstated just how much even small details can do when making you stand out amidst hordes of other aspiring killers out there! Incorporating solid sets such as Hallowed Blight’s in-built music box soundtrack complements different atmospheres magnificently should disaster ever strike mid-character select screen deliberations whilst mixing-and-matching.

Finally embracing the wild side via effective storytelling techniques don’t only come through options presented in-game alone—enrich gameplay immersion beyond measure through extending thematic narratives across cosmétiques outside setting scenes themselves so realistic they almost seem part-in-parcel integrated directly without strangeness remaining noticeable unlike counterparts who merely slap on templates wholesale. DBD’s All Year Of The Tiger Cosmetics—so realistic, they may even outdo real tigers themselves.

In conclusion: don’t hesitate to unleash your inner tiger and showcase a little animalistic dominance with either of these absolutely stunning cosmetics, so expertly crafted that they would have you fully immersed within the jungle at first glance alone! With our cosmetic tips under your belt, we’re confident in seeing how players can further integrate delightful touches – every game is another opportunity to conquer – both survivors and fashion alike.

Table with useful data:

Product Name Description Price Availability
Tiger Face Paint Non-toxic, water-based face paint for creating tiger makeup looks $10.99 In Stock
Tiger Eye Shadow Palette A collection of 12 shades, ranging from warm neutrals to bold oranges and browns $34.99 Out of Stock
Tiger Stripe Nail Wraps Easy-to-apply nail wraps with a bold, tiger stripe pattern $6.99 In Stock
Tiger Print Scarf A soft, lightweight scarf with a playful tiger print $19.99 In Stock
Tiger Stripe Hair Clip A statement hair accessory with a bold tiger stripe pattern $5.99 In Stock

Information from an expert: As a beauty industry professional, I can confidently say that the DBD All Year of Tiger cosmetics line is a standout collection. Not only does it feature bold and unique packaging inspired by the Chinese zodiac sign, but the products themselves are also high-quality and versatile. From the pigmented eyeshadow palettes to long-lasting lip tints, these cosmetics are perfect for anyone looking to up their makeup game with fun yet sophisticated options. With this collection on your vanity, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Historical fact:

The use of cosmetics by the people born in the year of Tiger has been a part of Chinese history since ancient times, with records dating back to over 2000 years ago.