5 Alternatives to Mac High Tea Lipstick [After It’s Been Discontinued]: A Beauty Blogger’s Story and Guide for Finding Your Perfect Shade

5 Alternatives to Mac High Tea Lipstick [After It’s Been Discontinued]: A Beauty Blogger’s Story and Guide for Finding Your Perfect Shade

Short answer: Mac High Tea lipstick discontinued

Mac Cosmetics has unfortunately discontinued their High Tea lipstick shade. Customers who are fans of this color may still be able to find it at some third-party sellers or through online auction sites. Alternatively, Mac’s website suggests similar shades in their Satin Lipstick collection such as “Fleshpot” and “Modesty.”

How Did Mac High Tea Lipstick Get Discontinued?

MAC Cosmetics is renowned for creating high-quality makeup products that withstand the test of time. One such product, the MAC High Tea Lipstick, caused a stir amongst beauty enthusiasts when it was announced that its production had been discontinued.

So, how did this beloved lipstick shade, which so many people could not live without disappear?

It all started with the changing preferences and tastes of consumers. As MAC continued to craft new formulations and shades, audiences began to gravitate towards bolder lip colors, opting for bright pinks and oranges instead of soft nudes like High Tea.

Additionally, as MAC expanded its product range, it became necessary for them to prioritize their best-selling products while curtailing their production of slower-moving items – this included cult classics like High Tea.

As with all cosmetic brands in a competitive landscape such as today’s marketplace, MAC has had to pivot alongside cultural shifts. It’s no longer enough to offer basic neutrals; customers expect bold hues that push boundaries and offer something unique.

Moreover, consumers are increasingly conscious about sustainability and reducing waste. So discontinuing an item that isn’t popular anymore means not only streamlining their inventory but also feeding into modern eco-friendly practices by reducing waste.

Despite its discontinuation fans continue longing for its iconic shade; its subtle pinky-beige undertones provided an understated elegance suitable for any occasion or style. Some fans even made Facebook groups to bring back this beloved shade suggesting strong demand.

Overall there are many reasons why a favorite shade or product can disappear from store shelves forever – changes in taste preferences or the makeup market trends being just some examples. The decision comes down to balancing sales figures against what keeps loyal clientele coming back (if at all) against expenses related to supply chain management costs etc., making it tough on both ends of making sound business decisions!

For now though we’ll have to give our love and attention elsewhere within MAC Cosmetics vast array of beauty products, but who knows what the future holds for our beloved shade of High Tea Lipstick!

Step by Step Guide to Coping with the News of Mac High Tea Lipstick Getting Discontinued

As a lover of cosmetics, receiving the news that one of your favorite products is getting discontinued can be quite disappointing. The recent announcement of Mac High Tea Lipstick being discontinued has left many beauty enthusiasts in dismay. However, it’s essential to remember that there are a few ways to cope with the news and move forward without feeling too heartbroken. In this article, we will provide you with an easy step-by-step guide on how to deal with the discontinuation of Mac High Tea Lipstick.

Step 1: Acceptance

The first thing to do when receiving news about any product discontinuation is to accept it. Yes, it can be frustrating and saddening when your most beloved items are no longer available in the market, but keep in mind that everything comes to an end eventually. Instead of holding onto negative emotions or trying to convince yourself that maybe Mac would change their minds about discontinuing the lipstick, embrace what is happening and make peace with it.

Step 2: Pick out your favourites from your makeup stash

If you’re an avid user of Mac High Tea lipstick – which we’re guessing that’s why you’re reading this blog post – then chances are that you already own several other lipsticks from Mac or other brands as well. So, take some time out and consider going through your makeup collection stockpiled over time! It’s highly unlikely for any person who loves makeup not have more than one shade preference or brand they adore.

Step 3: Try similar shades from different brands

Although Mac High Tea might be your holy grail shade, there might still be other options waiting for you amongst various lipstick brands available in the market. Take inspiration from dupes or suggestions online or experiment on finding a new color which just suits your skin tone perfectly!

In fact if considering looking at other ranges in MAC itself – try Creme In Your Coffee” which is described by numerous as “MAC’s Sophisticated cousin to High Tea”

Step 4: Stock up before it’s too late

Now that you know the lipstick is going out of stock, consider stocking up on your much-adored lip colour before it disappears completely. If you’re hesitant about stashing-up or feel guilty for buying more than one backup, remind yourself that you can always sell them later or perhaps offer a trade in exchange for other beauty products.


Even though receiving news of any favourite product getting discontinued may not be the best of news but remember this – there are very few products in the market that will remain as cult favourites forever! The key is to accept and move forward once we’ve enjoyed all that these beauty gems have to offer – knowing there is always something new waiting around the corner.

Mac High Tea Lipstick Discontinued: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

If you’re a fan of bold lipsticks, you’ve probably heard of the infamous MAC High Tea lipstick shade. Since its release in 2006, it has been a must-have for beauty lovers everywhere. However, news broke recently that the beloved shade was being discontinued, leaving many devastated and turning to social media to express their disappointment. In this article, we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the discontinuation of MAC High Tea Lipstick.

Why has MAC chosen to discontinue High Tea Lipstick?

Although MAC has not given an official reason for discontinuing High Tea Lipstick, some speculate that this decision was made due to low sales. It’s common practice in the beauty industry for brands to discontinue products that are no longer selling well or are simply no longer on-trend.

Will there be a replacement for High Tea Lipstick?

Unfortunately, there is no word on any future replacement shade at this time. While it’s always possible that MAC will create something new and similar in the future, fans of High Tea may have to start looking elsewhere if they want to find a comparable shade.

Is it possible to still get my hands on High Tea Lipstick?

Yes! While it’s certainly true that once stock runs out in physical stores or online retailers such as Sephora or Ulta Beauty and Then other eCommerce sites eBay Amazon anything else can become an Opportunity International platform like Mercari (Japan/US). It might require a bit more effort and be slightly more expensive than buying from regular outlets but it’s definitely worth considering.

In conclusion,

Losing your favorite makeup product can be frustrating and disappointing – especially when you’ve been using it religiously for years! We hope this article answered your questions on why MAC is discontinuing its popular high tea lipstick and what options do we still have with regards to buying it.

Remember – while losing a favorite product isn’t ideal, there are plenty of amazing lipstick shades out there that you can try to fill the void. And who knows, you might find your new favorite beauty staple along the way!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Discontinuation of Mac High Tea Lipstick

Mac Cosmetics recently released a statement that they would no longer be manufacturing their beloved High Tea lipstick. For makeup enthusiasts all over the world, this news came as a shock and left them asking why. To put it simply, there were several factors that led to the discontinuation of this iconic shade. Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about Mac’s decision to pull High Tea lipstick from their product lineup:

1) High Tea was not a strong seller: While there is no doubt that Mac has plenty of cult classics in its collection, High Tea wasn’t exactly one of them. According to reports, the shade had slow sales numbers which made it less profitable for the company to continue producing.

2) It’s not just High Tea: It’s also worth noting that Mac isn’t discontinuing just one lipstick shade; rather they’re making changes across their entire inventory and simplifying product offerings in order to adapt to changing consumer preferences.

3) The pandemic played a part: Like many other industries, Covid-19 impacted makeup sales tremendously. With more people than ever before working remotely or minimizing social interactions, the demand for makeup products decreased significantly. Brands like Mac are forced to restructure accordingly, and unfortunately discontinued products like High Tea in response.

4) Dupes exist: There are no shortage of dupes for any popular beauty product on the market – including High Tea! Other brands such as NYX and Colourpop offer shades similar enough in color and finish making it understandably challenging for consumers to justify paying high-end prices when cheaper alternatives are available.

5) Availability is limited: While Mac continues to sell off remaining stock via their website and brick-and-mortar stores until supplies last, rest assured once they’re all sold out – they will be gone forever making it almost impossible for die-hard fans who missed out on purchasing sooner.

In short, while we may mourn the loss of our dear celebratory tea-like lipstick shade, there’s no doubt that the beauty industry will continue to innovate and we’ll see even more exciting releases in the future. For now, let’s appreciate the wonderful moments High Tea brought us!

Saying Goodbye: The Emotional Impact of Losing Mac High Tea Lipstick”

Losing your favorite lipstick can be an emotional roller coaster, especially when it is a limited edition product like the Mac High Tea Lipstick. The perfect nude shade that every makeup enthusiast was raving about has suddenly disappeared from the shelves, and you’re left feeling sad, frustrated and possibly even a little bit angry.

The Emotional Attachment

We all have that one makeup item that we absolutely love and can’t live without. For some of us, it’s a signature lipstick that makes us feel confident and put together no matter what we wear. It’s not just about having the perfect shade or formula; there’s an emotional attachment to these products – they make us feel good and confident.

When we lose our favorite lipstick or any other beauty product, it feels like we’ve lost a small piece of ourselves. It’s not just a cosmetic item; it holds sentimental value because of how much joy and confidence it brings to our lives.

Limited Edition Products

Adding to this pain is when the product is no longer in production due to its limited edition status. You start panicking because once it’s gone; you know deep down that there is no way at all you will ever get your hands on the same exact shade again! That’s why losing something with this status only adds to the feelings of anxiety and sadness.

The Quest for Replacement

This loss leaves many on a quest to find replacements for their beloved discontinued Mac High Tea lipsticks which may trigger feelings of desperation as well. This search may take weeks or even months before giving up hope.

There are few things worse than falling in love with makeup items so much so that they become part of our identity yet finding out know they are long gone globally.

Eventually, everyone gets over such losses but for frequent buyers who develop loyalty towards certain brands look forward eagerly waiting for an outcome where specific discontinued shades become repromoted.


In conclusion, losing our favorite beauty products can create a significant emotional impact, and losing limited edition items like the Mac High Tea Lipstick only make this pain worse. However, we must learn to cope with such losses and cherish our makeup items while we still have them. We can also look forward to replacing them with new and better products that bring about a new era of happiness into our lives. So remember darling Makeup enthusiast; the next time you encounter an item that you absolutely fall in love with remember it’s important to stock up as buying multiples will save yourself from heartbreak in the long run.

“Exploring Alternatives: Dupes and Similar Lipsticks for MAC’s Popular High Tea Shade”.

MAC’s High Tea lipstick is definitely one of the most popular shades among beauty enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this delightful rosy hue can be a tad pricey for some. Fear not! There are plenty of alternatives that are nearly identical to this MAC favorite.

First on the dupe list is Maybelline’s Color Sensational lipstick in Barely Bloomed. This drugstore gem offers the same rosy pink with just a hint of brown undertones that High Tea boasts. Not only is it a budget-friendly option, but it also provides a hydrating formula that lasts for hours.

Next up is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm. Although it may seem like an unconventional choice at first glance (as it falls under the liquid lipstick category), don’t let that deter you! Stockholm gives off a natural-looking high tea vibe with its soft, creamy finish and warm beige-pink tone.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Truffle is also a great alternative to MAC’s High Tea as it shares similar cool-toned hues and creamy texture. The finish is sheer yet buildable, perfect for easy day-to-night transitions.

Of course, no lipstick dupe list would be complete without mentioning ColourPop Cosmetics – specifically their Ultra Satin Lip in November. This affordable brand has become synonymous with delivering exceptional quality at low prices and November does not disappoint as a dupe for MAC’s High Tea shade.There are so many dupes out there to choose from; You can explore CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE VELVET – 34 LA RAFFINÉE which gives off orange-brown refined intensity or Charlotte Tilbury’s Walk of Shame Matte Revolution Lipstick which provides perfect look for work meetings.

At the end of the day, high tea lovers don’t need to overspend to achieve desirable color tones.Here we have gathered carefully picked suggestions to budget your pocket while providing your lips fabulousness without compromising with quality. Happy exploring the alternatives!

Table with useful data:

Brand Product Name Status
MAC High Tea Lipstick Discontinued

Information from an expert

As an expert in the beauty industry, it’s unfortunate to confirm that MAC High Tea lipstick has been discontinued. This particular shade was a customer favorite due to its versatility and suitability for all skin tones. The brand may have discontinued the product due to low demand or simply to make room for new releases. It’s always best to check with a professional makeup artist or beauty consultant for alternative product recommendations that will provide similar results. Don’t despair, there are plenty of other lipsticks on the market that will give you the same look and feel as MAC High Tea!

Historical fact:

In 2016, MAC Cosmetics discontinued their highly popular High Tea lipstick shade, which was originally released as part of their 2006 Barbie Loves MAC collection. The shade had garnered a cult following for its subtle beige-pink tone and satin finish, and its discontinuation caused disappointment among many makeup enthusiasts.