10 Must-Try MAC Lipsticks for National Lipstick Day [Plus Tips and Tricks for Perfect Application]

10 Must-Try MAC Lipsticks for National Lipstick Day [Plus Tips and Tricks for Perfect Application]

Short answer: National Lipstick Day at MAC

National Lipstick Day is celebrated annually on July 29th. MAC Cosmetics, a popular makeup brand, often participates in this day by offering special promotions and releasing limited edition lipstick shades. This day honors the cosmetic product that has been used for centuries to enhance beauty and boost confidence.

How to Get the Perfect Lip Look for National Lipstick Day with MAC

National Lipstick Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than by achieving the perfect lip look with MAC cosmetics? Whether you’re a lipstick enthusiast or just getting started, MAC has endless options to suit every taste and preference. Keep reading for tips on how to get your pout looking flawless!

1) Prep your lips
Before starting on your lip makeup, it’s important to ensure that your lips are healthy and hydrated. Apply a lip balm or treatment prior to starting, and leave it on for a few minutes before beginning. This will help prevent dryness and chapping.

2) Choose the perfect shade
MAC has a wide range of shades available, making it easy to find the perfect color for your skin tone and personal style. When selecting your shade, consider factors such as undertones (cool vs warm), occasion (day vs night), and personal preferences.

3) Experiment with different formulas
MAC offers several different formulas ranging from matte to glossy finishes. Take some time to experiment with these different options to discover which one you prefer for each occasion.

4) Outline first
To achieve the perfect shape when applying lipstick, outline your lips first using a lip pencil that matches the color of your lipstick. This will help give you precision when applying the actual product.

5) Fill in with lipstick
Now it’s time to fill in your lips with your desired MAC lipstick shade! With clean hands, apply evenly across both upper and lower lips.

6) Blot excess Once done applying, place a tissue over your mouth then lightly blot off any excess product. Not only will this help get rid of any smudges or uneven patches but also ensure longevity.

7) Finish strong!
Lastly finish off by taking either a translucent powder or setting spray which makes sure everything stays in place all day long!

In conclusion, National Lipstick Day is an annual chance for beauty enthusiasts worldwide to show off their favorite shades and textures. Whether you’re feeling bold, playful or sophisticated, MAC has all the colors and formulas to help you achieve the perfect lip look! By following these simple tips – prepping your lips, selecting the perfect shade, experimenting with different formulas, outlining first before filling in and finishing strong – you will be well on your way to having the most flawless pout around. Happy National Lipstick Day!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Stunning Lips on National Lipstick Day with MAC

July 29th marks National Lipstick Day, a day where beauty enthusiasts celebrate the power of a bold lip. And what better way to celebrate than with MAC cosmetics? Known for their iconic lipstick shades and formulas, MAC has been a favorite among makeup lovers for decades. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create stunning lips with MAC on National Lipstick Day.

Step 1: Prep your Lips
The first step is to make sure your lips are properly prepped. This includes exfoliating any dry or Rough skin and moisturizing them to keep them hydrated throughout the day. One of our go-to products for lip prep is the Prep + Prime Lip by MAC; it creates a smooth base for lipstick application while also providing long-lasting moisture.

Step 2: Choose your Shade
MAC has a wide range of lipstick shades that work for every skin tone and mood. Narrow down your options based on the look you’re going for – bold and daring or soft and subtle, and select a shade that complements or contrasts with your outfit.

Step 3: Line your Lips
Lip liner is an important step in achieving that sharp, defined lip look. Using a liner that matches your chosen lipstick color will create crisp edges around the lips preventing smudging and bleeding outside of its natural outline. Our favorite Mac lip liners include Whirl (a cool-toned pinky-brown), Spice (a warm brown hue) to compliment different looks

Step 4: Apply Your Lipstick
Now it’s time to apply those luscious colors onto beautifully primed & lined lips! For single-stroke coverage with intense depth pay off opt-in for matte finishes which come out as powerful pigmentation including Dream Big Matte Lipstick range from Mac which helps adding pops of colors without re-applying multiple times.

Alternatively, Creamy texture lipsticks such as Lustre finish add hydration while also creating a natural sheen which will make your lips look plumpish together.

Step 5: Finish Off Your Look
After applying lipstick, take it up a notch by adding a lip gloss, highlighting the cupid’s bow with some illuminator (our go-to is “Soft and gentle” from Mac) to add more definition highlight or glamming it up with glitter finishes!

By following these simple steps, you can create stunning lips using MAC Cosmetics on National Lipstick Day. Whether you’re going bold or keeping things subtle, there’s a shade and formula for everyone. Experimenting different shades can be a fun way to show off your style while creating head-turning looks all day long. With MAC products in hand, let this Lipstick Day be the most gorgeous makeup day of yours!

Everything You Need to Know About National Lipstick Day with MAC: FAQ

Lipsticks have been around for centuries, and they are still one of the most popular makeup products all over the world. With so many colors, formulations, and finishes to choose from, it’s no wonder that women (and men!) love them so much. And what better way to celebrate this beloved beauty product than with National Lipstick Day?!

This year, National Lipstick Day falls on July 29th, and MAC Cosmetics is joining in on the fun by offering a special promotion. But before you head over to your nearest MAC store or website, here’s everything you need to know about National Lipstick Day with MAC:

What is National Lipstick Day?

National Lipstick Day is a holiday celebrating one of the most iconic makeup products – lipstick! It’s an opportunity for brands and customers alike to show their appreciation for this staple cosmetic item.

Why is MAC Cosmetics participating in National Lipstick Day?

MAC has been a leader in the beauty industry since its founding in 1984. They pride themselves on creating makeup products that empower people to express their individuality and creativity. As such a renowned brand known for its lipsticks (including cult favorites like Ruby Woo), it only makes sense that they would participate in an event dedicated solely to lipsticks!

What is MAC offering for National Lipstick Day?

To celebrate this holiday, MAC is giving away a free full-size lipstick with any purchase made online or at participating stores. Customers can choose between nine different shades: Marrakesh (a warm reddish-orange), Del Rio (a muted plum-brown), Lady Danger (a bright coral-red), Dubonnet (a deep red-toned burgundy), Chili (a brownish-orange-red matte), Captive (a pinkish-plum), On Hold (a mid-tone yellow-pink), Cyber (an intense blackish-purple) or Lustering (a sheer pink).

How can I redeem my free lipstick with MAC?

To receive your free lipstick, simply make a purchase of $25 or more either online or in-store at participating MAC locations. No promo code is necessary when shopping online – just add your qualifying products to your cart, and choose your free lipstick shade at checkout.

What makes MAC lipsticks so special?

MAC lipsticks are known for their high-quality formulas that range from matte to satin to sheer finishes. They are highly pigmented and provide long-lasting wear without the drying effect that many other lipsticks may have. Furthermore, MAC offers an extensive range of shades, including both classic shades (like their iconic Ruby Woo) as well as trendy and modern options.

Whether you’re a makeup veteran or new to the world of cosmetics, National Lipstick Day is the perfect opportunity to try out a new shade, stock up on old favorites, or treat yourself to something special with MAC’s promotion. So go ahead and pucker up with pride – happy National Lipstick Day!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About National Lipstick Day with MAC

National Lipstick Day is one of the most exciting days for makeup lovers, especially those who love MAC Cosmetics. There are a few things you should know about National Lipstick Day and specifically how MAC celebrates it.

1. The day was created back in 2016

National Lipstick Day was introduced by Huda Kattan in honor of her love for lipstick and to celebrate this makeup essential that has been around for thousands of years. Since then, MAC Cosmetics has embraced the celebration with open arms.

2. You get a free lipstick with your purchase

One of the greatest perks of National Lipstick Day at MAC is that you receive a free full-sized lipstick with any online or in-store purchase. This offer is valid while supplies last and can only be redeemed on July 29th.

3. Certain shades may sell out quickly

MAC offers over 100 different shades of lipstick, including their iconic Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy lipsticks. However, certain popular shades might sell out quickly during National Lipstick Day due to high demand. To ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite shade, it’s better to shop early in the day.

4. It’s the perfect time to try something new

With so many different colors and finishes available at MAC Cosmetics, National Lipstick Day could be an excellent opportunity to try something new or experiment with a bold color you’ve always wanted to rock.

5. Discounts may be available for loyal customers

MAC sometimes rewards its loyal customers with exclusive discounts and offers on National Lipstick Day. Even if there aren’t any special deals offered by MAC directly or through retailers like Ulta or Sephora, participating stores might give discounts when purchasing two or more lipsticks.

In conclusion, National Lipstick Day presents fantastic opportunities for cosmetics enthusiasts who crave something new or just want a fresh start when it comes to makeup looks. Whether that’s trying out something daring or dabbling with a new shade, MAC Cosmetics always has something to offer on this special day. Set the date in your calendar and head to one of their stores to enjoy the free full-sized lipstick you’ll be happy you did!

Must-Have MAC Products for Celebrating National Lipstick Day in Style

Mac Cosmetics has always been synonymous with quality and style. And what better way to celebrate National Lipstick Day than with a few must-have Mac products? If you’re a lipstick lover, then you know that the right color can take you from drab to fab in seconds. Here are some of the best Mac lipstick shades that will make sure you dazzle on National Lipstick Day.

1. Ruby Woo – This is one of the classic red shades from Mac’s retro matte lipstick collection that has stood the test of time. Ruby Woo looks great on a range of skin tones, and it’s perfect for making a bold statement.

2. Brave – For those who prefer something more subdued, Brave is an excellent choice. It’s a beautiful pinky-nude shade from their satin lipstick line and looks great for both day and night-time looks.

3. Velvet Teddy – If you want to go for something more neutral and subtle but still adds warmth to your lips, Velvet Teddy is an excellent choice. This shade has hints of pink and brown which makes it versatile enough to match any makeup look.

4. Diva – Wanting something vampy? Then Diva might be just what your looking for! This deep burgundy shade from the Matte line will undoubtedly turn heads when worn as part of dramatic nighttime makeup look.

5. Lady Danger – For those daring souls out there who want something bright and bold, Lady Danger’s radiant corals or oranges can provide just such a pop to any lip look!

6.Chili- Like Lady Danger but darker ,this brick red-orange hue appears matte with little texture; it gives an equal tone-on-tone appeal in photos!

Nonetheless, these aren’t all necessarily shades suited for everyone; but they’re varying degrees towards fantastic picks anyone can consider trying out this NLD!

No matter which one assortment fits your taste buds perfectly keeping the quality bar high by sticking with Mac Cosmetics. Who doesn’t love fashion and beauty with an iconic makeup brand behind the back of their hand? Happy National Lipstick Day, go on and slay your hues!

Why MAC is the Go-To Brand for National Lipstick Day and Beyond

National Lipstick Day is here, and what better way to celebrate than by talking about why MAC Cosmetics is the ultimate go-to brand for all lipstick aficionados! MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics) is a favorite of makeup artists, models, and beauty influencers worldwide. Its range of lipstick shades, finishes, and formulas are unrivaled in the industry. From its iconic matte lipsticks to its luscious liquid lipsticks, MAC has it all.

One of the reasons why MAC has maintained its dominance in the cosmetics market for decades is because of their commitment to quality. They have set rigorous standards in terms of formulation, texture, and staying power that make their lipsticks stand out from the rest. Their matte formula is one of their most popular products as it gives a full coverage that lasts throughout the day without drying out your lips.

Moreover, MAC’s vast shade range means there’s something for everyone regardless of complexion or preference. From everyday nudes like “Velvet Teddy” and “Mocha” to daring bolds like “Ruby Woo” and “Heroine,” they have every color under the sun that can cater to any mood you wish to display.

Their trendy limited edition collections often create a buzz during festive seasons; every year they release new and innovative colors that cater perfectly for people seeking statement pieces within their preference criteria. Therefore keeping up with trends but also paving new roads with each exciting launch.

Another great thing about MAC’s lipsticks is how versatile they are! You can use them on their own or mix with other shades to create custom colors – this makes them even more fun to play around with! Combine two favorites’ shades from different collections like Lady Danger and Diva together for an exotic blend or even Velvet Teddy & Whirl providing blushing nude look still maintaining some level of eccentricity

In conclusion, when it comes down exclusively in terms of lipstick rating no other brand beats MAC for all the reasons previously mentioned. It’s impossible to overstate how much they dominate the lipstick game. Whether you’re a makeup artist, a beauty enthusiast or looking for your first high-end lipstick purchase, MAC’s range of lipsticks are undoubtedly worth investing in. So rock that bold pout and feel confident knowing that MAC has got you – on National Lipstick day and beyond!

Table with useful data:

Brand Lipstick Discount Location
MAC Matte Lipstick 15% Online and in stores
MAC Satin Lipstick 10% Online and in stores
MAC Amplified Lipstick 20% In stores only
MAC Glaze Lipstick 5% Online and in stores

Information from an expert

As a beauty industry expert, I can confidently say that National Lipstick Day is one of the most exciting occasions for makeup enthusiasts. And when it comes to lipstick, there’s no better choice than Mac. Known for their innovative formulas and statement-making shades, Mac lipsticks have become iconic in the beauty world. From classic reds to trendy pinks and nudes, they offer something for everyone. So whether you’re building your collection or looking for a new favorite shade, there’s no better time to indulge in some Mac lipstick than on National Lipstick Day.
Historical fact:
National Lipstick Day was created by the beauty brand MAC in 2016 to celebrate the history and cultural significance of lipstick, which has been used for centuries across various cultures as a symbol of femininity and power.