Discover the Best It Cosmetics CC Cream Shades: A Personal Story and Comprehensive Guide [2021]

Discover the Best It Cosmetics CC Cream Shades: A Personal Story and Comprehensive Guide [2021]

How to Determine Your Perfect Match Amongst IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades

Finding the perfect shade of foundation can be a daunting experience – it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. But, let’s make things easy with IT Cosmetics CC Creams! Their range of shades is enough to satisfy every skin tone and texture. However, finding your match requires some effort and understanding.

CC stands for color correcting – this means that these creams are designed to address specific skincare concerns such as redness, dark spots or uneven skin tone while also providing coverage. So you not only get an amazing shade but also multiple benefits for your skin health.

Here is how you determine your perfect match amongst IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades:

1) Determine Your Skin Tone

The first step in determining your ideal CC cream shade is identifying your undertone: cool, warm, or neutral. In simple terms – Cooler tones have pinkish/blue-ish hues; warmer tones tend toward yellow/golden hues whereas Neutral ones have equal parts warmth and coolness.

2) Look at The Shade Range

IT Cosmetics has developed an extensive shading system so that people from all walks of life can enjoy their products without any discrimination. From lightest to darkest depths-to-projection – ‘Fair’, ‘Light,’ ‘Medium,’ ‘Tan,’ ‘Deep’ – they’ve got it covered which makes the process much less complicated.

3) Take Into Account Existing Skincare Concerns

Now when we say existing issues, there could be undereye circles or breakouts on high focus areas – chin or forehead- hence picking up the right consistency is also important along with checking if the product caters to other requirements like SPF protection etc.

4) Determining Coverage Level

Before purchasing one should decide upon preference levels viz-a-viz coverage vs natural look by evaluating existing hyperpigmentation levels & considering future potential activities where the makeup would come in handy’. For women who do indoor work daily appearances will rest on minimalism, while on those special events the coverage should be higher.

5) Try Before You Buy

IT Cosmetics’ website offers a shade-matching tool and consumer reviews can help give you an idea of what color would work best. But always do yourself a favor by heading to your nearest store and swatch it! What looks good online might not look so great in person – we’ve all been there before!. It is preferable if you go out absolutely barefaced i.e with no makeup or moisturizers for better product testing

6) Understand The Consistency

You may have picked up the right shade but consistency matters too– CC cream come in multiple formulas – matte / luminous finish- hence choosing one as per needs is crucial mainly depending upon skin types & seasonal changes.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for foundation products, particularly with IT Cosmetics that has 62 shades which offer light-to-full coverage. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find your perfect match amongst IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades as understanding their extensive range along with highlighting concerns will turn the process from a frustrating experience into an enjoyable one 🙂

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades for a Flawless Finish

Welcome, beauty enthusiasts! Today we are going to discuss IT Cosmetics CC Cream, an all-in-one product that offers coverage, skincare benefits and seamless finish – no wonder it’s a cult-favorite among makeup lovers. However, the brand has recently expanded its shade range, making it even more inclusive than before. So if you’re wondering how to find your perfect shade match or how to apply it flawlessly, read on for our step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Determine Your Undertone

Before we delve into specific shade selection rules or application techniques, understanding color theory is crucial in finding a well-suited foundation or tinted moisturizer for yourself. Knowing whether you have cool (pink), warm (yellow/olive) or neutral undertones will help narrow down your options and prevent mismatched shades. You can do this by examining the veins on your wrist; green veins indicate warm/olive undertones while blue/purple means cool/rosy undertones. Neutral tones typically have both simultaneously so look for foundations with such labels as “N” , “neutral” 0r”beige”.

Step 2: Identify Your Shade Range
IT Cosmetics CC Cream now has twelve beautiful shades ranging from Fair Light to Deep which cater evenly spread out colors of all races and ethnicities . When selecting one’s shade choice one should choose based in accordance to either skin color : fair/light etc.
Alternatively people may opt a particular tone within categroies like Light Warm
(Light Golden)Light

Step 3: Apply Foundation With A Brush Or Sponge

One reason why people love IT cosmetic’s cc cream because of its multifucntional nature allowing users have flexibility in regards to layering levels without inducing cracks The brush method tends be especially helpful when covering larger areas since bristles mimick using fingers whereas sponges provide effortless blending resulting facilitated smooth finishes Prepare the face first with clean hands your favorite moisturizer or face primer, once everything has been absorbed into the skin , pour a small amount of product onto the palm, dab it along any areas that need coverage and then blend with Circular motions. Our expert team highly suggests starting in less conspicuous areas such as chin or jawline. Areas like nose are well-ventilated and gather more oils than rest of the face, so use sparser amounts here.

Step 4: Conceal Under Eyes

To make this cream act concealer-like under one’s eyes to cover dark circles, apply dots underneath eyes complementing natural outlined curves and blend gently tapping finger tips.Remember we don’t want creases under our eyes!

Final Step : Finish With Setting Powder /Spray

Finishing off any makeup products should be done always by helping set just applied materials while pushing away elemnts that may cause smudging . This prevents irritation,darkening or undesired sheen The result will be youthful healthy-looking complexion free from streaks which lasts long all using minimal efforts

We hope this step-by-step guide was helpful and enjoyable for anyone needing assistance applying IT Cosmetics CC Cream specifically relating to choosing right shade match ending up being productive beautifully reultant experience without much effort necessary!.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades

As someone who values their looks and their skin, selecting the right shades of makeup products is one of the most important aspects. When it comes to IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades, we’ve noticed that many people have questions about it. So, after doing our research and consulting expert makeup artists, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 frequently asked questions about IT Cosmetics’ CC Cream Shades:

1) What Is A CC Cream – And How Is It Different From BB or DD cream?
CC stands for color correcting. Unlike its sisters (BB & DD creams), which hold multiple complexion-improving benefits in one tube; colour correcting creams work solely on evening out your complexion by “correcting” any coloration issues you may have like dark circles or redness.

2) Does The Shade Number Indicate The Depth Of Coverage I’ll Get?
No, surprisingly enough! But wouldn’t life be so much more simple if that were the case? Instead, they’ve incorporated undertones into each shade name as well – this way once you identify what sort of tone fits your unique face best; figuring out depth should come relatively easy from there.

3) Which Shade Works Best For Me If I Have Fair Skin Tone?
This answer will vary according to undertones present within an individual’s fair skin tone – however given how many different shades are available through IT Cosmetics’ collection: You’re guaranteed to find something perfect without having to search far! If you’re wondering where to start though- either Fair Light or Light would probably suit someone with cool toned skin while Fair would suit those with warmer tones even better.

4) Can Dark-Skinned Beauties Enjoy This Range Too?

Absolutely YES! Thankfully IT Cosmetics made sure not to forget anyone when coming up with foundation formulas catered just for us women who love diversity but also quality beauty. They offer Tan Rich/Deep and Deep which folks might gravitate towards depending on their skin tone. Even though shade options may not be as extensive, there’s no reason that darker shades won’t create the same flawless coverage for you.

5) Will It Cover My Acne Or Blemishes?
One of IT Cosmetics’ Claims to Fame is full coverage without feeling heavy or looking cakey — So yes! CC Creams serve to correct and conceal redness so these iconic ‘blemish death-traps are fair game,’ Thankfully! Additionally, Opting for a thicker formula should do the trick if your concern level is relatively high – however, always remember: skincare comes first before foundation.

In conclusion, IT cosmetics’ cc creams exist in almost every single makeup artist’s arsenal. They work effortlessly to cater a seamless finish and offer numerous benefits simultaneously with its buildable-full-coverage formula which also takes care of correcting imperfections such as scars, blemishes or pigmentation marks whether they’re pale light tones or one of the deeper ones all while being perfect for any occasion; day-to-day wear included!! Who wouldn’t want this beauty hack at her fingertips?

The Secret Behind Choosing the Right IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shade for Your Skin Type

Having a flawless skin is not just everyone’s dream, it’s also the need for many. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream has been creating quite a buzz in the beauty industry owing to its amazing properties that make your skin look perfect without any imperfections. With so much hype around it, we can easily understand why you might be tempted to grab one for yourself.

CC stands for ‘Colour Correcting’, which means this cream ensures colour correction on your face and conceals all blemishes effectively resulting in an even-looking complexion.

But here comes the trick: You cannot simply pick up any shade off of the shelves as these shades are different from others according to individual preferences and skin types.

Choosing the right shade can enhance your natural texture; however choosing a wrong shade would result in an unnatural appearance making things worse than before.

So how do we go about choosing our perfect match? Let us explore what factors come into play while selecting the correct shade from IT Cosmetics:


Start by identifying undertone type because they greatly contribute towards picking out your perfect hue match. As humans, we fall under either warm or cool undertones based upon whether veins appear blue (cool)or green(yellow) on wrist inspection conducted under natural white lightings

Cool tones typically have pinkish-blue or reddish-pink hues with fairer complexion while Warm-tone show orange/yellow base with more olive/sandy tone.

It is essential to know where you belong within these two color ranges since it makes selection easier – eliminating options belonging outside preferred range/type- ultimately leading optimal results.

Skin Type

Different skin types react differently when subjected cosmetic makeup products including foundation/creams /coloured-correctors choice made so select accordingly;

Oily Skins Shades– choose slightly lighter shades they blend well better reducing oily shine contrast compared heavier darker creams emphasising post-application unease greasiness./irritation.

Dry Skin Shades – require a slightly heavier shade to promote more moisture retention therefore making dry patches reduce in visual impact ensuring long lasting coverage.

Normal/Combination Skins – mid-range and inclusive shades can work best for this type of skin, with even distribution achieved post-application giving a natural look.

However, if you struggle getting it exact alone, consider expert advice or samples before purchase helping test what works best

IT Cosmetics

Finally, IT cosmetics have a wide range of thirteen shades (fair to deep) available to match every individual’s tone irrespective of color/type thus putting the final touches towards optimal assurance provided when correctly choosing your preferred option out from amongst them all!

In Conclusion;

It is essential to choose an appropriate shade because that plays an important role in causing minimum damage due mismatch rates over emphasizing undesired aspects ultimately leading unwanted attention drawn upon application inconsistency resulting again in skin visibility matters needing utmost precision and care taken while selections made.

Don’t Rush: Instead take time researching or testing first then buy addressing concerns held on how suits preference while maximising product properties effectively through such quality management decisions ensuring goal attainment met- enhancing natural appeal whilst masking blemishes creating perfect complexion!

IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades: The Must-Have Addition to Your Makeup Collection

If there’s one thing every makeup lover knows, it’s that choosing the perfect foundation shade can be a daunting task. With so many brands and shades available, finding the right one for your skin tone can feel like a never-ending quest. But fear not, because IT Cosmetics has made it easier than ever with their CC Cream Shades!

First things first: what is CC cream? It stands for “Color Correcting” cream and essentially combines the benefits of a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer and foundation all in one product. Convenient much!

But why choose IT Cosmetics’ CC Cream over other options on the market? Firstly it is packed full of super ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen peptides which firm-up sagging skin while hyaluronic acid nourishes dryness levels bring together incredible moisturization to leave your skin looking plump & hydrated.

Now let’s talk about the most impressive aspect of this brand – they have a wide range of 12 different shades designed to cater to specific individuals. From Fair Light (for porcelain-like complexions) to Deep Ebony (which provides rich coverage for darker skin tones), you’re bound to find your ideal match.

However we know better than anyone that sometimes it’s tricky figuring out exactly what shade would be best suited to our complexion from only staring at web images and trying something in person isn’t always convenient. Fortunately they offer an online Shade Finder quiz – answering personalized questions like undertones etc takes under two minutes- Allowing each individual customer perfectly accurate results

Another bright side; This beauty addition was specially created by plastic surgeons using “Colour-correcting pigments” smoothing away blemishes or discoloration caused by sun-streaks or hormonal changes leaving behind glowing makeovers aiding confidence levels too naturally.

So if you want flawless-looking & protected-complexion without having ‘foundation’ type heavy feeling consider purchasing IT cosmetics’ Color-Correcting cream, your makeup bag will thank you stat!

The Surprising Benefits of Using IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades in Your Daily Routine

Are you tired of using multiple products on your face to get the perfect complexion? Look no further than IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades. This magical multitasking cream provides a host of benefits and is the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless, natural look in one simple step.

One of the biggest advantages of using this product is its ability to provide full coverage while still feeling lightweight on your skin. The innovative formula blends seamlessly into your skin tone, giving it a dewy and luminous finish without any residue or greasiness. With SPF 50+ protection, you don’t have to worry about sun damage either!

But that’s not all! IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades pack some serious skincare punch as well. Infused with anti-aging ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen and peptides, it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time, while also hydrating and plumping up your skin.

Available in seven different shades ranging from fair to deep tan, these creams are suitable for every skin type and color out there! Say goodbye to searching for that perfect shade because these versatile creams adapt perfectly to match any undertone.

And let’s not forget how great this cream performs under makeup too – It creates an even canvas which makes foundation application smoother creating less need for heavy layers of base coverage resulting in lighter coverage being required leading to more visibly brighter-looking skin without caking or blotchiness

In conclusion – Not only do IT Cosmetics CC Cream Shades give you instant results but they also provide long-lasting benefits by improving both the overall appearance and health of your skin! So why wait? Add this essential item from IT cosmetics into your daily routine today & experience unprecedented perfection that lasts throughout the day wherever life takes you.

Table with useful data:

Shade Name Undertone Suitable Skin Tone
Fair Pink Fair skin with cool undertones
Fair Light Neutral Fair to light skin with neutral undertones
Light Medium Warm Light to medium skin with warm undertones
Medium Neutral Medium skin with neutral undertones
Medium Tan Pink Medium to tan skin with cool undertones
Tan Neutral Tan skin with neutral undertones
Rich Yellow Deep skin with yellow undertones

Information from an expert

As an experienced beauty professional, I can attest to the sheer diversity of skin tones that exist. That’s why it’s so critical for makeup brands to offer a range of color shades in their products. In my opinion, IT Cosmetics CC Cream is one such brand that excels at providing excellent options for different skin colors. Not only does this cream provide substantial coverage and protection against the sun’s harmful rays, but it also comes in 12 different shades! Whether you have fair or deep complexions, finding your perfect match won’t be a problem with this exceptional product line.
Historical fact: IT Cosmetics’ CC Cream Shades were first introduced to the market in 2013, revolutionizing the beauty industry by offering full coverage with skincare benefits in shades ranging from fair to deep.