5 Plum Shades of MAC Lipstick You Need to Try [Plus Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shade]

5 Plum Shades of MAC Lipstick You Need to Try [Plus Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shade]

Short answer: Mac lipstick plum shades

Mac lipstick is available in a variety of plum shades, ranging from deep purples to berry tones. Popular options include the classic shade “Rebel” and the darker “Sin.” Plum shades are versatile and can be worn for both daytime and evening looks, making them a staple in many makeup collections.

How to Choose the Perfect Mac Lipstick Plum Shade: A Comprehensive Review

Lipstick has been a beauty staple since the very beginning. It’s an instant confidence-booster that can elevate any look in seconds. One of the most popular shades, especially during the fall and winter months, is plum. Plum is an incredibly versatile shade that can complement a variety of skin tones, making it a go-to for many makeup enthusiasts. But with so many options available in the market, choosing the perfect plum lipstick shade can be quite overwhelming. Fear not! Here’s our comprehensive guide on how to choose the perfect plum lipstick shade.

1. Determine Your Skin Tone:
Before you start shopping for your perfect shade of plum lipstick, take some time to determine your skin tone. This will make it easier to find a shade that flatters you and enhances your natural beauty.

For fair skin tones: Go for light to medium shades like mauve or dusty rose;

For medium skin tones: Opt for mid-tone plums such as raisin or berry;

For deep skin tones: Darker hues like black cherry or eggplant work best.

2. Texture Matters:
Lipsticks come in various textures – matte, satin, cream, glossy and frosted – each offering different finish and coverage levels.

Matte lipsticks are opaque and deliver high color impact with zero shine; Satin finishes are ideal if you want to wear something comfortable but still have some shine while Creams are hydrating without being too glossy which works well on dry lips .

Glossy finishes provide juicy lips but require touch-up whereas Frosted lippies offer subtle shimmer – think frosty holiday vibes! Ultimately it comes down to personal preference but don’t forget application techniques play an important role when dealing with different textures.

3. Undertones:
Undertones play a critical role when selecting lipsticks as colours may look different based on whether they have warm (yellow) undertones or cool (blue) undertones.
If you’re unsure of your skin undertone, look at veins in your wrist – blue tinged veins mean cool undertones and green means warm.

If you have a cool undertone to your skin, look out for plum lipsticks with blue or purple hues. Whereas those with warmer skin tones should look for shades with pink, coral or gold tones.

4. Consider the Occasion:
The purpose always plays a role in the shade selection process; selecting the right shade for the occasion is crucial.

For example are they opting for plum as part of their everyday wear? Or perhaps they want it for more dramatic evening/party occasions?
Dark plums work well for parties whilst lighter ones suit office days & daytime outings better.

5. Brands Matter:
Lastly consider quality brands when purchasing lipsticks. Cheaper brands may not last through meals and can get patchy easily causing discomfort and irritation however Premium lipstick from popular professional cosmetic companies provide bolder colours and longer-lasting wear guaranteed to evoke that much-desired pop!

So there you have it – our comprehensive guide on how to choose the perfect plum lipstick shade! Keep these tips in mind next time you’re shopping for lips and be confident knowing that you’ve found your perfect match by being mindful about texture choice, skintone + undertones, occasion and brand source!

Happy Shopping Lip Queens/Kings!

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Apply Mac Lipstick Plum Shades Like a Pro

Mac Lipstick is undoubtedly one of the most preferred brands in the beauty industry when it comes to lipsticks. With a vast range of shades and formulas, they have a perfect shade for every skin tone, preference, and occasion. One such shade from their collection that has recently gained popularity is Plum Shades. They give off a chic yet sophisticated look to your overall makeup appearance. However, applying plum lipstick can be tricky, often resulting in smudging or uneven application if not done with precision. But don’t worry! In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you on how to apply Mac lipstick plum shades like a pro.

Step 1: Exfoliate Your Lips
Before applying any lipstick shade, always ensure that your lips are smooth and free from any dryness or flakiness. Use a lip scrub or exfoliating cloth to gently remove dead skin cells from your lips.

Step 2: Moisturize Your Lips
Moisturizing your lips will help keep them hydrated and prevent the lipstick from settling into fine lines. Apply a non-greasy lip balm at least 15-20 minutes before you begin applying the lipstick.

Step 3: Lip Liner
Using a lip liner will help define the shape of your lips and prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Choose a liner color close to your natural lip color as it will blend well with the plum shade.

Step 4: Apply Lipstick
For best results, use a brush to apply the Mac Plum Shade Lipstick onto your lips evenly starting from the center towards the corners of your mouth.

Step 5: Blotting & Reapplication
To ensure longer-lasting wear of the lipstick and avoid smudging, blot with tissue paper after application and repeat step four by reapplying another layer of Mac Plum Shade Lipstick.

Step 6: Clean up mistakes
Use concealer around areas outside your desired outline then blend until your desired lipstick shape is achieved.

Finally, don’t forget to rock the Mac Lipstick Plum Shade with confidence!

In conclusion, applying a plum shade lipstick like Mac Lipstick can enhance your overall makeup look if done correctly. Make sure to follow these simple steps for a flawless finish so that you can rock any look while feeling confident and stylish. Cheers to looking stunning with the perfect pout!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mac Lipstick Plum Shades: Everything You Need to Know

As a makeup lover, one can never have too many shades of lipsticks in their vanity. However, with so many options out there, it can be quite overwhelming to pick the shade that complements your skin tone the best. If you’re someone who’s been eyeing plum shades from Mac Lipstick collection recently but hesitant about making the purchase, then this blog is going to answer all your questions and clear all your doubts.

Q1: What is the finish of Mac Plum lipstick?

Mac offers a range of finishes for its lipsticks such as matte, satin and amplified. When it comes to the plum shades, they offer two different finishes – matte and satin. The matte lipstick has a subtle shine-free finish while Satin gives a more smooth effect on lips.

Q2: Will Mac Plum lipstick suit my skin tone?

Mac has an excellent range of plum shades in its collection that can complement almost any skin tone. For fair complexions, lighter mauve or pinkish plums would work great whereas deeper skin tones look great in dark purple plums.

Q3: How long does the Mac Plum Lipstick last?

The longevity of any lipstick depends on various factors such as how much you eat or drink, how many times you lick your lips etc. However generally speaking, chances are these lipsticks will last 4-6 hours without touch ups.

Q4: Is there any difference between MAC Rebel and MAC Diva on lips?

Both MAC Rebel & Diva are popular to those who love deep berry/plum tones. Generally speaking Rebel leans more into pinks whereas Diva color is toned towards darker deep maroon shades.

Q5: Can I wear Mac Plum Lipstick to work?

Our take on this controversial question varies from one working environment to another; however overall speaking yes! One Tip we’d like to add here is; when wearing bold colors it’s always advisable to keep it minimal on eye makeup and focus more on a neutral face.

Q6: What is the best way to wear Plum Lipstick from Mac?

Pair your lipstick with subtle eye make up or go all in with bold smokey eyes. Keep Dress code & your personal style in consideration when picking lip color for any occasion. Finally don’t forget to use a lip liner to help create the perfect pout & have fun experimenting!

In conclusion, plum shades of lipstick from Mac collection can be a great addition to your vanity, provided you pick the right shade according to your skin tone and pair the Lipstick wisely. So choose from our ‘tried & tested’ FAQ guide above and embrace wearing beautiful deep berry/plum shades that are perfect for fall 2021!

Top 5 Facts About Mac Lipstick Plum Shades You Didn’t Know Before

Mac Cosmetics is a brand known for its wide range of lipstick shades. However, their plum collection is a fan favorite that many people may not know enough information about. So, let’s dive into the top 5 facts about Mac Lipstick Plum Shades you didn’t know before.

1. Their name game: Have you ever wondered how Mac came up with the names of their lipsticks? In the case of their plum shades, most of them have names associated with either fruits (such as “Plumful” and “Syrup”) or flowers (like “Heaux” and “Rebel”). These fun and quirky names not only help customers remember specific shades but also add an element of playfulness to purchasing makeup products.

2. The undertones: When it comes to picking the perfect plum shade, it’s essential to consider your skin’s undertone. Mac has created plum shades that cater to cool, warm, and neutral undertones, so everyone can find their perfect match! For example, “Plum Dandy” has blue undertones which are best suited for customers with cooler skin while “Dark Side” has red undertones that complement warmer tones.

3. Their impact on society: Believe it or not, some Mac lipstick shades like its iconic Rebel (“mid-tone cream plum”) have become a symbol of anti-authority movements in younger generations. This particular shade was seen at Women’s Marches across America thanks to being considered part of feminist-oriented aesthetics—empowering women everywhere to protest against political decisions affecting women’s rights daily.

4. They’re unique: You would assume every purple lipstick appears alike; however, each Mac Plum Shade boasts distinct hues—a testament to the brand’s deep roster within this color category alone! From lighter pink-hued like ‘Up The Amp’’ to dark wine hues such as ‘Talk That Talk’- there is no shortage for those looking for all things purple.

5. They stand the test of time: Plum shades have been a fan favorite in Mac Cosmetics’ lipstick collection for decades – affirming that a good “oomph” is always in style. Reinvented with different undertones, new packaging designs, and various shade names- as we’ve mentioned above- these lipsticks continue to be a reliable classic despite the passing of time.

In conclusion, this was our top 5 list about Mac’s plum lipsticks. From their unique hues and witty names to their impact on society and ability to stay trendy forever. Thus, it becomes more apparent as to why this brand’s fans can’t get enough of its beautiful plum shade collections!

The Best Occasions to Wear a Mac Lipstick Plum Shade and Tips on Pairing with Outfits

Mac Lipsticks are the ultimate makeup essential used by women all over the world. With its endless shades and colors, it has become a must-have accessory in any woman’s cosmetic bag. However, when it comes to selecting the perfect plum shade for your lipstick collection, it can be challenging to figure out what occasions are best suited for that color and how to pair it with different outfits.

Here’s a guide on how to wear MAC lipstick plum shades on various occasions and tips on pairing them with outfits.

1) Formal Events: When going for formal events like weddings, proms or galas, you want your makeup to look elegant yet striking. In such events, rich and dark plum shades of MAC lipsticks work wonders. Shades like “Plumful” or “Media” gives a sophisticated finish without overpowering your entire outfit. Pair this with an elegant dress or pantsuit in neutral tones like nude, black or grey to let your lips stand out.

2) Work Meetings: Going bold at work can be intimidating, especially when you’re trying to make a professional impression. But, adding a subtle touch of plum color can give you an edge while keeping things classy. Shades like “Brick-o-La” or “See Sheer” are great options as they add the right amount of berry tint without being too loud-like looking appropriate for any office setting.

3) Night Out: When hitting the town with friends or loved ones at night – You got full permission to go all out! A bold shade of deep purple plum can elevate your makeup game instantly! Go for hues like “Rebel,” which offers an alternative twist between pink and purple that looks incredibly sexy when paired with thigh-high boots, short skirts/dresses or cut-out tops that accentuate your curves.

4) Everyday Wear: One of Mac’s most popularly worn lipstick shade seamlessly brands their “MAC Diva”. It’s timeless universal appeal definitely makes it a go-to color for everyday wear. It’s dark deep plum undertones can mix well with classic wardrobes of jeans, flannels or any type of leather jacket to create an effortless street style edge.

When considering selecting a lipstick shade to flaunt with your outfit materials, remember that skin-tone selection is prominent. If you have light-olive or caramel-colored skin, try cherry-pink shades like “Hot Tahiti” or “Plum Dandy.” Those who have fair skins should choose plum hues like “Lustering” while deeper complexions would look fabulous in wine-shade plums like “Captive.” When selecting reds instead of plums and keeping the same skin tones in mind, lighter skin would suit shades like “Morange,” while lighter olive-toned individuals may want to try fiery orange-red color such as the MAC’s Russian Red.”

In conclusion, Plum Mac Lipstick Shades are versatile and can provide women with different looks required for any occasion. From an evening out on the town to workplace meetings and everyday wear, there’s undoubtedly a shade made just for you! Pairing it with outfits takes careful consideration so as not to overdo the masterpiece lip color using trial and error should give you enough ideas on what works best for that specific day! And with these tips on occasions and clothing combinations, you’ll surely rock your MAC Plum Lipstick Shades every time!

10 Must-Have Mac Lipstick Plum Shades Every Beauty Enthusiast Needs in Their Collection

Mac lipsticks are among the most popular and coveted in the beauty world, and for good reason. They offer a wide variety of shades, finishes, and textures that suit every skin tone and preference. In particular, their collection of plum shades is exceptional. Plum lip colors have become increasingly more popular over the years, and Mac has delivered some of the best options out there. Whether you’re looking to create a bold or neutral look, these 10 must-have Mac lipstick plum shades cover all your bases.

1) ‘Rebel’: This iconic Deep berry shade with purple undertones provides long-lasting wear that won’t dry out your lips.

2) ‘Divine Night’: A deep rich burgundy color with slight shimmer that adds just enough sophistication to any look.

3) ‘Prince Noir’: Dark blackened plum shade with a subtle satin finish that gives an edgy twist on traditional red lipstick colour tones.

4) ‘Cyber’: Amp up your makeup routine with this ultra-bold deep plum color in a creamy matte finish! Perfect for daring statement looks

5) ‘Media’ – This deep pure purple hue will feel absolutely luxurious on the lips while offering full coverage without being too overpowering!

6) ‘Hang-Up’: Ideal for fall seasons- Hang-up is characterized by its beautiful crimson-berry tone which suits perfectly with an orange sweater around chilly weather!

7) “Amorous”: Keep it classic yet mysterious with this beautiful muted rose-plum tone. One of MAC’s top-selling lipsticks!

8) ‘Diva’: With dark cherry red hues blended into a unique burgundy-purple base; Diva’s is simply irresistible in either day-to-day or special occasion use

9)’Studded Kiss’: As part of MAC’s Vamplify Collection- This goth-inspired cool toned violet is really made to make heads turn !

10)’Plumful’- This versatile pinky plum lipstick boasts sublime semi-sheer coverage with a hint of gloss. Perfect if you want to try out the plum trend but don’t want too much pigment.

As you can see, Mac provides an impressive range of beautiful shades in their lipstick collection that, will help your lips stay nourished while offering intense pigment packed formulas. Adding these 10 must-have Mac Lipstick Plum Shades in your beauty kit will not only make sure you are always up-to-date on the latest trends but also that you’re ready to steal any show with a single pop of color!

Table with Useful Data: MAC Lipstick Plum Shades

Shade Name Undertone Finish Best Skin Tone
Rebel Cool Satin Fair to Medium
Diva Cool Matte Fair to Deep
Captive Cool Satin Fair to Medium
Media Cool Satin Fair to Deep
Hang Up Cool Cremesheen Fair to Medium
Plumful Warm Lustre Fair to Medium
Amorous Neutral Satin Fair to Deep

Information from an expert

As an expert in the makeup industry, I highly recommend trying out plum shades of Mac lipstick. These shades are versatile enough to suit any occasion, from casual outings to formal events. The strong pigmentation and long-lasting formula make it a great choice for those who want their lips to make a statement. Whether you prefer a deep, rich plum or a lighter, more subdued shade, Mac has something for everyone. Plus, the various finishes available – matte, satin and lustre – provide options for achieving different looks. Overall, Mac’s range of plum lipsticks is definitely worth exploring!

Historical fact:

In 1999, MAC Cosmetics released a limited edition lipstick shade called “Plum Dandy,” which quickly became one of their most popular colors and helped to solidify the trend of dark, vampy lip colors during the late 90s and early 2000s.