10 Must-Have Mac Lipstick Colours for Every Occasion

10 Must-Have Mac Lipstick Colours for Every Occasion

10 Must-Have Mac Lipstick Colours for Every Skin Tone

When it comes to lipstick, MAC is truly the king of the pack. The brand’s lipsticks have reached cult status amongst beauty lovers all over the world, and for good reason – their formulas are long-lasting, pigmented, comfortable to wear and come in an array of shades that cater to all skin tones.

If you’re a MAC lipstick newbie or just looking to expand your collection, we’ve rounded up the 10 must-have MAC lipsticks that should be in every makeup enthusiast’s arsenal.

1. Ruby Woo – This iconic red shade needs no introduction. A true blue-red with a matte finish, it flatters every skin tone and is perfect for when you want to make a statement.

2. Velvet Teddy – A natural nude beige-toned shade with a matte finish that gives off an effortless “my lips but better” look. It suits most skin tones and is ideal for everyday wear or paired with more dramatic eye makeup.

3. Diva – A deep red burgundy with a matte finish adds drama without being too overwhelming on darker complexions but can also complement lighter ones nicely.

4. Candy Yum-Yum – This bright neon pink with a matte finish has quickly become one of MAC’s most popular shades since its launch back in 2012; it’s fun pop of colour that screams summer!

5. Whirl – This brownish mauve with a matte finish was made famous by Kylie Jenner in her early days using MAC products before launching Kylie Cosmetics! It can create a nude effect on some deeper skintones like caramel.

6. Rebel might not seem like an obvious choice but this creamy plum has more people turning heads than ever – coupled with its bold colour so wearable it would suit all skin tones and occasions perfectly.

7. Heroine-Vibrant purple plum matte formula makes everyone take notice regardless what age group or background they possess

8. Lady Danger- Lady danger will brighten up any day with its vivacious coral-red that’s at once bright and bold, yet more wearable than you might initially think. Although it suits most skin tones but looks stunning on those with warm and darker skin.

9. Up the Amp – An amplified purple lilac shade that is universally flattering, perfect for an edgy yet playful pop of colour

10. Chili- A burnt orange with a matte finish that adds warmth to your complexion without making it too overpowering, but unbelievably glamourous. Especially when paired with a simple winged liner or even bold berry hues.

So there’s our top 10 must-have MAC lipstick shades; enjoy the makeup journey!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mac Lipstick Colours

Mac Lipstick colours have been a hot topic in the world of beauty for many years. With their vast array of stunning shades, it’s no surprise people have become curious and intrigued about these iconic products. In this blog post, we’ll unravel the frequently asked questions around Mac Lipstick colours.

1. How many Mac lipstick colours are there?

Mac offers over 200 varying lipstick shades ranging from bold neons to classic nudes, dark vampy colours to strawberry reds. They release limited editions every year; besides their standard collection that’s usually restocked.

2. What are MAC lipsticks made of?

MAC lipsticks are formulated using high-quality pigments that offer long-lasting wear while keeping your lips moisturized throughout the day thanks to ingredients like Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and beeswax.

3. Which MAC lipstick colour is the best seller?

Ruby Woo is undoubtedly one of MAC’s best-selling shades and an absolute favourite amongst beauty enthusiasts worldwide; Ruby Woo has a matte finish and vibrant blue undertones that suits all skin tones.

4. Are all MAC lipsticks matte?

No, not at all! MAC offers lip lovers different finishes including Matte (flat colors), Satin (highly pigmented with a slight sheen) Cremesheen (semi-glossy) Lustre (shimmer finish) Frost (metallic + shimmer finish) Amplified Cream (opaque with shine), Retro Matte Finish(DEEPLY saturated color).

5. Can you mix different shades of M.A.C lipsticks to create new colors?

Yes! That’s the best part – you can mix any shade together until you end up creating what works well for you or follow tutorials /guides online if undecided on which shade goes well with your chosen one.

6. Do Mac lipstick Colors suit everyone’s Skin Tones?

MAC offers versatile shades that cater to every skin tone out there. Whether your skin has warm, cool, or neutral undertones, you will surely find the perfect shade that complements your complexion.

7. How long do Mac lipsticks last on lips?

MAC Lipsticks are famously known for their longevity which varies depending on the finish and formulation; matte lipstick varies anything from 5hrs-10hrs, whereas high shine can last between 2-6hours.

8. How do I remove MAC lipstick?

Using an oil-based remover is ideal as it breaks down any formula, also coconut oil works magic a good option too! You can use cotton wool or a beauty wipe to clean up post removal.

In conclusion, MAC Lipstick colours are diverse and have become a must-have in many people’s beauty routines – no wonder they’re constantly sold-out at so many retail stores . Hopefully this article has given you some useful insights about these iconic shades that we all adore!

The Best Mac Lipstick Shades for a Bold and Trendy Look

As a fashion-forward makeup enthusiast, you know that there is nothing quite like a bold and trendy lip shade to complete your look. And when it comes to lipsticks that truly make a statement, there is simply no denying the power of Mac Cosmetics. With their vast array of richly pigmented colors and iconic packaging, Mac lipsticks are staples in any beauty lover’s collection. But with so many shades available, how can you choose just one?

Well, fear not my fellow lipstick enthusiasts! In this article, we’ll be breaking down some of the most popular and on-trend shades from Mac Cosmetics to help you find your perfect match. Whether you’re looking for something classic and chic or daring and edgy, these mac lipstick shades are sure to have you turning heads.

1. Diva

If you’re looking for a deep berry tone that exudes elegance and sophistication, then Mac’s Diva is the shade for you. This intense matte lipstick is perfect for those who love a classic Hollywood glam look.

2. Ruby Woo

One of Mac’s most popular shades is Ruby Woo – a true red hue with blue undertones that flatters every skin tone. With its retro vibe and velvety texture, Ruby Woo has become an iconic staple in the world of beauty.

3. Heroine

For those who are more daring in their style choices, Heroine is an electric purple shade that screams confidence and courage. This feminine yet fierce color may not be suitable for everyone but if worn right looks absolutely gorgeous.


If you want to go for something more subdued but still trendy at the same time then Twig looks amazing on cooler skin tones as it has warm peachy-brown undertones which gives natural-looking lips some life.

5.Candy Yum-Yum

This neon pink color evokes memories of summer days gone by – bright sunshine yellow polka dot bikini minus the bikini of course. This lipstick shade will have you feeling fun and flirty with a classic matte finish that lasts all day long.

6. Russian Red

This fiery red is for the brave ones who dare to take their glam game up a notch or two. With its blue-based undertones, it’s perfect for cool-toned skin since it brings out your natural tones.

7. Velvet Teddy

For those times when you want something more subdued but still beautiful, Velvet Teddy is just what you need. A soft matte beige color, this versatile shade can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

In conclusion, Mac Cosmetics provide some of the best lipstick shades that cater to anyone’s preferences and needs whether bold and daring, sleek and sophisticated or even glamorous and playful. Be prepared to turn heads regardless of which top trending Mac shade you chose as there is something special when those Mac lipsticks are being rocked flawlessly!

The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know about Mac Lipstick Colours

Lipstick is an essential item in the makeup bag of any beauty enthusiast, and Mac lipsticks have become a cult favorite amongst the makeup community. With an extensive range of lipstick shades to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect one for your skin tone and personal style. In this blog post, we will share with you the top 5 facts you need to know about Mac lipstick colors.

Fact #1: MAC has over 200 Lipstick Colors

MAC (Makeup Artist Cosmetics) boasts an extensive range of colors that include over 200 shades across different finishes like Matte, Satin, Lustre, Amplified and many more! The brand’s diverse collection ranges from daring reds to neutral nudes, sultry purples to popping pinks. There’s undoubtedly a shade for everyone’s personality and skin tone.

Fact #2: Know Your Undertone

Before investing in your next Mac Lipstick color, make sure you know your undertone. Understanding what undertones are best suited for your complexion is crucial when selecting the right shade for you. If you have warm-toned skin( yellow or peach), opt-in for warm coral or brick red lipsticks such as ” Chili” or “So chaud.” Cool toned complexions (pink or blue) should go towards soft pinks – Including “Angel” – Or cool pink(Candy Yum-Yum). Neutral undertones have a bit more flexibility but tend towards pink shades.

Fact #3: Experiment with Different Finishes

MAC Lipsticks come in many different formulations such as Lipglass which adds shine!, Matte finish which is bold with high pigment impact but drying whereas Satin finish provides rich intense colour with a slight sheen. You don’t need to stick to just one finish; instead experiment and try out various types until you identify which suits your preference.

Fact #4: Mac Is CRUELTY-FREE

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll be pleased to know that MAC is completely cruelty-free. The brand has a firm stand not to test on animals and supports organizations who fight against animal testing worldwide.

Fact #5: Limited Editions are Exciting

MAC often surprises its customers with limited edition collections with exclusive colors, such as the “Selena” or ” Viva Glam” tubes which have unique packaging and colors that catered towards specific groups of people. These releases tend to go quickly which make them extra special!

In conclusion, some wear makeup for different reasons; whether it’s for energizing oneself or pleasing its audience, what remains fundamental is our ability to recognize best-suited lipstick colours that capture our personal spirits while complementing our complexion. Now with these facts at hand, the right color choice is one step closer giving each person their edge and confidence to match their personality. Try having fun exploring different shade ranges from MAC cosmetics but don’t forget about your undertone/base upon selecting your next purchase of Mac Lipsticks.

How to Mix and Match Different Mac Lipstick Shades for a Customized Look

Lipsticks are one of the most essential items in any makeup collection. With so many different shades and finishes available, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of colors. However, there’s no need to stick to just one shade when you can mix and match different Mac lipstick shades for a completely customized look. In this post, we will give you some tips on how to create various lip looks by combining different shades.

1) Create Ombre Lips: Ombre lips have been trending for quite some time now and rightfully so. It gives an illusion of fuller and more dimensioned lips, while adding a creative flair to your look. To create this attention-grabbing look using Mac lipsticks, start with a darker shade on the outer corners of your lips and blend it slightly towards the center. Then take a lighter shade or even clear gloss, apply it in the middle part of your lips blending upwardly toward the dark color.

2) Add Depth and Dimension: If you want more depth and drama to your lipstick game but don’t prefer an ombre-like effect, try layering two different Mac lipstick shades from similar tones at extreme positions (dark-burgundy mixed with light pink). Apply the darker shade first as a base then apply lighter color either over every inch of colored lips or around/inner side only starting from halfway after marking edges corrects corresponding lines by using lip liner or precise brush.

3) Nude-ish tone – The trendiest looks at fashion weeks are ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks which is quite achievable through balancing lipstick colors between nude/barely-there & bold/dark ones; Mix beige/nude/lite brown-shaded mac lipstick shades that complement one another whichever suits better based on complexion undertones. Blending both gives natural warmth without going too heavy.

4) Color-block Your Pout – You can quickly elevate any outfit with vibrant mac colors like electric pink, coral, magenta or blood red; layering two or three colors in up-and-down or left-to-right pattern on your pout to create a staggering effect. It’s crucial to have good lip products that withstand a lot of wear & tear and keep colors looking richly pigmented while applying.

5) Stain Style – Girlies going for that low-maintenance look still can allow their lips to make an impression replacing gloss by formula mac lipsticks with play around colors like vibrant oranges, purples, blues or blacks marking lightly with the shade so as not to heavily pick one over another. The whole idea is giving yourself a tint/stain rather than using these shades entirely and keeping them subtle yet noticeable.

By mixing and matching different Mac lipstick shades, there’s no limit to the looks you can create. Whether you want subtle depth or bold statements, Mac has got you covered with their fantastic range of lip products! Take out Your inner creativity and experiment today!

Secret Tips for Making Your Mac Lipstick Colour Last All Day

As a Mac lipstick enthusiast, I understand the frustration of investing in a gorgeous shade only to have it fade or disappear within a couple of hours. But fear not – with these secret tips, you can make your Mac lipstick colour last all day!

1. Exfoliate your lips

Before applying any lipstick, it’s essential to prep your lips by exfoliating them gently. Use a lip scrub or create one at home by mixing sugar and honey together. This will remove dead skin cells and create a smooth base for your lipstick.

2. Apply lip balm

After exfoliating, apply a thin layer of lip balm on your lips to moisturize them and prevent dryness throughout the day.

3. Use a lip liner

Using a lip liner will help define your lips’ shape while also providing an excellent base for your lipstick to adhere to. Choose a liner that matches the shade of your lipstick or is slightly darker.

4. Apply lipstick with a brush

Instead of directly applying the lipstick from the tube, use a brush to apply it evenly over your lips. This allows for more precise application and ensures that the colour is well-saturated.

5. Blot and reapply

After applying one layer of lipstick, blot it lightly with tissue paper before applying another coat of lipstick or gloss if desired.

6. Set with powder

For extra-long-lasting power, lightly dust translucent powder over your lips after applying two coats of lipstick.

7. Avoid oily foods

Oily food can quickly break down any lip product you’re wearing; so try to avoid greasy meals throughout the day.

Following these simple steps can help you get the most out of your favourite Mac Lipstick shade! So take care, have fun experimenting and rock that stunning bold look all day long!