10 Must-Try MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks: A Beauty Blogger’s Personal Favorites [with Swatches and Reviews]

10 Must-Try MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks: A Beauty Blogger’s Personal Favorites [with Swatches and Reviews]

**Short answer: Mac Cosmetics lipsticks** are a line of premium lipsticks offered by the high-end makeup brand. They come in a wide variety of shades and finishes, with options for every skin tone and preference. Mac lipsticks are known for their long-wearing formula, intense color payoff, and comfortable wear.

How to Choose the Perfect Mac Cosmetics Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

As a makeup enthusiast, there’s nothing more thrilling than finding the perfect shade of lipstick that complements your skin tone. Whether you prefer bold and bright hues or subtle and understated tones, Mac Cosmetics has an extensive range of lipstick shades to choose from. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for your complexion. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to choose the perfect Mac Cosmetics lipstick shade for your skin tone.

Determine Your Skin Tone

First things first, it’s important to determine your skin tone. Are you fair, medium, olive, or deep? A simple way to do this is by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist in natural light. If they appear blue or purple, you have cool undertones and fall under the fair to medium category. If they appear greenish or olive, then you have warm undertones and come under the medium to deep category.

Fair Skin Tones:

If you have a fair complexion with cool undertones, go for soft pinks like syrup or angel which will add a pop of color without overpowering your face. For warmer fair skin tones try coral shades such as crosswires and vegas volt which will give a fresh appearance to your look.

Medium Skin Tones:

For those with medium skin tones that lean towards pink or red undertones opt for darker berries like craving and viva glam III which will really make those lip pop! Warmer tawny tones look great on most prominent mid-tones given their substantial saturation; colors like Taupe are good examples which gives a deeper earthy look altogether.

Olive Skin Tones:

Opt for colors that balance out yellow-green tones with purply-pink hues: Try Pink Nouveau , Relentlessly Red , perhaps even Ruby Woo is another classic option which looks absolutely stunning.

Deep Skin Tones:

Indulge in deep blues and purples, coppers or glossy golds which makes a dramatic statement. Kaleidoscope is one shade which intensifies the beauty of deeper skin tones; it’s a bright orange-red with a high-impact finish that will electrify any look you try!

Finishes and Textures:

Another important aspect to consider while choosing the perfect Mac Cosmetics lipstick shade is understanding finishes and textures- from matte to glossy – each with varying degrees of opacity, shine, hydration… So when you pick your preferred color make sure you are also investigating its texture too.

Matte lipsticks typically have intense pigment with velvety yet flat finish (consider Lady Danger for something that truly packs an edge). But few people realize how nourishing these formulas can be thanks to key ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter. Find yourself some cool tones in the Retro Matte collection including Ruby Woo .

Glossy Glosses is another go-to option if you want plump hydrated lips while looking effortlessly natural. Pink Poodle comes highly recommended as an enduring classic for this range.

Tips on Application:

Once you’ve found the perfect Mac Cosmetics lipstick shade for your skin tone, here are some application tips to ensure it looks flawless:

Firstly Prepare your lips: before applying any lipstick always make sure that your lips are smooth and moisturized. Use a lip scrub once every week to exfoliate dead skin cells & keep them soft at all times.

Keep lines straight: don’t let shaky hands get in the way of applying perfectly straight lines. Start by drawing an X shape at Cupid’s bow and then fill-in each side from there.

Blotting Excess: blotting helps remove any excess product making it appear more subtle yet long lasting; always remember less is more.


In conclusion there’s no fixed choice when it comes down to choosing your ideal Mac Cosmetics Lipstick; it all depends on your skin tone and the texture you prefer. Whether you’re aiming for a natural look or wanting to create an iconic statement with color – It’s important to have patience while experimenting with different finishes, textures and shades to find one that suits you the best. With this guide we hope you can now make informed lipstick choices based on your personality, style and personality whilst looking chic, confident and self-assured in every step of the way.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply Mac Cosmetics Lipstick Like a Pro

Nothing beats the feeling of achieving the perfect pout. It can be a flawless finish to any look, making you feel confident and ready to conquer anything that comes your way. This is why Mac Cosmetics has become a staple brand in the beauty industry for lipstick enthusiasts.

If you’re not familiar with how to apply Mac Cosmetics lipstick like a pro, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Prep Your Lips
First things first, before applying any lipstick, it’s important to ensure that your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized. You can use a lip scrub or gently brush your lips with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Apply either a lip balm or a hydrating primer that will keep your color from bleeding out throughout the day.

Step 2: Choose Your Shade
Mac Cosmetics offers an extensive range of flattering shades; selecting the right color that compliments your skin tone is key. Determine whether you have cool, warm or neutral undertones, and find the corresponding shade suited for those tones.

Step 3: Outline Your Lips
Using MACs Lip Pencil in a matching shade as your selected lipstick color, outline your natural lip shape carefully without over-lining them. Start from the cupid’s bow and draw along the edges all around until you complete both bottom corners of your lips.

Step 4: Apply The Lipstick
Now it’s time to use your preferred MAC Cosmos fresh tube of lippy! Starting at the center of each lip, apply an even coat towards each side taking caution not to go beyond what’s been outlined by firmly pressing together afterwards.If desired for extra oomph repeat these steps once more starting with Step 3

Step 5: Add Some Highlighting
For an added glamorous touch after applying Mac cosmetics lipstick – Why not dab onto cheekbones Brown-script eyeshadow (as used by MAC artists,) for highlighting and contouring effects? This will enhance your overall makeup look.

In conclusion, after following these simple steps you will become a pro at applying MAC Cosmetics lipstick with ease. Your final look will be bold, invigorating and picture-perfect making you the envy of all around. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash your inner beauty guru!

Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks FAQ: All Your Burning Questions Answered

As a girl, one of the most essential cosmetics you must have in your makeup kit is lipstick. And as for the crème de la crème among lipsticks, you simply can’t go wrong with MAC Cosmetics’ range of lipsticks.

But with so many options to choose from – different finishes and countless shades – it can be overwhelming to decide which MAC lipstick would best suit you. No need to fret because we’ve got all your burning questions answered in this FAQ about MAC lipsticks.

What are the popular lipstick finishes available at MAC Cosmetics?
There are six standard finishes of MAC lipsticks:
1. Matte: long-lasting and intense finish that leaves zero shine.
2. Retro Matte: The same intense pigment as matte but even drier, super matte & extra long-wearing!
3. Satin: soft texture with a semi-matte finish that provides full coverage yet lightweight; perfect for everyday wear.
4. Amplified Cream: creamy, moisturizing formula with rich pigment colors.
5. Cremesheen: super-hydrating texture enriched with Vitamin E
6.Lustre – Pearlized Full-coverage which is quite shiny or glossy blending two subtle colours together delivering a frosted finished look.

What are the most iconic shades amongst MAC Cosmetics’ Lipstick collection?
If there’s one color that defines Mac Cosmetics, surely its “Ruby Woo” (A true blue red matte). Also, some other cult favorites include “Candy Yum-Yum,” (bright neon pink), “Velvet Teddy” (deep-tone beige), “Faux”(muted mauve-pink) and “Russian Red”.

Which shade should I choose based on my skin tone?
MAC has an extensive array of diverse shades suitable for all skin tones if chosen correctly keeping in mind as listed below:

Fair Skin:
Pale skins look great carrying corals such as Morange or deep pink shades, like girl about town or pink plaid from MAC.
Bolder & Brighter Reds are also a great option to make a statement.

Medium Skin:
For medium skin tone women cool, deep-toned shades of pink and purple, such as “Diva” “Rebel,” “Bright Plum” and “Flat Out Fabulous,” work best for the day look.
Amorous (Lovely Neutral Rose) or chili (burnt orange-red) can be taken into consideration for a bolder colour choice at night; they give an amazing pop to the face.

Olive Skin:
Olive toned women’s natural undertone looks stellar with peachier nudes like “Kinda Sexy” & warmer corals like coral bliss

Dark Skin:
Dark-skinned beauties should opt for more deeper hues that stand out visibly on their skin tones. Shades such as “Instigator”(Deep blackened plum), Diva (intense reddish-burgundy), Rebel (“Mid-tone cream plum”), and Heroin (“Bright violet matte”) all dazzle against dark skin.

How long do MAC Cosmetics lipsticks last?
The staying power of MAC’s lipsticks is impressive, thanks to its rich pigment formulation but The longevity of lipstick depends entirely on how hydrating your lips are underneath. So use Lip Primer before applying any lipstick it will improve the longevity and wearing time of any lipstick.

Can I apply Matte finish mac Lipsticks if my Lips are chapped?
Matte finish tends to highlight any dry patches which makes them slightly tricky to apply when suffering from super-dry lips. It’s suggested you keep those lips hydrated by regularly exfoliating them and applying some nourishing lip balm/coconut oil before indulging in matte.

Are there any special tips for keeping MAC Cosmetics’ Lipstick looking fresh throughout the day during summer?
MAC Color stay put hours only if you follow a simple lip care routine especially while spending summers outside or in summer weather. Avoid heat; such as direct sunlight, Ensure You carry a lipstick with you so that if the lipstick fades off then Apply it again once in a while throughout the day, and avoid excess consumption of oily food as they smudge much quicker than others.

Now that we’ve answered all your burning questions about MAC Cosmetics lipsticks, what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest beauty store/ online shopping website and get your hands on your perfect shade!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks

When it comes to cosmetic brands, few names are as iconic and beloved as MAC Cosmetics. Since their inception in the 1980s, they have consistently delivered high-quality products that cater to all skin types and preferences.

One of MAC’s most popular products is their range of lipsticks. Whether you’re looking for a bold bright shade or a subtle nude, MAC has something for everyone. In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at the top five facts you need to know about MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks.

Fact #1: The Shades Are Endless

One of the biggest advantages of MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks is their impressive range of shades. From classic reds to trendy purples, there are over 200 different lipstick colors available – making it easy to find the perfect shade no matter what your skin tone or personal style might be.

In addition to solid colors, many MAC lipsticks also feature unique finishes like metallic or glossy textures.

Fact #2: They Are Long-Lasting

Finding a lipstick that can last all day without smudging or fading can be difficult – but MAC Cosmetics lipsticks are renowned for their long-lasting formula.

These lipsticks stay put for hours, even after eating and drinking! Additionally, some shades (like the Matte Finish) come with intense staying power specifically designed to provide maximum wear time.

Fact #3: They Offer Different Finishes

One of the things that makes MAC so great when it comes to lipstick is its variety in finishes. There’s no single finish perfect for every occasion—that’s why having options is key!

Options include:

– Amplified (greatly pigmented)
– Matte (dries fast and super vivid)
– Retro matte (balancing between being dry on lips while also retaining pigment intensity )
– Lustre (shimmery sheer tints)
– Satin (different from Matte finish since it has a less shiny, more velvety texture)

Fact #4: They Are Affordable

While some high-end lipsticks can cost upwards of or more, MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks are generally affordable, with prices in the range of to .

They may not be as cheap as drugstore brands – but their quality and range of shades make it worth the investment.

Fact #5: They Are Cruelty-Free

Animal testing for cosmetics has been a hot-button issue for many years—and MAC is committed to doing its part. All MAC Cosmetics products (including their lipsticks) are cruelty-free, meaning they do not test on animals.

In conclusion, the popularity of MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks is no surprise when you consider these five amazing facts: there’s an endless variety of shades to choose from; they’re long-lasting; there’s an array of finishes available; they won’t break the bank; and they’re made ethically without testing on animals.

Whether you are new to makeup or have been using cosmetics for years, we highly recommend investing in a few MAC lipsticks! With so many options available at such reasonable prices, there’s no better way to add some fun and flair to your makeup routine.

Must-Have Mac Cosmetic Lipstick Shades for Every Occasion

For makeup enthusiasts everywhere, MAC Cosmetics is a well-known and beloved brand for its high quality and wide range of products. But when it comes to lipsticks, MAC takes the cake with their stunning array of shades suitable for every occasion.

Whether you’re in the mood for a bold red pout or a subtle nude, there’s a MAC lipstick shade out there for you! Here are some must-have shades that every makeup lover should have in their collection:

1. Ruby Woo
MAC’s most iconic shade has to be Ruby Woo. This universally flattering matte red lipstick is perfect for any formal event or even just to make a statement on an average day. The blue undertones make your teeth appear whiter, and the long-lasting formula ensures that the pigment stays put all day.

2. Velvet Teddy
Velvet Teddy is another iconic shade loved by many. It’s a warm-toned nude that complements all skin tones and can be easily dressed up or down. Perfect for a soft glam look, this matte lipstick provides full coverage without being too heavy.

3. Mocha
For those who prefer brownish hues over pinky nudes, Mocha is the perfect choice. This satin finish lipstick adds warmth to your complexion and looks great during colder months when dark lip colors are more popular.

4. Diva
If you’re feeling daring and want to channel your inner diva, reach for this deep burgundy hue – aptly named Diva! Wear this matte lipstick on nights out or special occasions, paired with an equally bold eye look to really turn heads.

5. Lady Danger
For those who like living life on the edge, Lady Danger is just what you need! This vibrant orange-red matte lipstick is sure to catch everyone’s eye making it perfect for concerts and festivals where you want to stand out from the crowd.

6. Patisserie
Not every occasion calls for bold lip colors, which is why Patisserie is a great option for a subtle and pretty look. This sheer pink shade has glimmers of gold shimmer that make your lips look healthy and full.

7. Up the Amp
For those who love purple tones, Up the Amp is a gorgeous lilac hue that adds a pop of color to any outfit. The amplified lipstick formula provides full coverage without feeling too heavy on the lips – perfect for an everyday wear or special occasion.

Overall, MAC Cosmetics has brilliantly created lipsticks in various textures and finishes that are suitable for every skin type and personal preferences. With these must-have shades in your makeup bag, you’ll be prepared for any occasion life throws your way!

The History and Evolution of Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks: From Ruby Woo to Velvet Teddy

Since its inception in 1984, Mac Cosmetics has been a giant in the beauty industry. Their products are loved by makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike, with their lipsticks being the most iconic of all. Over the years, Mac Cosmetic’s lipsticks have become staples in every beauty lover’s collection, and they offer something for everyone.

Initially launched with a small range of ten lipsticks, Mac Cosmetics now boasts an extensive collection of over 200 lipstick shades. Their lipsticks have gained popularity due to their amazing color pay-off, long-lasting formulae and high-quality ingredients, making them stand out from other brands in the market.

One of Mac Cosmetic’s most well-known lipstick shades is Ruby Woo – a bright red-pink that has become synonymous with bold lips. Ruby Woo quickly gained cult status after Rihanna revealed it as her go-to shade; it’s since been worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift among many others. The intense pigmentation and classic red-tone make it perfect for any occasion – whether you’re heading out to work or attending a wedding.

Another popular color is Velvet Teddy – a delicate dusty rose-nude that looks stunning on all skin tones. It’s known for being one of those rare lipsticks that can be worn daily without looking too much or overdone on your face. It’s perfect as an everyday shade since it complements most makeup looks while also providing nourishment to your lips.

Mac Cosmetics’ product line includes multiple finishes to suit different preferences: satin-finish (for those who like subtle shine), matte finish (for those seeking bold pigment with minimal shimmer) and frost finish (for maximum bling). These options make it possible for women everywhere to find their unique go-to lipstick shade.

A significant reason why Mac Cosmetics’ lipsticks have remained so popular is due to their continuous reinvention. Even though some colors remain unchanged – the brand often remasters certain shades to meet the changing trends, such as their launch of Stayin’ Alive earlier this year. This soft, pinky-mauve shade was introduced in 2021 summer collection and instantly became a hit with makeup enthusiasts.

The packaging has also evolved over time to keep up with modern aesthetics. Their classic black bullet style remains much-loved but there have been some tweaks, such as the release of a special edition rose gold lipstick case in celebration of their 25th anniversary in 2009.

In conclusion, Mac Cosmetics is undoubtedly one of the most reputable cosmetic companies globally. Not only are their products known for exceptional quality and pigmentation, but they’ve cemented their place within the beauty industry due to consistent innovation and evolution. From Ruby Woo to Velvet Teddy – the Mac Cosmetic lipsticks continue to revamp themselves while retaining their signature style that we all know and love.

Table with useful data:

Lipstick Name Finish Color Price
Ruby Woo Matte Bright red $19.00
Velvet Teddy Matte Deep-tone beige $19.00
Kinda Sexy Matte Neutral pinky-rose $19.00
Rebel Satin Mid-tone cream plum $19.00
Lady Danger Matte Vivid bright coral-red $19.00

Information from an expert

As an expert in the cosmetics industry, I can confidently say that MAC lipsticks are some of the best on the market. With a vast range of shades and formulas, there is something for everyone. The matte formula is particularly impressive as it provides long-lasting wear without drying out your lips. Additionally, their limited edition collections always offer unique and exciting colors. Overall, if you’re looking for high-quality lipsticks with unbeatable staying power, then MAC cosmetics should be at the top of your list.

Historical fact:

In 1984, Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo founded MAC Cosmetics in Toronto, Canada. Their first product was a brilliant red lipstick that went on smoothly and was long-lasting, quickly making the brand a favorite among makeup artists and celebrities alike.