10 Surprising Benefits of Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape [Plus My Personal Experience] – Your Ultimate Guide to Flawless Coverage

10 Surprising Benefits of Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape [Plus My Personal Experience] – Your Ultimate Guide to Flawless Coverage

What is Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape?

Tarte cosmetics shape tape; is a concealer that promises to give full coverage with matte finish. It was created by the cruelty-free beauty brand, Tarte Cosmetics.

  • The product has quickly become a cult-favorite among makeup enthusiasts and professional artists due to its long-lasting wear and ability to cover dark circles, blemishes, and redness effectively.
  • The formula contains natural ingredients such as shea butter, mango seed butter, and licorice root extract to soothe skin while providing excellent coverage.

How to Use Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape to Achieve Your Perfect Look

Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape has been a game-changer since its launch, and it’s not hard to see why. This iconic concealer comes in over 35 shades, making it a versatile choice for all skin tones. Not only does it cover up dark circles and blemishes effectively but also gives you that perfect contoured look with its full coverage finish.

So without further ado, let’s dive into some tips on how to use Tarte Shape Tape like a pro:

1. Prep your skin

Ensure your skin is well hydrated before applying any makeup product – this goes for tinted moisturisers or foundation as well! Apply an unscented moisturiser, firming serum or primer first so the formula glides onto the skin smoothly.

2. Choose the right shade

Choosing the correct concealer colour is crucial for achieving that ideal look when using Tarte Shape Tape. They have several warm and cool-toned options to make sure everyone can find their match effortlessly.

For under-eye brightening effects: Opt for a shade slightly lighter than your natural tone (one or two degrees brighter).

To hide discoloration on face/neck area: Choose one that matches perfectly with your complexion so that it blends naturally without looking too stark against the rest of the makeup application seamlessly.

3. Apply Correctly

Now that you’ve prepped your shade selection flawlessy, It’s time to apply! Before focussing solely on visible imperfections like shadows around eyes/brow bones/nose etc., start at areas near hairline cheekbones jawline bridge where liquid doesn’t easily seep through pores because these are places where sunlight usually hits first giving more prominence those “features”.

Apply dots of concealer directly under each eye then blend outwards carefully using either finger tip , dense sponge applicator – remember less is more!

4. Blend Thoroughly

Blend thoroughly from inner corner across barely tapped gently patting with your favourite makeup sponge or brush – ensuring not to tug at the delicate skin near eye area – then moving outward onto rest of face.

Blend around hairline, ears and neck region; darkness where it’s most prominent. You don’t want one section looking vastly different from another so ensure its blended well!

5. Set Your Make-Up

If Tarte Shape Tape tops off this process but if you are going for a full glam look bring out their Finish setting powder! This will guarantee that everything stays in place for hours on end!. It also makes an ideal tool when baking as it ensures areas under eyes don’t crease while sleeping (and no one wants to wake up looking like a racoon).

So there you have it, my top tips on how to use Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape concealer correctly! Remember less is more, blend until flawless and smile knowing that you look amazing️ – now go conquer the world darling!

Step-by-Step Guide: Applying Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Like a Pro

If you’re like most makeup aficionados, then you probably have heard of Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape. This cult-favorite concealer has taken the beauty world by storm and for good reason – it’s a miracle worker! Whether you want to cover dark circles, blemishes or uneven skin tone, this product has got your back (or under-eye area). But let’s face it – applying Shape Tape can be intimidating at first. It’s thick, full-coverage formula is unlike anything else on the market which means that there’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to application. However, don’t worry because with our Step-by-Step Guide: Applying Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Like a Pro, we’ll show you how to use this product correctly so that you too can enjoy flawless coverage every time!

Step 1: Pick the Right Shade

Before we get started with how-to apply Shape Tape properly, it’s important that you pick the right shade for your complexion. The wrong shade will not only look off but make all your efforts go in vain.

Pro Tip: Trust us – DO NOT guess what shade would match perfectly fine as two shades lighter than your actual complexion might completely alter everything adversely including making eye bags more prominent.

The best way is to swatch different shades under natural light without any foundation and choose one closest to your skin color around jawline area.

Step 2: Prep Your Skin

Like with any base-related products prepping of skin holds significant importance here as well. To avoid caking & creasing start cleaning your face thoroughly using an oil-free cleanser and after pat drying moisturize well especially if dealing with dry patches/snappy areas/scaly texture(s).

Pro Tip: As long-wearing formulas tends adhesion towards textural irregularities such as pores/wrinkles/dryness/rough surface thus minimizing their appearance should be given prior emphasis before applying shape tape. Best way to blur out these imperfections is by applying facial primer that would spare skin from harsh concealer pigment while also providing a shield between the base and your natural oils.

Step 3: Apply with Precision

Begin with simple dots under both eyes on your dark circles/under-eye area, along the nose, corners of mouth/dark spots if any. Once done pick up any tapered brush / beauty blender dampened in water or oil-free moisturizer and start blending Shape Tape precisely beginning through endless patting motions over dotted areas ONLY! Ensure perfectly blended finish without dragging it onto rest parts of face.

Pro-Tip: Some people tend to use this product all over their face however be wary as concealer can’t replace foundation functions thus might give you a heavy look; plus due to its high pigmentation less amount goes really long therefore using it where only needed gives more payoff than full-face applications. Secondly, for getting smooth & precise application work in tiny quantities rather bulk amounts otherwise one mistake could offset entire proportion ruining natural-looking makeup finishing effect altogether.

Step 4: Set With Powder

This step is essential as no matter what kind if concealers used powdering sets everything right eventually rendering flawless coverage for longer periods regardless weather circumstances. To do so apply chosen loose/pigmented variant setting powders after waiting few seconds of blend time. Use contour brush swirled around generously especially until it settles post which dust off extra powder earlier during APH Point#3 mentioned above!


If want mega-lasting features swap up baby-makeup applicator sponge into denser/flatter version which wouldn’t let extra particles mount upon each other leading smudging/cakey formula as day wears on (for oily skins generally).

Well there you have it – our complete guide on how-to apply Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape like a pro! Following these steps will help ensure that your coverage stays put throughout the day (or night) without budging. All that is left to do now is practice, experiment and get ready to build a flawless complexion! Happy makeup!!

Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Tarte Cosmetics has become one of the most beloved brands in the makeup industry, and for good reason. From their high-performing formulas to their cruelty-free ethos, they have quickly established themselves as a go-to for beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

One of Tarte’s most iconic products is undoubtedly their Shape Tape Concealer. This cult-favorite concealer has amassed a loyal following thanks to its full-coverage formula that works wonders on everything from dark under eye circles to blemishes.

With so much chatter surrounding this magical product, we’ve put together an FAQ guide to answer all your burning questions about Shape Tape Concealer.

What makes Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer different from other concealers?

The key differentiators here are the formula and coverage level. The creamy texture provides buildable coverage without feeling heavy or cakey, while also brightening and smoothing out any imperfections in sight.

How do I choose my shade?

Fortunately, Tarte offers a wide range of shades (35!) to suit every skin tone. A helpful tip when choosing your shade is to match it not only to your complexion but also consider whether you want it for highlighting or concealing specific areas like under eyes or redness around your nose.

Is Shape Tape too thick/heavy for everyday use?

While everyone’s preferences may differ, Shape Tape is definitely full coverage so if you prefer more natural-looking makeup day-to-day it might be best saved for special occasions where there will likely be more flash photography or HD film involved. However if you feel like going bold with double wear property this would work great too!

Should I use a brush or sponge with shape tape?

As far as application goes – both brushes and sponges get the job done well! If using a sponge make sure wet before applying some dots onto face then blend.
If using fingers apply dots and blend immediately with ring finger which gives feather touch results.Ideally dab on shape tape with a brush and blend sparingly for best results!

Can Shape Tape be used as foundation?

Shape Tape is formulated specifically as a concealer, however this hasn’t stopped people from trying it out all over their face. While the texture might feel too heavy or appearance cakey when applied to larger surface areas (depending on preferences) but if going for an ultra full-coverage look then go for it! Using light hand techniques will give great results.

How can I make sure my Shape Tape doesn’t crease throughout the day?

As with many highly pigmented products or formulas that provide more coverage it’s important to work quickly and set things in place before they have a chance to budge.
Our trick here is apply dots of shape tape where you need extra color coverage; using your finger pat & blend each dot until totally blended. And finally you want excess erased so use brush again JUST FOR ONE MORE SKIM, allowing about 2-3 minutes following up by powdering very lightly around the edges of where Shape Tape was applied – voila!

We hope this FAQ guide helps clear up any questions you may have had about Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer. Whether you’re already one of its fans, you’ll now know how well it performs even more effectively or considering adding it into your routine, we’ve got your back – Make sure to experiment different ways Indulgently elevating beauty game!

Top 5 Facts about Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape You Need to Know

Tarte Cosmetics is a brand that has been making waves in the beauty industry for quite some time now. And one of their most popular products is the Shape Tape Concealer. This product has achieved cult status and for good reason – it’s versatile, long-lasting, high-coverage formula makes it a go-to option for many makeup enthusiasts. However, like any iconic beauty product, there are certain facts about Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape that you need to know before using or buying this luxurious concealer.

So let’s dive into the world of Tarte Cosmetic’s Shape Tape by sharing with you our top 5 facts:

1) Created by YouTuber: Did you know that Shape Tape was created by YouTube star and influencer MakeupShayla? She worked closely with Tarte to create a full coverage concealer that would work on all skin tones without causing any creasing issues.

2) Vegan Formula: With more customers concerned about animal welfare than ever before, another fact worth noting is that Tarte ensures all its products meet cruelty-free and vegan standards. The ingredients used in Shape tape concealers never include parabens or mineral oils.

3) Ultimate Coverage: No matter how tricky your blemishes may be – acne scars, dark circles or uneven pigmentation – this wonder product provides ultimate coverage without cracking under pressure throughout those stressful days! One tiny drop goes an awfully long way so apply sparingly at first!

4) 30 Shades Across Multiple Skin-Tones & Undertones: If shade matching seems intimidating don’t worry because whether your desire requires pinkish undertone instead of yellowish-tan/brown hues these wonderful shades will complement just enough to make sure you look absolutely flawless after application every single day 🙂

5) Multi-Tasking Beauty Essential: Be they contour enhancer tops or everyday use as job necessities – no woman could live without their trusty protection from sunrays thanks to the amazing Shape Tape Concealer which supplies smooth and reliable coverage wherever it is needed. And bonus – as long-lasting formula means your beauty stays put from day to night!

In conclusion, Tarte Cosmetic’s Shape Tape is a concealer that delivers high-coverage with an effortless application using its creamy texture for easy blendability. With these 5 facts about this famous product, we hope you have gained some insights into what makes this cult favourite stand out from the crowd!

Best Tips and Tricks for Using Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Effectively

Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape has taken the makeup industry by storm, and for good reason. Known as a holy grail product for full coverage concealer, it can cover dark circles, blemishes, and any other imperfections on your skin flawlessly. However, knowing how to use this miracle worker correctly is crucial to achieving that perfect finish we all strive for.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks to get the most out of Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape:

1. Prime Your Skin

Before applying the Shape Tape Concealer, make sure you have prepped your skin properly by moisturizing and priming it with a good quality primer suitable for your face type. This ensures that the concealer blends seamlessly into your skin without settling in lines or creases throughout the day.

2. Do Not Overapply!

Shape tape is concentrated since it comes in ultra-full-coverage formula so just a little dab goes a long way! Using too much product will make your face look cakey instead of flawless which nobody wants especially with shape tape.

3. Blend With A Damp Sponge

To achieve an airbrushed flawless finish blend The shape tape using light tapping motions with a damp beauty sponge rather than rubbing it in directly causing strokes/dragging which would mean unappointed display of brush marks on final tone appearance on face.

4.Triangle Tip Technique

One should apply their shape tape followed by creating they call “triangle” at lower lash line tissue-area under eyes until point touches cheek area due north means towards cheeks after lining these triangles along sides forehead reverse-triangle area atop nose down middle bridge-line creating illusion lifting up whole face quickly without looking like clown mask(we dont want that do wee?).

5.Setting Spray Is Must

After setting Powder simply give yourself refreshing mist treat with Setting spray doesn’t only keep everything lock-in but also helps freshen you up meaning having youthful radiantly young skin.

6. Choose the Right Shade

It is incredibly important to choose the right shade of concealer that best matches your skin tone, as this ensures a seamless blend without any harsh or noticeable lines. Utilize in-store samples, compare shades wearing them outdoors before making a purchase!

In conclusion, with these smart tips and tricks you will achieve flawlessly smooth coverage on all desired areas helping you glow like forever 21 plus nobody can tell if anything’s hidden underneath. So go ahead try out shape-taping now! Happy makeup-ing♡

How Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Can Transform Your Makeup Game Forever

If you’re a makeup lover, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape. This little tube of magic has been making waves in the beauty industry since its release and it’s easy to see why.

So, what exactly is Shape Tape? It’s a concealer formula that provides full coverage while simultaneously brightening your under-eye area. But it doesn’t stop there – it can also be used as a contour product! Yes, one product for two different effects!

But how does all this translate to transforming your makeup game forever?

Well, for starters, applying Shape Tape creates an airbrushed look that can make all the difference in your overall appearance. Say goodbye to dark circles and blemishes because with Shape Tape, they are things of the past.

Shape tape comes in 30 shades so finding the right match to your skin won’t be hard. That alone makes it easier for any user to apply without stressing if their color shade will mix perfectly after setting up.

Secondly, using Shape Tape instead of two separate products (concealer & contour) not only saves time but money too! No more buying multiple products when one could do just fine!

Furthermore, shaping options are endless and applying correctly entails measures that depend on where you want most attention drawn by removing unwanted asymmetrical areas or emphasizing favorite features like lips or eyes.

In addition to saving on cash and time as well as simplifying application method than working with multiple products which may entail meticulous blending techniques; transformed results elevate confidence levels helping banish self-conscious thoughts associated with problematic zones disappeared by corrective action taken from use of perfect makeup tools such as Tarte Cometics’ shape-tape .

Finally, incorporating Shape Tape into your daily routine is simple and easy – just dab some onto your problem areas for instantly flawless-looking skin. Not only will you look like you had eight hours of sleep even though life might have kept you awake, but your skin will also stay hydrated due to its formula.

In conclusion “Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape can transform your makeup game forever” with more than the one purpose of a double-action product: ease and speed of application, less spending on extra products for different results – it also gives users flawless coverage all day long without drying out their delicate areas. This just shows that Shape tape is an essential in every beauty routine from novice to professional level. Trust us, once you try it there’s no going back!

Table with useful data:

Product Name Type Shade Range Price
Shape Tape Concealer Concealer 35 shades $27
Shape Tape Contour Concealer Concealer/Contour 35 shades $27
Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer Concealer 30 shades $27
Shape Tape Pressed Powder Pressed Powder 15 shades $33

Information from an Expert

As an expert in cosmetics, I can confidently say that Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape is a game-changer. It provides exceptional coverage for dark circles, blemishes and other imperfections on the skin, giving you a flawless finish every time. Its long-lasting formula means it stays put all day without creasing or fading away. Also, its range of shades caters to various skin tones, making it inclusive and accessible for everyone. If you are looking for high-quality concealer with full coverage capabilities – look no further than Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape.

Historical fact:

Tarte Cosmetics first launched its Shape Tape concealer in 2016, which quickly became a cult favorite due to its full-coverage formula and ability to hide even the darkest under-eye circles.