5 Reasons Why Mac Matte Lipstick You Wouldn’t Get It is the Ultimate Lipstick for Bold and Edgy Looks [Plus a Personal Story]

5 Reasons Why Mac Matte Lipstick You Wouldn’t Get It is the Ultimate Lipstick for Bold and Edgy Looks [Plus a Personal Story]

Short answer mac matte lipstick you wouldn’t get it;

MAC Matte Lipstick offers intense colour payoff with a no-shine muted finish. It’s long-lasting and comfortable to wear. Available in an array of shades, this lipstick is a staple for makeup lovers seeking dramatic lips.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It”

Are you finally ready to rock that bold shade of Mac Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It”? Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide!

Step 1: Prep Your Lips
Before applying any lipstick, it’s important to prep your lips. Start by exfoliating them with a lip scrub or gently massaging them with a damp towel to remove any dead skin cells. Then, apply a lip balm to hydrate and smooth out your lips.

Step 2: Line Your Lips
Using a lip liner in a similar shade as your lipstick, line the outer edge of your lips. This will help define your lips and prevent the lipstick from bleeding outside of your lip line.

Step 3: Apply the Lipstick
Now it’s time for the fun part! Starting at the center of your upper lip, apply the Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” directly from the bullet or using a lip brush for more precision. Continue along the natural shape of your lips until they are completely filled in.

Step 4: Blot and Set
After applying the lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess product. For long-lasting wear, dust some translucent setting powder over your lips using a fluffy brush.

Step 5: Clean Up Any Mistakes
Don’t worry if you accidentally color outside of the lines! Use a small concealer brush dipped in foundation or concealer to clean up any mistakes around your lips.

And there you have it – five simple steps to achieve that perfect bold pout with Mac Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It”. Go ahead and show off those gorgeous matte lips like nobody’s business!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It”

There’s no doubt that Mac Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” has been causing a stir among lipstick enthusiasts all over the world. This stunning shade of deep plum with a matte finish is perfect for those who want to add an edgy touch to their look, but it also comes with its fair share of questions. So we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions about this daring Mac lipstick, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

1. What undertone does “You Wouldn’t Get It” have?

MAC Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” has a cool undertone. This means that it falls on the pinker end of the color spectrum rather than being warm and golden like some other lipsticks.

2. Is “You Wouldn’t Get It” suitable for all skin tones?

Yes! One of the great things about this lipstick is that it looks amazing on all skin tones. Whether you’re fair or dark-skinned, “You Wouldn’t Get It” adds an element of glamor and sophistication to your overall look!

3. Is it transfer-proof?

While no lipstick is truly 100% transfer-proof (even if they claim to be), MAC Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” does have pretty impressive staying power when compared to other lipsticks out there. However, if you’re eating or drinking, expect a little bit of fading or transfer.

4. Do I need to wear a primer with this lipstick?

Wearing a primer under your lipstick can help prolong its stay and make it look more even and polished, especially if your lips tend to dry out easily. However, MAC Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” has been formulated specifically for long-lasting wearability without needing any additional product underneath.

5.What type of makeup should I pair with this color?

“You wouldn’t get it” can be paired up with either a subtle cat-eye look or with more dramatic smoky eyes, depending on how you want to make a statement. Experimenting with various colors and techniques will help you find the perfect complementary makeup for this lipstick.

In conclusion, MAC Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” is definitely one of those shades that make people stop and stare. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to add to your collection or just want to step outside of your comfort zone for something bold, “You wouldn’t get it” is definitely worth trying out. With its long-lasting formula and universally flattering color, this Mac lipstick has quickly become a fan-favorite among makeup enthusiasts everywhere!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It”

If you’re a fan of bold lipstick, then you’ve probably come across the Mac Matte Lipstick line “You Wouldn’t Get It”. This popular collection is known for its intense pigment and long-lasting wear, but that’s not all there is to know about these lipsticks. Here are five facts you need to know about the Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It”:

1. The shade range is inspired by iconic comic book characters

If you’re wondering where the unique shade names come from, they’re actually inspired by some of our favourite comic book characters. For example, the deep purple hue “Dark Side” is named after Batman’s nemesis, while the bright red tone “Stunner” references Harley Quinn’s iconic look.

2. They’re perfect for creating statement looks

The high-impact pigment of these lipsticks makes them ideal for creating bold, statement looks. Whether you want to channel your inner superhero or make a dramatic impression at a party, “You Wouldn’t Get It” has got you covered.

3. They have a comfortable matte finish

One of the downsides of many matte lipsticks is that they can often feel dry and uncomfortable on the lips. However, Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” uses a special formula that provides an impressive matte finish while still feeling comfortable and hydrating.

4. They’re versatile enough for any skin tone

While some vibrant lipstick shades can only be pulled off by certain skin tones, Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” offers something for everyone. From pinks and purples to blues and greens – these lipsticks are versatile enough to work with any complexion.

5. The staying power is second-to-none

Finally, perhaps one of the best qualities of Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” is its staying power. Once applied properly – using a lip liner is highly recommended – these lipsticks can last for hours without fading or smudging. Say goodbye to constant touch-ups and hello to long-lasting, show-stopping lip colour.

In conclusion, Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” is a highly-pigmented and versatile lipstick collection that offers long-lasting wear time and a comfortable matte finish. With its comic-book-inspired shade names, this line of lipsticks is perfect for anyone who wants to channel their inner superhero or make a bold statement with their makeup look.

The Science Behind Why Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” Lasts All Day

Mac Matte Lipstick is an iconic product that has been around for decades, and one shade in particular has become a cult favorite. “You Wouldn’t Get It” is a deep, rich purple with a creamy matte finish. But what sets this lipstick apart from others on the market is its incredible staying power. Many people have reported wearing it for an entire day without needing to touch up or reapply.

So, what’s the science behind why Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” lasts all day? Let’s break it down.

Firstly, one of the main components of any lipstick formulation is wax. Wax helps to give the product its structure and texture, ensuring that it stays put on your lips. Mac Matte Lipstick contains a unique combination of waxes that work together to create a long-lasting and smudge-proof formula.

Next up is pigment. The vibrant color payoff of “You Wouldn’t Get It” comes from high levels of pigment in the formula. Mac uses a special blend of pigments that are finely milled and evenly dispersed throughout the lipstick, ensuring that every swipe delivers bold color.

Another crucial element in creating a long-wearing lipstick is the use of silicones. Silicones are synthetic polymers that are used in many beauty products due to their ability to create a smooth, silky texture and improve longevity. Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” contains several different types of silicones that help to lock in moisture and keep the formula from drying out your lips.

Finally, we can’t forget about preservatives. While not always glamorous, these ingredients are essential for keeping makeup products safe and effective over time. Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” includes preservatives such as tocopherol (vitamin E) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage.

When you combine all of these science-backed elements together, you get a lipstick that truly stands the test of time. Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” is a testament to the brand’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and innovative formulations to create makeup that works for everyone.

So, whether you’re wearing it for a long day at the office or a night out on the town, you can trust that this iconic shade will stay put and keep your lips looking bold and beautiful all day (and night!) long.

The Best Makeup Looks to Pair with Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It”

When it comes to bold lipstick choices, Mac Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” is definitely on the top of the list. With its deep plum shade and fierce matte finish, this lipstick demands attention and confidence. But what kind of makeup looks can you pair with such a statement lip color? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered with our top picks for the best makeup looks to complement your Mac Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It”.

1. Soft Glam

Contrast is key when it comes to pairing a bold lip color with your eye makeup. By keeping your eye makeup soft and subtle, you’ll let your Mac Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” take center stage while still having a complete look. A soft wash of neutral eyeshadows on the lid paired with fluttery lashes will give you that effortless yet put-together vibe that balances out the intensity of the lip color beautifully.

2. Bronzed Goddess

If you’re looking for something more vibrant, pairing Mac Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” with bronzed skin and gold-toned eyes could be just what you need to make an unforgettable statement. Start by applying bronzer all over the face using a fluffy brush for an earthy glow then add some warmth around your eyes using warm brown eyeshadows infused with golden sparkles or shimmering metallics. Top off your look by highlighting your brow bone and cheekbones as well as adding black winged eyeliner for an extra definition to those gorgeous eyes of yours.

3. Bold Smokey Eye

Another way to go big or go home is by pairing this stunningly dark shade with a bold smokey eye look! Channel inner Kim Kardashian by layering black shadows along both upper & lower lash lines creating a sultry smolder effect! To add more depth & dimension apply champagne lights on inner tear ducts followed by your favorite shimmer shade below the eyebrow arches. Finish off the look with dramatic falsies that act as cherry on top to this breath-taking smokey eye.

4. Ethereal Goddess

For those who love more of an ethereal, otherworldly aesthetic, combining Mac Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” with dreamy, pearlescent accents could create a unique contrast that no one can resist! Keep it seamless but still glamorous by using cheekbones illuminators and soft subtle beiges on eyes instead of heavier tones. Then finish yor look off by placing beads of pearls inside eyeliner lines or applying it to the inner corner of eyes for that enchanting highlight touch!

In conclusion, Mac Matte Lipstick in “You Wouldn’t Get It” is undoubtedly not for fainthearted in terms of boldness and intensity, but once you have figured out how to pair it creatively, you’ll discover that such hues make iconic staples in any women’s makeup collections’ boudoir’s!. With these four versatile makeup looks above, there’s sure to be something that fits your style and lets your lips do all the talking! So go ahead and rock your statement lip color knowing you’re looking fabulous while expressing yourself through a daring & confident beauty choice!

How to Find the Perfect Shade of Mac Matte Lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” for Your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect lipstick shade can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to Mac’s matte lipsticks. With an impressive selection of colors ranging from bold reds to soft nudes, choosing the right one that complements your skin tone can make all the difference.

But fear not! We’ve got you covered with some tips on how to find the perfect shade of Mac matte lipstick “You Wouldn’t Get It” for your skin tone.

1. Determine Your Skin Tone
Before we dive into finding the right lipstick shade, it’s essential to understand your undertone. There are three main categories: warm, cool, and neutral. A quick way to determine your undertone is by looking at the veins in your wrist. If they appear greenish, you have a warm undertone. On the other hand, if they appear bluish or purple, you have a cool undertone. If you’re somewhere in between or can’t quite tell which vein color is dominant? You might have a neutral skin tone.

2. Pick Vibrant Shades for Warm-Toned Skin
If you have warm undertones, take advantage of bright pops of color like coral and orange-based shades such as “Relentlessly Red.” You also cannot go wrong with rich browns; “Whirl” brings both drama and depth to any look.

3. Cool-Toned Skin Does Well with Rosy Undertones
A lilac-colored “Diva” looks feminine but powerful with hints of dark plum that stand out against cool-tone skin while being easy on the eyes since it doesn’t scream color too loud.

4. Neutral-toned People Look Best in Berry Shades
Fortunately for those of us who don’t fall hard into either camp when it comes to our skin tones – we’re lucky enough always to have something work because berry hues are universally flattering no matter what—such as opting for Mac’s iconic “Ruby Woo.”

5. The Lighter the Skin, The More Subtle the Shade
Subtle variations of pink work perfectly on light skin tones. Keeping it subtle with shades such as “Please Me” will draw attention to your pout without overwhelming your face.

6. Dark Skin Tones Need Bold Colors
“Matte Royal” is bold and straightforward cool-toned lipstick shade that looks good on anyone, regardless of their skin tone. If you opt for more subtle colors, give Mac’s iconic “Ruby Woo” a try: perfect for when you’re feeling fun and flirty but want to keep things low-key.

In conclusion, finding the perfect shade makes all the difference when it comes to looking great in matte lipstick. When purchasing lipsticks – involving finding out what works harmoniously instead of necessarily picking any random color that seems appealing at the time – patience is key! Now start experimenting with some of these shades and get ready to rock them like never before!

Table with useful data:

Shade Name Undertone Finish Best Skin Tone Price (USD)
Velvet Teddy Warm Matte Light to Medium 19.00
Diva Cool Matte Medium to Dark 19.00
Ruby Woo Cool Matte All skin tones 19.00
Whirl Neutral Matte All skin tones 19.00

Information from an expert

As an expert in the makeup industry, I can confidently say that Mac Matte Lipstick is one of the best lipsticks out there. Its matte finish gives a sophisticated and trendy appeal, while its moisturizing properties ensure long-lasting wear without any chapping or flaking. However, if you’re not willing to splurge on quality lipstick, then you wouldn’t understand the difference it makes in your overall appearance. Investing in high-quality make-up products like Mac Matte Lipstick is worth every penny because it elevates your look and boosts your confidence.

Historical fact:

Mac Matte Lipstick was first introduced in 1995 by the cosmetic brand MAC. It quickly gained popularity among makeup enthusiasts and has since become a staple product in many people’s makeup collections.