Discover the Iconic Whitney Houston Mac Cosmetics Collection: A Story of Beauty and Legacy [Complete Guide with Stats and Tips]

Discover the Iconic Whitney Houston Mac Cosmetics Collection: A Story of Beauty and Legacy [Complete Guide with Stats and Tips]

What is Whitney Houston Mac Cosmetics?

Whitney Houston Mac Cosmetics; is a limited edition collection created in collaboration with the estate of late pop icon, Whitney Houston.

  • This line features products inspired by Whitney’s classic beauty looks and includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, and face powders.
  • The packaging also pays tribute to Whitney with images of her on the products.

How to Achieve Whitney Houston’s Signature Look with MAC Cosmetics

Whitney Houston was not just a music icon but also known for her impeccable style and beauty. Her signature look is still inspiring millions today, and many makeup enthusiasts are eager to learn how they can achieve it using MAC Cosmetics. So, if you’re someone who adores Whitney’s iconic makeup looks, then this blog post will guide you towards achieving her signature look with ease.

The first and foremost step in recreating Whitney Houston’s iconic makeup is perfecting the base. For that flawless complexion, start with prepping your skin using an appropriate primer like “Prep + Prime Natural Radiance” from MAC cosmetics. This primer helps to even out the texture of your skin while giving a healthy glow underneath foundation. It also ensures longevity by controlling oil production throughout the day.

Next up comes the most crucial aspect of any good makeup look – Foundation! You can get that smooth coverage ala-Whtiney by using Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 from MAC Cosmetics which provides medium-to-full coverage without feeling heavy or mask-like on the skin. It’s versatile enough to blend well into every skin tone while leaving it looking naturally polished at its best.

Once you’ve got that base covered, move on to developing those gorgeous cheekbones which were one of Whitney’s standout features too so don’t let them go unnoticed! In order to recreate her flattering contour effect use Powder Blush Harmony adding definition back into areas of your face where shadows may have been lost before blending everything flawlessly together until there are no harsh lines left behind such as temples- sides of nose-chin line etc.).

To create that mesmerizing smokey-eye make-up look beloved by both Shannon Doherty on charmed and our dear late Ms.Houston herself; opt for high-quality EyeShadow Pallette Amber Times Nine that offer luxurious raised surfaces richly packed pigmentation for sultry night-time shades paired alongside muted daytime colors—shade named “Charcoal Brown” dominates in this Palette.

Now take “Blacktrack” a fluid line gel eyeliner from MAC cosmetics which is water-resistant and long-lasting. This makeup item glides onto your eyelids beautifully with precision, accentuating the shape of your eye just like Whitney’s on her “I Wanna Dance With Somebody Video”, topping it off with Haute & Naughty Lash—a waterproof mascara formula that makes lashes impossibly thick perfect control over application!

Finally, it would be difficult to achieve Whitney Houston’s signature look without the use of a stunning lip color. To get that confident pout-like as beloved by Ms.Houston herself try out Ruby Woo Lipstick from MAC Cosmetics- matte texture offers flawless coverage while strikingly bold red tone encapsulates glamour personified simplicity mixed tastefully with elegance.

In conclusion, achieving Whitney Houston’s Signature Look could never have been easier than following these simple steps: prep + prime natural radiance primer – studio fix Fluid SPF 15 foundation powder blush harmony Eye Shadow Pallette Amber Times Nine Black Track fluidline gel eyeliner Haute & Naughty Waterproof Mascara—smudge-free lipstick!

So there you go – follow these straightforward tips for recreating one of music history’s most recognized beautiful faces all thanks to MAC Makeup products. Use them wisely and experiment until you’re more comfortable understanding how each helps contribute towards bringing forth Mrs.Whitney Elizabeth Houston at their absolute best!

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Recreating Whitney Houston’s Smokey Eye with MAC Cosmetics

Whitney Houston wasn’t just an incredible vocalist but was also admired for her stunning beauty and iconic makeup looks. One of the styles that stand out is her smokey eye look, which has been recreated by many makeup enthusiasts over the years.

If you’ve ever wondered how to recreate Whitney’s famous smokey eye using MAC cosmetics, then we’ve got you covered! In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you on how to achieve a classic yet modern smokey eye with ease.

Step 1: Prepping Your Eyes
Start by prepping your lids with MAC Prep + Prime Eye primer. This ensures that your eyeshadow stays put throughout the day and prevents creasing. Using a fluffy brush or your ring finger work it into your eyelids.

Step 2: Apply The Base Shade
Next, apply a light-colored shade such as ‘Brule’ from the MAC Cosmetics palette all over your lid up until under the brow bone with a flat shadow brush (We recommend Combo Pack Makeup Brushes). This will serve as your base color and helps blend other shades seamlessly.

Step 3: Build Up Color
To create depth in your eyes start blending ‘Saddle’ matte brown eyeshadow onto the crease of our eyes area while carrying down around the outer corner of our lower lash line too- You can bump up some intensity on Eye Shadow Brush if needed
Move upwards towards where eyebrows end creating slightly winged shape

Using Smudger Brush add “Mystery” toward inner corner not exceeding more than half way through because here things are going to get interesting

Step 4 : Create Dimension With Darker Shades:
Now it’s time to amp things up! Start layering “Carbon” deep silvery black glitter pigment generously along upper third eyelid above previously used shadows .Add bit help with Medium Angled Shading Brush building darkness near outer corners till you have created desirable amount of depth in this area.

Using Eye Shader Brush apply “Nylon” inner corner close to tear duct making sure it meets other shadow used before.

Step 5: Perfecting the Blending
Blend, blend and blend! Use a blending brush like ‘217’ by MAC Cosmetics to seamlessly diffuse any harsh lines between colors while softening edges for an overall smoother look.

Step 6: Add Lashes To Enhance Look
For that finishing touch- applying falsies is essential because why settle for less when you can have more? Pick your favorite style; Gold Dust lashes from Velour are perfect complement for this look.
After placing them, Liner Pen will be helpful get things cleaned up with regards glue residue

Step 7: Finish With Brows And Lips
Lastly, complete the final touches by grooming brows with Fluid line Brow Gelcreme “Dirty Blonde” or “Redhead,” add some mascara on lower lash line may also make eyes pop then choose simple lip hue so attention remains on our prized Smoky Eyes – such as nude toned lipstick Velvet Teddy followed by Dazzleglass Thinly Veiled

Now that you’ve got all steps down pat remember don’t hesitate take selfie or two and share your stunning portrait proud knowing your recreated one of Whitney Houston’s legendary makeup looks just how she would’ve worn it herself- Bold Glamorous Sex Appeal.

FAQs About the Whitney Houston x MAC Cosmetics Collection

MAC Cosmetics, in collaboration with the Estate of Whitney Houston, has launched a limited edition makeup collection that celebrates the iconic singer’s timeless beauty and style. The range offers a perfect blend of bold, vibrant hues and classic neutrals inspired by Whitney Houston’s personal beauty regimen.

But as with any new product launch, people have questions. We’ve compiled some FAQs about this exciting new collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and the legendary diva herself.

1) Who is behind the creation of this fabulous collection?

MAC has joined forces with Whitney Houston’s estate to bring her signature look to life through vivid colors and luxurious textures.

2) What does the collection include?

The Whitney Houston x MAC Collection features an array of glamorous products tailored specifically for fans who love incorporating music in their everyday lives- lipsticks, eyeliner pencils, blushes duo compacts & more!

3) What can be expected from these shades?

“Shimmering Sunset” bronzers are blended beautifully to give you all-day radiance while velvety smooth “Who would Imagine?” red lipstick aims at leaving lasting impressions. Other hero pieces include “Eye Opener” mascara on one side which adds lengthening full-body coverage and matte jet-black liner on other providing smudge-free definition.

4) Will there be any restrictions on where it can be purchased or shipped to?

The line will be available exclusively online as well as select department stores across North America so anyone interested won’t have trouble getting ahold of them regardless if they’re shipping domestically or internationally outside US borders

5) Are there favorite items within this release??

While we love everything showstopping formula that ‘Queen Of Night’ Eye Shadow Palette rocks would definitely double-take effects especially when paired alongside plush Feel My Love Frost Lipstick adding deep crimson undertones – It’s sure difficult picking just one!

6. Which unique selling point do these cosmetics offer than others don’t ?

Besides being an ode to Diva herself, cosmetics are charged up with best quality metallic pigments allowing each shade deliver purest finish while aluminum enhanced looks make sure they never fade away even in the most adverse scenarios.

In conclusion, this MAC x Whitney Houston collaboration collection is an absolute must-have for fans of both makeup and music. It offers a range of products designed to make you feel like a superstar when wearing them. The perfect combination of bold colors and classic styles inspired by one of the greatest voices in music history will blend glamour into your daily routine quite seamlessly! Get ready to glam up & pick your favorite shades from the line-up before which goes out-of-stock – as once purchased there’s no looking back!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Whitney Houston x MAC Cosmetics Collaboration

Whitney Houston x MAC Cosmetics collaboration has got the beauty world buzzing with excitement and anticipation. After months of speculation, the makeup collection inspired by the late music icon Whitney Houston was finally unveiled in September 2021.

The limited-edition collection comprises a range of lipsticks, eye palettes, eyeliners and brushes that take inspiration from Whitney’s iconic style. Of course, there are some surprising and interesting facts to know about this special crossover between two cultural touchstones. Below are top five things you probably didn’t know:

Fact #1: Whitney Was Involved in the Creation of The Collection

One thing that sets apart this collaboration is its authenticity – it was created in consultation with people who knew and loved Whitney best including her family estate. According to MAC Cosmetics’ senior vice-president Jenifer Balbier, they consulted closely with Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law who serves as executor of her estate throughout development stages to ensure that every aspect captured what would have genuinely made Whitney happy.

Fact #2: It Pays Tribute To Some Of Her Iconic Beauty Looks

Whitney’s everlasting contribution wasn’t only reserved for her music but also impacted on fashion through exquisite pieces she donned during events as well stunning beauty looks too impeccably executed by her longtime hair stylist Richard ‘Miles’ Spencer who couldn’t keep mum over his love for the project via social media platforms whereby he publicized how honored he felt seeing “Make-up products named after legendary songs penned by Dolly Parton & Linda Creed such as Saving All My Love For You” which is featured amongst other unique shades regarding lipstick offerings within the collaborative release. This shows just how personal each color selection pays tribute not only sampling across-pop-culture references like “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” or epitomizing merging sophistication found within statement pigments entitled “How Will I Know”, once again showcasing why we’d trust no others better to honor Whitney Houston’s highly coveted timeless beauty looks besides the team behind MAC Cosmetics.

Fact #3: The Packaging Features Photographs of Whitney Houston

In celebration of her far-reaching influence and music career, the packagings for each product within the sell-out range aren’t just plain white or black but instead feature bold lip prints splashed in shades featured across respective items as well as numerous iconic photographs handpicked from most defining eras on Whitney Houston. From stunning Polaroid snaps to glamorous stills showing off her signature style, this serves as a precise tribute that will not only be adored by fans who admired every part of her life – both musically and personally – but also speaks for itself regarding great tactfulness exercised by cosmetic industry professionals at MAC upon forming decisions over how best to immortalize respectively shared love towards one another through creative design campaigns such as this!

Fact #4: It Is Not Just about Lipsticks

While it can be easy to assume that all there is to this collaboration must come down merely presentation-wise via various lipstick formulas each named after different songs delivered by iconic artist Whitney herself. However you may miss out if these are your assumptions because she was renowned for defying thematic routines with ease so launching an eye palette featuring ten shade combinations reflecting either natural everyday looks up till night outs enjoying glamour surroundings alongside dark “Queen Of The Night” smoky exaggerated sharpness anyone familiar with her famous hits wouldn’t definitely strike them irrelevant when attempting incorporation into their daily makeup routine movement trends.

Fact #5: A Portion of Proceeds Will Go To Her Foundation

Finally, one thing most commendable regarding collaborative event done between cosmetics giant MAC & estate authorized obtainers respectfully working together on behalf late icon’s legacy has agreement over profit sharing strategies so certain figures generated would go straight back into funding causes set forth under its heading – allowing us continue supporting growth extension endeavors while simultaneously making customers feel like giving back too among selected purchases while appreciating timeless beauty looks Whitney Houston was known for wearing herself.

In conclusion, Whitney Houston’s fans and makeup enthusiasts alike can easily see why this collaboration is a must-have. With its unique, groundbreaking aspects combined with what it represents in honoring legend performing icon weeks before marking 10 year anniversary since her untimely passing by altogether comprising products which were designed as wardrobe staples reminiscent of her sense of style and sophistication effortlessly flashing on-stage or behind the scenes — we expect nothing less than to express appreciation through making permanent addition these specially curated goodies towards our cosmetic collections!

Why the Whitney Houston x MAC Cosmetics Collaboration is a Must-Have for Fans and Makeup Lovers Alike

Whitney Houston was one of the greatest vocalists to have graced our planet, and her untimely passing left a void in not only the music industry but also in pop culture as a whole. However, thanks to MAC Cosmetics, fans can now own a little piece of Whitney’s legacy through their recent collaboration.

The collaboration between Whitney Houston and MAC is truly iconic. Together, they’ve created a special limited edition line that showcases some of Whitney’s signature style and beauty.

This collection includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes all with names that pay homage to some of her most legendary songs such as “Greatest Love” & “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” Every item from this collection seems to be tailored perfectly for every fan who wants to embody even just a small part of Whitney.

But why should you get excited about it? Here are three reasons why:

Firstly – As mentioned earlier it is an Iconic release: This amazing partnership serves up something incredibly unique that has never been seen before. The collection features timeless items inspired by the late singer-songwriter’s unmistakable energy; her satin voice softened with gentle yet steely persuasion captured audience heartstrings across the world during performances which earned 211 total awards over four decades!

Secondly – It has been crafted carefully thoughtfully: If there were ever two entities made for each other than Mac cosmetics and Late Ms.Houston would be them.This isn’t merely cashing in on someone else’s name–the products themselves have obviously been designed with great care.Truly capturing everything that we love about colorful collections paired together. Everything right down to packaging feels premium quality

Lastly- It brings beauty enthusiasts closer towards looking like their favorite celebrity idol : Those who know anything about makeup knows how essential finding ‘that’ red lipstick or mastering those butterfly lashes could be for emulating your go-to diva! Such elements best represent diversity within fun-loving fandom and ensure that no matter how much time may pass Whitney’s fans can still garner inspiration from her impeccable style through this symbolic collection.

In conclusion, the Whitney Houston x MAC Cosmetics Collaboration is a testament to the enduring impact of one of music’s most legendary stars. It provides avid beauty enthusiasts with an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate her beauty legacy in their own special way.They created something for all those who love music or are fond of female role models marked by poise,charisma & personality.Let us embrace this beautiful collaboration wholeheartedly as it’s a perfect chance to do so!

Beauty Beyond Boundaries: Why the Whitney Houston x MAC Cosmetics Collection Represents More Than Just Makeup

The Whitney Houston x MAC Cosmetics Collection has recently been launched, and it’s already causing quite a stir in the beauty industry. While some may simply view this collection as just another makeup line from a renowned cosmetics brand, there’s more to this collaboration than meets the eye.

Firstly, let’s talk about Whitney Houston – her soulful voice filled our hearts with so much warmth that we often forgot where reality started. With numerous awards under her belt, including seven Grammy Awards, Whitney was an icon of music who will forever have a special place in people’s hearts.

Now onto MAC Cosmetics – a brand known for its inclusivity and diversity when it comes to beauty. They’ve always pushed boundaries in terms of their product offerings and campaigns by celebrating individuality and advocating self-expression through makeup. And now they are taking things one step further by partnering with the legendary Whitney Houston estate to create something truly special.

This collaboration showcases that great things can happen when two powerhouse entities come together to make magic happen beyond cosmetic products. It represents all the values that Whitney stood for – self-love, determination and strength amidst life’s challenges – which is evident through the launch video featuring black women sharing stories about how they relate themselves with these values while listening to her timeless songs.

What makes this particular collection unique is not only its connection with Houston but also its thoughtful approach towards diversity & representation in beauty industry- catering shades especially formulated for different skin tones across complexion products like foundation sticks, blushes etc., which brings them up-to-the-line with us modern times where there are options available within various color spectrums ensuring no-one gets left behind or feels unseen/unrepresented. This range caters beautifully crafted contemporary packaging pieces decorated with pictures taken from loved ones personal albums – capturing intimate moments translated into captivating ever-lasting visuals making it extra-special commemorative item fit-for-every-fan resulting outpouring beaming reviews online feeling honored of the collection.

Most importantly, this collaboration speaks to the timeless notion that beauty is not just defined by physical appearance; it’s about inner confidence and the strength of individuality. Whitney Houston embodied that spirit through her music, and now through this collection with MAC Cosmetics she has left an enduring legacy – providing a broader representation of diverse audiences and pushing beyond traditional boundaries in terms of inclusivity and celebration within beauty. Therefore making ‘Whitney’ more than just another makeup collection: A mark-of-the legend – soulful-diva enlightening greatness representing empowerment & love beyond boundary-defining limits!

Table with Useful Data:

Product Name Description Price
Whitney Lipstick A bold red lipstick inspired by Whitney Houston $18
Whitney Eyeshadow Palette A 9-shade eyeshadow palette featuring shades inspired by Whitney Houston’s iconic looks $35
Whitney Blush A pink blush named after Whitney Houston $22
Whitney Lip Glass A clear lip gloss with shimmer named after Whitney Houston $20

Information from an expert:

As a beauty industry professional, I highly recommend the Whitney Houston x MAC Cosmetics collection. This collaboration celebrates Houston’s iconic style and includes products inspired by her signature looks. The lipsticks in shades “I’m Your Baby Tonight” and “Very Best” offer a modern twist on classic red and pink hues, while the eyeshadow palette features versatile shades that will take you seamlessly from day to night. Additionally, the packaging is stunning with gold details reminiscent of Houston’s glamorous stage presence. Don’t miss out on this limited edition collection!
Historical fact:

In 1998, Whitney Houston teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to launch a limited edition lipstick called Viva Glam III. The campaign helped raise funds for the MAC AIDS Fund, which supports people impacted by HIV/AIDS.