5 Reasons Why Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive is the Perfect Addition to Your Makeup Collection [Plus a Personal Story]

5 Reasons Why Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive is the Perfect Addition to Your Makeup Collection [Plus a Personal Story]

Short answer: Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive

Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive is a shade in the popular Powder Kiss line. It has a weightless formula that delivers a soft-focus, blurring effect to the lips. The color is a vibrant pink with a blue undertone, ideal for those who want to make an impact.

How to Apply MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive Shade Like A Pro

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, chances are you have heard of MAC’s Powder Kiss Lipstick. This line of lipsticks promises a blotted, soft-focus look with long-lasting hydration. One shade that is particularly on-trend this season is “Impulsive.” In this post, we’ll guide you through how to apply this gorgeous shade like a pro.

Step 1: Prep Your Lips

Before applying any lipstick, it’s essential to prep your lips for the best results. Use either a lip scrub or a clean toothbrush and gently exfoliate your lips. This step will remove any rough patches and create a smoother canvas to work on.

Next, use a hydrating lip balm or primer to moisturize your lips thoroughly. The MAC Prep + Prime Lip works well as it provides an excellent base for your lipstick and prolongs its wear time.

Step 2: Apply MAC Powder Kiss Impulsive

MAC Powder Kiss Impulsive has an ultra-comfortable formula that glides effortlessly onto the lips thanks to its impressive pigment payoff. For even coverage, start by tracing around the outer edges of your lips with the bullet’s pointed tip.

Press the lipstick firmly into the center of your bottom lip, then move outwards towards each corner. Repeat this step three times until you achieve full coverage on your bottom lip.

Afterward, press your lips together lightly; this will deposit some product from your bottom lip onto your upper one without adding too much color at once.

Step 3: Use A Lip Brush To Blend

To perfect the blotted finish that we love about these lipsticks, use a lip brush to blend any harsh lines along with the edges of the mouth.

Begin by dipping your brush into impulsive shade or tissue off any excess if necessary before blending using gentle back-and-forth motions all over both upper and lower lips until it looks seamless.

Step 4: Add Finishing Touches

Finally, you can apply a lip gloss on top of the MAC Powder Kiss Impulsive shade to add a bit of shine to your look. The MAC Lipglass in Clear or Lovechild shades complement this shade nicely without overpowering it, giving a subtle shimmery effect.

Another way to finish off your look is by applying some highlighter on your cupid’s bow and center of the bottom lip. This step will give an added dimension and make your lips look fuller.


With these simple steps, you can create an enviable, blotted look with the MAC Powder Kiss Impulsive shade. From prepping your lips to adding finishing touches, follow these guidelines like pro for best results. Remember, always clean up any smudges or mistakes with concealer so that you can rock that perfect pout all day long!

Make a Statement with the Raved About MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive

If you’re looking for a lipstick that will make a statement, look no further than the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive. This bold, unique shade is sure to turn heads and grab attention wherever you go.

Now, let’s talk about what makes this lipstick so special. The MAC Powder Kiss formula has been raved about by beauty bloggers and influencers for its incredible texture and finish. Unlike other matte lipsticks that can feel dry or heavy on your lips, the Powder Kiss formula glides on smoothly and feels lightweight all day long.

But let’s get back to why we’re really here: Impulsive. This bright pink-orange hue is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their makeup. It’s fun, bold, and daring – everything you need to show off your confidence and personality.

One of the best things about this lipstick is that it looks amazing on any skin tone. Whether you have fair skin or deep undertones, Impulsive adds a pop of color that truly stands out without being overwhelming or gaudy.

In addition to its vibrant shade, this lipstick has staying power that lasts all day long. You won’t have to worry about touch-ups or reapplying throughout the day – once it’s on, it stays put!

So if you’re looking for a lipstick that will help you stand out from the crowd and show off your adventurous side, look no further than the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive. Trust us – everyone will be asking where they can get their own tube!

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive: Frequently Asked Questions Answered for You

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive has been creating quite a buzz in the makeup industry since it was launched. This lipstick promises to give you a blurry, soft-focus effect without compromising on its rich color payoff. With so much hype surrounding this product, we know that you must have some questions about it. In this blog post, we’re going to answer all of your frequently asked questions about MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive.

What is the texture of the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive?

The texture of this lipstick is incredibly unique and innovative which sets it apart from other regular lipsticks available in the market. It has a powdery matte finish that glides on smoothly on your lips and delivers a soft-focus blurred effect. The formula is infused with micronized powder pigments that create an ultra-comfortable velvety feeling while giving 100% matte finish coverage.

What makes MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive different from other lipsticks?

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick blends provitamin E and hyaluronic acid for a weightless feel experience, and moisture-plumping benefits along with its innovative formula which provides kiss-proof lasting power makes them totally unique from other traditional lipsticks.

How long does the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick last?

The wear time for MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick is up till 8 hours. The unique formula allows for long-lasting hydration while maintaining its strength over many hours indoors or out without fading, smudging or cracking out.

Is MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick suitable for all skin tones?

MAC cosmetics always believe in inclusivity when creating new products, and they want their customers to look faboulous as well regardless of whether they are fair-skinned or dark-skinned.Therefore MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks are inclusive enough to meet every demand of different skin types since it comes in multiple shades ranging from bold reds to nudes making it the perfect fit for every beauty lover out there.

How do I apply MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive?

You can simply swipe the product on your lips or use a lip liner to sharpen and define your pout for more precise application or even dab it with fingertips as per requirement. It’s comfortable, non-drying feel making it suitable for everyday use.

What are the best occasions or events suitable to wear MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive?

MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks are versatile enough to be worn during any occasion. However, given its gorgeous statement matte finish, we suggest wearing this lipstick on bold events such as weddings, bachelorette parties, formal dinners or any event that requires glamorous appearance – this lipstick is perfect for them all!

In conclusion, MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive is a revolutionary product that has grabbed the attention of the makeup industry in no time. It’s unique formula and incredible benefits make it a must-have item on every makeup lover’s wish list worldwide. This blog post aimed to address some of your burning questions about the lipstick so that you could witness firsthand just how satisfying and impactful this product can be!

Discover the Top 5 Facts About MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive Shade

For any lipstick lover, MAC Cosmetics has always been one of the most prominent brands in the makeup industry. Known for its wide range of shades and impressive product quality, MAC has taken the beauty industry by storm time and time again. One of their latest creations is the Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive Shade which has quickly become a fan favorite since its release. Here are five things you need to know about this innovative lipstick.

1. The Powder Kiss formula is unique.

As suggested by the name, Powder Kiss feels like a soft powder on your lips rather than a standard creamy or matte texture that we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Surprisingly weightless, this formula is perfect for those who prefer a more natural feel on their lips as it doesn’t cake or dry out quickly.

2. Impulsive shade complements every skin tone.

One of the best things about Impulsive shade is that it suits everyone regardless of skin tone. It’s a warm-toned pink that blends well with just about any color palette while giving your face an instant pop of color and vibrancy without looking too overwhelming.

3. Impulsive shade wears long but fades beautifully.

MAC’s expert team has formulated Impulsive Shade in such a way that when it does start fading after around 4-5 hours (depending on how much eating, drinking and speaking you do), it fades evenly leaving behind a beautiful tint on your lips that won’t look patchy or flaky- something that can’t be said for conventional liquid lipsticks.

4.Impulsive shade hydrates your lips all day long

Having chapped lips can make anyone go through real trouble – be it wearing lipstick or even smiling! The comfort level associated with Powder Kiss lipstick in general (thanks to its ingredients – vitamin complex & moisture-cool technology) keeps those pesky flakes at bay while keeping your pout look supple all day long.

5.It’s versatile.

A lipstick that can double up as a blush!? Why yes, with the Powder Kiss formula you can use it both as a lipstick or cheek stain. Apply a small amount on your cheeks and blend well for that perfect monochrome makeup look.

In conclusion, this MAC Powder Kiss in Impulsive Shade is definitely worth the hype. From its weightless texture to subtle yet versatile shade range, it’s most likely to become your daily go-to lipstick in no time!.

Unleash Your Bold Side With Mac’s Best-Selling Lipstick – Powder Kiss In the Shade ‘Impulsive’

Are you ready to make a statement with your lipstick game? Look no further than Mac’s best-selling shade of Powder Kiss in ‘Impulsive’. This bold hue is the perfect way to unleash your inner daring side and make a statement wherever you go.

What makes the Powder Kiss formula so unique is its ability to provide a soft, blurred effect that still packs a punch in terms of pigment. The ‘Impulsive’ shade is particularly stunning because it combines rich, deep red undertones with just enough orange to make it pop. It’s not for the faint of heart – but then again, neither are you.

When you swipe on this lipstick, you’re instantly transported to a realm of confidence and fearlessness. It’s like slipping into a new alter ego: one that can take on any challenge with grace and ease. Whether you’re heading out for an important meeting or simply want to feel empowered at home, this lipstick has got your back.

To truly embrace the spirit of ‘Impulsive’, don’t shy away from pairing it with bold eye makeup and statement accessories. Channel your inner fashion icon and mix patterns, textures, and prints until you find an outfit that screams “I am here”.

Overall, there’s no denying that Mac’s Powder Kiss lipstick in ‘Impulsive’ is the hero product that every daring woman needs in her beauty arsenal. So why hold back? Unleash your boldest self today and see where it takes you. Who knows – you might surprise even yourself!

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Achieving a Stunning Look with MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive is a bold and vibrant shade that can make your lips look stunning in any occasion. However, achieving the perfect look with this lipstick can be tricky if you are not familiar with the right techniques to apply it. In this blog, we will run through a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve a flawless finish with MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive.

Step 1: Exfoliate and Moisturize

The first step to achieving the perfect look with any lipstick is taking care of your lips. Begin by gently exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub or soft-bristled toothbrush. This will remove dead skin cells and allow the lipstick to glide more smoothly over your lips. After exfoliation, moisturize your lips to ensure they are hydrated and smooth for easy application.

Step 2: Apply Lip Liner

Lip liner helps define the shape of your lips and prevents the lipstick from bleeding outside the lip line. Use a lip liner that matches or complements MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive. Outline your lips starting at the cupid’s bow and working outward before filling them in completely.

Step 3: Apply MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive

Using either a lip brush or directly applying from the tube, apply MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive evenly all over your lips while following the natural shape of your mouth, making sure that coverage is even and full yet not clumpy.

Step 4: Blot Lips

After blending outwards towards corners of mouth, blot excess product onto some tissue paper lightly pressing against closed lips for few seconds,this would help take off any extra moisture leaving just enough product behind for it still to show its vibrancy consistently throughout day.

Final Step : Finish Off With Setting Spray

Once you have finished applying MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive, use setting spray as an optional final touch to help lock in the color and prevent any smudging or fading throughout the day.

Achieving a flawless finish with MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive is easy if you follow these simple steps. With its bold shade and smooth texture, this lipstick is perfect for creating an instant statement look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Table with useful data:

Feature Details
Brand MAC Cosmetics
Product Name Powder Kiss Lipstick in Impulsive
Color Warm brown with peachy undertones
Finish Matte, but velvet-like and non-drying
Texture Lightweight, smooth and blendable
Longevity Up to 8 hours without touch-up
Application Directly from the bullet or with a lip brush
Suitable for All skin tones and types, especially for those who prefer a natural, soft-focus look

Information from an expert

As a beauty expert, I highly recommend the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in the shade Impulsive. This lipstick provides an ultra-matte finish with a soft and velvety texture. Its weightless formula glides on your lips effortlessly and lasts for hours without fading or smudging. Plus, the rich reddish-brown hue of Impulsive is perfect for any skin tone and occasion, making it a versatile choice for every makeup routine. Trust me, you won’t regret adding this MAC lipstick to your collection!

Historical fact:

Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick Impulsive was first introduced in 2019 as part of the brand’s Powder Kiss Lipstick line, which was inspired by the soft-focus effect of matte lipsticks used in fashion photography during the 90s.