10 Must-Try NYX Cosmetics Lipsticks: A Beauty Blogger’s Personal Favorites [with Swatches and Reviews]

10 Must-Try NYX Cosmetics Lipsticks: A Beauty Blogger’s Personal Favorites [with Swatches and Reviews]

What is NYX Cosmetics Lipstick;

NYX Cosmetics Lipstick; is a line of makeup products made by NYX Professional Makeup, which specializes in high-quality cosmetics at an affordable price point. This lipstick range features a wide variety of shades and finishes that cater to every skin tone and preference. The formula is long-lasting and highly pigmented, providing bold pops of color that stay put for hours.

How to Choose the Perfect Shade of NYX Cosmetics Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the perfect lipstick shade is an art in itself. It can be overwhelming to see so many options, especially when it comes to NYX Cosmetics lipsticks. With different formulations and textures available in a stunning range of shades, selecting the right one may seem like a daunting task.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through choosing the best NYX lipstick color for your skin tone – whether you’re fair-skinned or dark-complexioned.

Before delving into our expert tips on selecting your ideal shade let’s get some context first: What exactly do we mean by “skin tone”?

Our skin tones are determined primarily by melanin levels which can influence pigmentation and undertones (the underlying hue that colors skin). Undertones not only impact how our natural complexion appears but also play a crucial role in helping us select flattering makeup hues. Here at NYX Cosmetics, we provide a wide variety of shades with undertones ranging from cool to warm – ensuring that there’s something for everyone!

Step 1: Identify Your Skin Tone

To identify your skin undertone observe closely if they lean towards:

Warm tones – If gold jewelry flatters you more than silver or if beige or brown outfits elicit compliments.

Cool tones – Are highlighted by silver jewelry instead of gold while black, white clothes look great.

Neutral tones- Individuals who have almost equal amounts of pink and olive in their complexions fall under neutral category.For identifying they must see what majority jewelery items complement them well,judging them upon either apparent blueness/ greyish tinge visible on veins( indicating cold-tones) or visible prominence greenishness deducing yellow base i.e(warm-toned)

If unsure— take help via testing jewellery preference,you’re most likely a neutral (praise worthy BTW).

Step 2: Decoding The Undertone In The Shade

Once your undertone is understood, assessing the lipstick shade can be done better keeping in mind a subtle hint of skin tone color. Though there are varied hue charts or ways to judge this from bare arch of lips but here’s an easy tip :The test: Place different shades near your jawline and find the one that appears to blend harmoniously with your natural complexion. If you see it fading away then it isn’t right.

For Warm toned individuals – Opt for warm reds,dark berries,salmon pinks and caramels.

Luckily for those who have warm complexions,Due to yellow tint (as opposed to blue)in their undertones nudish brown or beige lipsticks appear stunningly complete rather than washed out.Accentuating these tones allows bright hues like orangy/coral peach,fuchsia pink and brick-red which will provide the effect of blending seamlessly .

For Cool Toned People- Pick Hues Such as plum,violet,hints grey/mauve paired worth frosty violets,pinks,and daring neons,candy coloured blues etc..

Comparatively ,cool-toned individuals tend towards leaning onto various shades on lighter ends ranging from soft rose petals,pastel mauves till icey purples.Where light-skinned cool tones should try flirtatious bubblegum pinks through bluish berry hue.Opting heavier pigmented deep plums & reddies will further elevate if on darker end

Step 3: Try NYX Cosmetics Iconic collections

Discover NYX Professional Makeup Iconic Lipstick Collections—soft Matte Lip cream, Butter Gloss,Liquid Suede Cream First few words are two popular favourite formulation while liquid suede delivers something more bold.Cruelty-free beauty products available at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.The company also features every single finish texture starting matte,lipcream,glosses,metallic adds up more to the shades which come in iconic collections, making it easier for you to find your perfect shade.No matter what finish or formula you prefer!

With these expert tips and tricks, selecting the right NYX Cosmetics lipstick shade is now a breeze. Achieve a stunning lip look that complements your natural complexion by playing around with different colors and finishes – everything from bold and daring hues, retro classics,popsicle tints or nudes— until you find “the one”.

Step-by-Step: Applying and Maintaining Your NYX Cosmetics Lipstick Like a Pro

Lipstick is a powerful tool that can change the entire look of your face. It has been around for centuries and evolved to be one of the most versatile cosmetics ever created. NYX Cosmetics produces some exceptional lipsticks with an extensive range of colours, finishes, and formulations.

But as probably all lipstick lovers know, using it correctly takes more than just swiping it on your lips without concern. So let’s get into how you should apply and maintain perfect lips throughout the day using NYX Cosmetics’ amazing array of products!

Step 1: Exfoliate

Your skin sheds dead cells regularly, but sometimes these don’t come off easily from certain areas like our lips. A fine tip in maintaining healthy looking lips while applying any lipstick is to exfoliate gently beforehand for a smooth base.

You can use either store-bought or homemade scrubs such as sugar+coconut oil or even dry-brushing them carefully to slough off the unnecessary debris.

Step 2: Moisturize

One thing many people found out about wearing matte finish lipsticks over time is not moisturizing before application because it tends to make their lips look cracked & dry due to its long-lasting effects – so keep your pout supple by adding hydration pre-lip product too!

Use hydrating balms (like Burt’s Bees) or petroleum jelly-based ointments (think Vaseline®) rich in glycerin components that work well with various NYX formulas – cure those chapped licks with natural oils included in this summer-loving treatment then spread evenly on top.

Step 3: Lip Liner

Lipliners are always essential when someone wants precise edges during application whether wanting fully filled smooches or using them simply as guides along your own darker line against feathering at ends making looks tidy also plus added dimension if outlining first layer outside strictly outline mid-sections arms lengthening since these come in new exciting colors as well.

NYX Cosmetics has revamped the use of lip liners with innovative shades, soft textures and best thing is- they are compatible across several NYX lipstick ranges!

Step 4: The Lipstick

Finally, application time for your favorite NYX lippy! We suggest using a quality brush or applicator – this way you can control how much product goes on with each swipe. You’re not just lucky; investing in some good brushes pays off well – like Real Techniques’ famous expert concealer set works perfectly for some seamless pucker touch-up moments too!

Nyx Cosmetics have chosen wide-ranging formulas that fit every skin type’s preference including liquid & matte finishes to keep your colour where you want it all day long while being smudge-proof or transfer-resistant qualities so no worries about smudging after drinking & eating either!

Step 5: Remove Gently

As our hard work during initial steps would’ve been wholeheartedly executed, don’t forget cleaning up at night before going to bed Ladies and Gentlemen. Use oil-based cleansers (just like jojoba/argan oils) to gently wipe away even the toughest tints granting buffer from any irritation issues over prolonged exposure periods thanks to its gentle nourishment properties remaining stable when applied onto delicate external body parts such as lips without stinging simultaneously.

Following these five easy-to-follow tips will ensure that your lips look stunning no matter what shade of NYX cosmetics lipstick you choose!

NYX Cosmetics Lipstick FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

Are you a lipstick lover and often find yourself browsing through the endless options of NYX Cosmetics? Well, look no further! We’ve got everything you need to know before making your next purchase.

Q: Is there a difference between matte and liquid lipstick?
A: Yes! Matte lipsticks have a drier texture while liquid lipsticks have more of a wet, shiny finish. Liquid lipsticks can also be long-lasting and smudge-proof.

Q: How do I choose the right shade for my skin tone?
A: It’s all about undertones! If you have cool undertones, go for shades with blue or purple hues. If you have warm undertones, opt for warmer tones like reds or oranges. Neutral skin tones can pretty much wear any shade!

Q: What is the best way to apply NYX Cosmetics Lipstick?
A: For matte lipstick, we recommend applying directly from the tube or using a brush for precision. For liquid lipstick, start at the center of your lips and work outwards in thin layers until desired opacity is achieved.

Q: Are NYX Cosmetics Lipsticks cruelty-free?
A: Absolutely! All NYX products are cruelty-free and most are vegan-friendly as well.

Q: Can NYX Cosmetics Lipstick be used as blush?
A: While it’s not necessarily recommended, it can definitely be done! Use a small amount on your fingertips and blend onto cheeks for a pop of color.

Q: How long will my NYX Cosmetics lipstick last without touch-ups?
A: The lasting power varies depending on which formula you choose. Some mattes can last up to eight hours without touch-ups while some liquids may require multiple re-applications throughout the day.

So there you have it – everything you need to know before purchasing your next favorite lippie from NYX Cosmetics. Happy shopping (and pouting)!

Top 5 Facts About NYX Cosmetics Lipstick That You Didn’t Know Until Now

NYX Cosmetics has been making waves in the beauty industry for years now, thanks to their affordable yet high-quality range of products. And when it comes to NYX lipsticks – they’re no different! Whether you’re looking for a bold red or a subtle nude shade, NYX has got you covered with their lip color options.

Here are five surprising facts about NYX Cosmetics lipstick that could take your love affair with them to another level!

1. The name “NYX” is derived from Greek mythology

Did you know that the brand’s name is inspired by Nyx, the goddess of the night? It’s true! In ancient Greek mythology, Nyx reigned over darkness and was even more powerful than Zeus himself. This explains why the brand features so many dark shades – perhaps as an ode to this mythical figure.

2. There are 15 different types of lipstick finishes available

From matte to metallics, velvets to creams, there are numerous finish options for all preferences. Whether you want something long-lasting and smudge-proof like Soft Matte Lip Cream or something shimmery like Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil – there is always going be an option suitable for everyone’s taste.

3.NYX follows strict cruelty-free guidelines

One of the best things about buying from NYX is how ethically conscioused purchasing decisions one can make when choosing makeup. NYX pledges not just practising without testing on animals during any phase of its development, but its suppliers also commit following these guidelines too.

4.NYX produces limited edition collections seasonally

NYC launches seasonal limited-edition collections regularly giving consumers new variations within their trusty favourites such as butter glosses being sold out fast due trend alert perfectly matching bright summer days and winter evenings offers exclusive holiday choices keeping up with our cravings at times we didn’t see coming

5.NYC caters multi-cultural skin tones through its lip range

NYC has been working on catering to everyone’s skin tone and offering a wide array of shades that work for all the different complexions. Their diverse shade options has made it possible make so everyone can find their perfect match – be it bright, subdued or vampy there’s something for everyone with NYX cosmetics lipsticks!.


All these reasons highlight why NYC is staying one step ahead in beauty industry while making looking fabulous affordable without any harm done to animals or humans!

NYX Cosmetics Lipstick: A Closer Look at the Ingredients and Formulation

When it comes to makeup products, lipstick is perhaps the most popular item in a woman’s arsenal. It adds an instant pop of color and glamour to any look, making it a must-have for every occasion. And when we talk about lipsticks, NYX Cosmetics is one brand that has become increasingly popular over the years due to its vast range of colors and finishes.

But what sets apart NYX Cosmetics lipstick from others? The answer lies in the ingredients and formulation used by the brand to create their lipsticks.

Firstly, let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients used in NYX Cosmetics lipsticks:

1. Beeswax – This natural ingredient serves as a protective barrier against harsh environmental elements while also retaining moisture in your lips

2. Carnauba wax – Another natural wax that enhances shine and helps to lock-in pigments on your lips

3. Castor seed oil – With excellent hydration properties, this nourishing oil smoothens rough or chapped skin

4. Mineral Oil – Acts as a lubricant providing necessary protection retention
5.vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) – Boosts appearance of skin reducing wrinkle formation

Besides these key ingredients there are other essential additives like mica powder cosmetics-grade glitter which gives shimmer effect
6.Dextrin Palmitate balances colours with emulsion binding effects responsible for consistent lipstick spreading.
7.Silicone Resins help they stick together after application lasting longer & remain waterproof

Now coming onto formulation, NYX Cosmetics use two distinct formulas: Matte Lipstick and Creamy Round Lipstick.

Matte Lipstick: As indicated , dry texture; comprising high amount of waxes & pigmentation exceeding oily content- mattifying finish characteristic without glossiness despite presence silicon resin makes it water resistant . Its overall personality transforms glamorous themes towards edgy classics best suited for renowned signature speakers while avant-garde apparel.

Creamy Round Lipstick, on the other hand, boasts a brighter and glossy finish due to more significant mineral oil constituent balanced with dextrin palmitate in-between lecithin(plant proteins) as emollients enhancing creamy soft textures . With added castor seed oils present; your lips will hydrate for maximum plumpness maintained throughout wear time.

The bottom line: If you want a long-lasting lipstick that withstands everyday activities like eating food without smudging or fading at affordable prices range without compromising quality of ingredients whereby ethical standards get met endorsing vegan & cruelty-free , NYX Cosmetics are an excellent choice.

From Matte to Glossy Finishes: The Wide Range of Options Available in NYX Cosmetics Lipsticks

When it comes to lipstick, one of the most important decisions you can make is which finish suits your look and personality. With so many different brands, formulas, and finishes available in the market today, how do you know what will work best for you? Enter NYX Cosmetics – a brand that has been making waves in the beauty world for years thanks to their high-quality products at affordable prices.

NYX Cosmetics offers a huge range of lipsticks with different finishes to suit every taste. Whether you’re after a bold matte shade or a glossy option that’s perfect for everyday wear, NYX has got you covered.

Matte Finish

Matte shades offer an opaque coverage with no shine or shimmer. These types of lip colors are typically long-lasting but may require some touch-up throughout the day as they tend to be more drying on the lips. One advantage of matte versions is that they don’t transfer easily onto clothing when eating or drinking.

NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams have become one of their signature items because they provide full coverage while still feeling lightweight on the lips! Perfect if you need something pigmented and moisturizing all at once.

Suede Matte Lipstick has also come out as another must-try item from NYX; It gives absolute pigmentation without smudging off since its applicator allows performing precise lines & edges flawlessly keeping up-to-date makeup looks easily!

Glossy Finish:

Honestly speaking who doesn’t love glimmering glosses? They give such added luster perfect for trendier makeup street styles suitable for photoshoots too!

NYX makes sure its customers get spoiled by options including butter glosses enriched Glazed DDIP highlighters similar ultra-shiny feature…glow oozes out fantastic final polished finishing into hours-long volume-on coats yielding supreme non-sticky & never feel tackiness even sans adding any formula boringness giving further dimensionality volumed expression to lips.

Metallic Finish:

Metallic lipsticks (ie., glitter lipstick) are never out of trend, serving a different and glamorous sideline to glossy finish. Usually associated with deeper pigments that add shimmering texture & sophistication to formal events like weddings or any dinner invitations as they offer such striking hues without being overdone!

NYX Metallic Cosmic Metals Line is the representation of perfection when it comes delivering decent metallic finishes. They come in daring shades mixed with direct moisture adding up into uniqueness and eye-catching makeup appearance boosting confidence & glam looks alike.

Whatever your personal preference may be, NYX Cosmetics Lipsticks from Matte Finish through Glossy Finish until indulgent Metallic Shades has all grounds covered for making you appear uniquely stunning every time! Keeping yourself satisfied using NYX cosmetics; start experimenting today especially now that we have unmasked these awesome options available ready anytime just waiting for you!

Table with useful data:

Product Name Color Finish Price
Soft Matte Lip Cream Copenhagen Matte $6.50
Lip Lingerie Bedtime Flirt Matte $7.00
Butter Gloss Angel Food Cake Glossy $5.00
Intense Butter Gloss Toasted Marshmallow Glossy $6.00
Matte Lipstick Perfect Red Matte $6.00

Information from an expert

Nyx Cosmetics Lipstick is a brand that offers high-quality lipsticks made from rich, vibrant pigments. The formula of Nyx Cosmetics Lipstick is long-lasting and provides full coverage without drying out your lips. With 36 shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect color for any occasion. Plus, at an affordable price point, it’s easy to experiment with different colors and textures without breaking the bank. As a beauty expert, I highly recommend Nyx Cosmetics Lipstick for anyone looking for bold, beautiful lips.

Historical Fact:

Nyx Cosmetics was founded in 1999 by Toni Ko with just $250, and became known for their affordable yet high-quality makeup products, including their popular line of lipsticks.